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Viasky Review

Choosing the best hosting plans for your website can be challenging at times. Still, this process is made more accessible thanks to numerous web hosting and server providers available in the market. Keeping all in mind, we have created a detailed guide on the Viasky review so that you can learn more about it.

Viasky is a global service provider offering web hosting, dedicated VPS hosting, VPS cloud servers, and numerous domain names. It is a cost-effective alternative that offers high-quality and outstanding bandwidth, email accounts, cPanel accounts, and a lot more for the ease of its customers.

Let us look at the in-depth analysis of the Viasky Hosting conducted below, considering the essential aspects. 

Overview Viasky

Viasky is a renowned and leading web hosting provider that provides numerous service facilities at justifiable prices for the best user experience. Established with its room servers in 2015, it aimed to fulfill people’s dreams of going digital with the increasing popularity of digitalization. 

Overview Viasky

It comes with web hosting, VPS, dedicated server options, and three proficient servers that ensure safety and outstanding performance. 

It offers a 3-day money-back and a 99.99% of uptime guarantee. You can enjoy four different web hosting packages and numerous domain names with unlimited accounts with Viasky Hosting.

Viasky Data Center Location

Viasky believes in working for its customers and thus has numerous data centers globally, ensuring proper and efficient working of its user’s websites, guaranteeing complete security. It uses server rooms and data centers in..

Viasky Data Center Location
  • Germany
  • France
  • Finland

Viasky Core Features 

Viasky Core Features 

State-of-the-art Infrastructure Facilities and 24/7 support

It comes with optimized and advanced infrastructure with best-in-class performance making it user-friendly and straightforward. It offers 24/7 support in terms of live chat available on its website, with the technical team solving your queries in no time. It also provides a 99.99% of uptime guarantee. 

3-day Money Refund and Unlimited Accounts

It provides a 3-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its services. It works in the interest of its customers and hence offers additional discounts at purchase.

Unlimited Certification, Domains, and a lot more

Viasky provides its customers with unlimited and free SSL certificates for the ease and convenience of the customers. It offers you absolute domain names and sub-domains and unlimited databases. Furthermore, It also comes with a private name server in its packages. 

Types of Web Hosting Viasky offers  

Choosing the correct and precise hosting plan that provides you with all the requirements and best performance is essential for web hosting. Viasky offers four different reseller hosting options at minimal prices with added features and benefits.

Types of Web Hosting Viasky offers  
  • Delux: This is the cheapest reselling plan that Viasky Hosting offers its customers. It comes with 50 GB of disk space, 500 GB of data bandwidth, and unlimited cPanel accounts. With all the convenience and ease, it costs about $24.95 per month, making it affordable. 
  • Professional: The Professional reselling hosting plan that Viasky offers comes with increased facilities like 80 GB of storage capacity, 270 GB of data bandwidth, and unlimited cPanel accounts, costing $34.95. 
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise reseller hosting plan offers you a disk space and storage capacity of 120 GB. It comes with 1 TB of data bandwidth and unlimited cPanel accounts for $49.95, making it a trustworthy and reliable option. 
  • Ultimate: The final reselling plan offered by Viasky is the Ultimate reseller hosting that furnishes you with a massive storage capacity of 200 GB of disk space and 1.5 GB of data bandwidth and unlimited cPanel accounts. This plan is a little more expensive than the others mentioned above, costing around $74.95.

Viasky Domain

Viasky furnishes you with various choices to register or transfer your domain name at a very affordable price

Domain Search and Transfer

It allows you to register your website with the domain name of your choice at a minimal cost with the most popular and competitive domain names. Some of the popular domain names are .com, .org, .net and .info.

Viasky Pros & Cons     


  • It provides you with state-of-the-art top-class infrastructure facilities for better performance.  
  • With Viasky web hosting, you get unlimited domain and sub-domains and unlimited databases
  • It furnishes you with unlimited cPanel and unlimited email accounts.
  • You get a free domain reseller account, unlimited SSL certificates, and private name servers.


  • It is a little expensive as compared to its competitors in the market. 
  • The server is prone to downtime risks.

Extra Services 

Apart from the standard and regular web hosting services, it provides you with numerous other facilities that help improve your website, ensuring the alignment of your needs with their services. 

It offers VPS facilities, Linux and Windows cloud dedicated servers, Numerous other categories of dedicated servers, and domain name creation, registration, and renewal. 

FAQ’s – Viasky Review

Viasky hosting provides Linux or Windows operating system?

Viasky hosting provides Linux and Windows hosting under four packages. The Linux plans range from 1 to unlimited websites and 1 GB storage capacity.

It allows 25 to 100 email accounts and data bandwidth of 100 GB to 500 GB depending on the price. Delux, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate, the four Linux plans range between $3 to $9 per month. 

The Windows plans range between 1 to unlimited websites and 1 GB storage capacity to 25 GB storage space. It allows 25 to 100 email accounts and data bandwidth of 100 GB to 2500 GB depending on the price.

It is cost-effecting, and the four Linux plans, namely Delux, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate, range between $3 to $9 per month. 

Does Viasky offer server management?

Viasky Hosting uses its best services for its customers by pouring their blood, sweat, and tears. Viasky’s servers have their proactive managed services thanks to on-site technical team members assisting the process.

You can quickly look for this information on their managed services page by logging into your control panel.

Can I change my operating system?

Viasky believes in customer support and providing the customer with the best services. Yes, you can indeed change your operating system. It allows you to visit your control panel and choose to change your functional system facility or manage your server quickly. 

Conclusion – Viasky Review

Did this review above help you out in any way? Let us back up a little and recollect all we have learned in this Viasky review. 

There is a lot to unfold, but some of the major aspects you can know here are that this hosting service provider has exceptional customer support to resolve your issues. You will need this since the severs do show downtime risk, making your site a bit slower.

If your budget is something you are worried about, you can also avail the features this hosting service provides and try it out before buying the actual plan.

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