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Utho Review

Decided to order cloud services from Utho? Craving to learn about the quality of services and features offered by Utho, an India-based cloud Computing platform? Want to get information about What Utho provides the users with? What are the cloud server-related features? How Responsive is the Support Staff of Utho Network? 

Then Going through Utho Review is a must in order to get aware of important specifications offered by Utho. 

To this, we are here to provide you with an honest Utho Review, assisting you to know the SLA and the other quality services offered by Utho.

If you’re eager to learn each and every query mentioned above, then keep reading this article given below. Here in this article, we have nicely discussed Utho, its associated companies, about the various features offered by Utho, and the different support channels.

Without further ado, let’s strap up and learn more about Utho. We’ll start with an insightful summary in tabular style, which is provided below.

⏰ Uptime99.99% Guaranteed Uptime
👩🏻‍💻 SupportSupport Services via LiveChat, Ticket, Email, Phone, WhatsApp & a Toll-Free Number
💳 Payment MethodCredit and Debit Card/ UPI/ QR/ NetBanking/ Wallet/ PayLater options for Payment methods
♻️ Refund PolicyNo Refund Policy
💰PricingBasic Cloud Share CPU services are available for just at ₹2.08 / per hour
🌎 Data Center7 Data Centers (1 in the USA, 1 in Germany, and 5 in India)

Overview Utho 

Utho, founded in the year 2010 by Mr. Manoj Danda (Founder and CTO), is India’s Noida-based leading public cloud Provider that empowers small and big businesses with simple, secure, fast, and reliable cloud solutions.

Utho Review

Utho, cloud providing company, started its journey as MicroHost and offers high-level hosting, including LoadBalancer, Dedicated Server, Backup plans, and a lot more to be discussed further in the Utho Review.

Test and Analysis 

To make this Utho Review appear genuine, we have successfully conducted a few tests under our jurisdiction and displayed the result in the form of text as follows: 

User-Friendly Interface

The Interface offered by Utho is User-Friendly and easy to operate. One can easily SignUp or register for an account with Utho and purchase Cloud solutions at an hourly payment Module.

Users can easily select cloud-computing products as per their website needs. The user is supposed to click and Drag Down the Product/ Solution tab > then, the user can easily select the services he requires.

Talking about the sign-up process, it is effortless for the newbies. Users need to enter the Payment Details and do not necessarily need to make payment at first.

Uthao User Interface

Moreover, you can easily customize settings and order Addons to your existing cloud servers. Click the Live Chat option to address the issue faced by you to the cloud Experts

As the new users (surfing the Utho for the first time) create an account with Utho, they are provided with a user-friendly DashBoard, in which all his developments are kept recorded and are easily traceable.

Utho Security

Utho offers cutting-edge Security Applications to the cloud computing servers some of them include the following:

  • Utho Cloud FireWall, to protect Servers from the cyber-attacks online
  • Malware Protection,
  • SSL certificate to all Domains, ensuring the encrypted connection between the users’ websites and their clients.

Utho Customer Support

Utho offers round-the-clock Customer Support services to users having issues related to the Cloud Server settings, Payment or Billing-related issues, and a lot more. Utho provides Expert opinions and support services via:

  • LiveChat
  • WhatsApp support (to the newbies and Active users)
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Dedicated Ticket Support (only to the Active Users) as well.

Moreover, Utho also offers Rapid Response Time and troubleshooting and migration Support as well. Utho provides Utho Docs and Ebooks for users who get entangled with minor issues every now and then. 

Therefore, in a nutshell, Utho offers Customer support services through the following channels:


LiveChat support is the quickest and most instant support service that users (Active and New) get on occasion of encountering grave issues while surfing cloud services or while billing for purchasing the services.

  • The LiveChat option is very easy to access.
  • Go to the official website of Utho > Press the Yellow Chat box Icon on the right corner of the screen.
  • ChatBot enters the Message Window instantly and asks > Name, Email, and Contact no. in order to reach the user from another medium due to the unavailability of the LiveChat Expert team.
Utho Live Chat
  • After entering the relevant information > Type the issue you want to get addressed by the support team.
Utho Live Chat Support
  • Finally, press the Send option.
  • LiveChat is mostly handled by a Bot.
  • Ticket, Email, and WhatsApp support is far more efficient than LiveChat Support.
  • The responses received from LiveChat are complex and not User-Friendly.
  • It happens due to the non-availability of the Expert official in the LiveChat Sector.

WhatsApp Support

As you Register an account or sign up with Utho (where you are supposed to enter your Name, Email address, and Mobile number), the Utho support Team sends you a welcome message in WhatsApp. 

Utho Whats up Support

On facing technical issues, one can also contact the customer support team via WhatsApp to get resolutions in just 30 seconds.

Utho WhatsApp No.- +91 1204840044

  • It is one of the best Support services offered by Utho, as it is not only handy but also it is an efficient and resolution-oriented support medium.
  • It is online 24/7/365, answering your query in Real Time.
  • In WhatsApp support, Utho offers User-Friendly Tabs that a user needs to simply hit in order to contact the support team.

Ticket Support

The Ticket support is available to Active Users only who purchase the Cloud server hosting services from Utho. The active users are provided with a User-Friendly Dashboard, and in it, the ticket Submission option is offered to the users.

Simply adopt the following steps to create a Dashboard and use the Ticket Support mechanism as under:

  • Go to the official website of Utho.
  • Click the Sign-Up option > Fill in the Relevant Billing information > Enter the payment details, and lastly, make a choice among the various cloud servers to access a Dashboard.
  • On Getting access to your Dashboard > simply go to the My Support option and Create a Ticket to address your cloud server configuration-related issue.

The above steps may give you access to the Ticket support option without any difficult and easy-to-use interface as well.

As per the latest Development [email protected] is used as a ticket and phone support channel by simply emailing or calling the given address or contact number provider and getting the issue resolved.

Email Support

Customers can even send emails to the Utho main office in case of multiple grave issues related to payment/Billing or Reporting Abuse. Following are the email addresses of Utho.

Utho Email Support

On sending the email, the Ticket support team opens the given ticket and tries approaching us via personal contact no. to offer a dedicated customer support answer to every sort of issue.

  • All the Email addresses are authentic and responsive.
  • The Reply is Informative and Formal.
  • At Times, due to the unavailability of the staff, the Relies get delayed but eventually answered.

Phone Support

  • Toll-Free Number: 1800-103-3422
  • India-Based Dial Number: +91-120-484-0000
  • US-Based Dial Number: +1-469-453-8538
  • All the contact numbers provided above are authentic and functional.
  • If you have any issues and are not even getting a response via LiveChat or Email support services, then you can try calling the Toll Free number mentioned above (available 24/7/365)
  • All numbers can be used in case users have queries from the Network.

Data Center 

7 Data Centers (places where the Data servers web related resources like RAM/ Storage/ CPU/ BandWidth are located) of Utho are spread across 3 Countries, namely the USA, Germany and India are as follows:

Utho Data Center 
  • Los Angeles (USA)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Delhi (India)
  • Bangalore 1 (India)
  • Bangalore 2 (India)
  • Mumbai (India)
  • Indore (India)

The cloud data servers have in-built Top Notch Cloud Infrastructure (offering Advanced Cloud GPUs) and the most performing web resources that offer a fast, secure, and seamless cloud hosting environment to the users.

Utho Features 

Want to know the top-notch cloud Infrastructure that Utho offers for Advanced Cloud Computing services? If so, then Read further to know the basic features of the cloud services:


Get Advanced Cloud Firewalls and Cloud Server Monitoring to monitor the data packets, block unauthorized access, and protect your website from malicious threats. Advanced DDoS protection and SSL certificates protect your website from malware threats in real-time.

With Reserve IP, Private IPv4 and IPv6, users can get uninterrupted access and Supreme Control over the Dedicated IP, thereby providing you with reliable and consistent connectivity. Get a Virtual Router and NAT GateWay to securely connect devices and share resources.


For higher performance, Utho offers Cloud GPU, specifically tailored to accelerate complex tasks like deep learning, Image and Video Processing, 3D Modelling, and Simulation. Furthermore, the GPU mechanism delivers lightning-fast computation as well. 

Bare Metal Servers of Utho gives you unlimited access to the physical resources of your servers. Powered by Dedicated Hardware (CPU/ RAM/ Storage/ Bandwidth), Bare Metal servers maximize the performance of the website.


Get Block Storage, Object Storage, and Archive Storage to store the data in Packets for a longer period of time. Retrieve your data in Real-Time and with Remote Backup plans, ensure to store and secure the data of your website on a Remotely available desktop.

The Latest SSD Storage technology ensures quicker website loading speed, and Utho CDN distributes your content and web page all across the internet with a minimum Latency.

Dedicated top-notch web resources (RAM/ Storage/ CPU/ BandWidth) boost the performance of the website to the next level.


Cloud servers of Utho are 100% Highly Reliable as the cloud infrastructure provides a Guaranteed Uptime of 99.99%, ensuring the availability of your website online round the cloud.

The Bare Metal Servers are backed by Top Notch Hardware (INTEL/ CISCO/ AMD), which keeps the website online 24/7. Cloud server monitoring is also performed in real-time to survey the website.


Get 24/7 Expert support services via LiveChat Support, Ticket Support, Email Support, and Phone Support in English and Hindi, as it is an India-based Cloud computing sector.

The Ticket support is available only to Active Users who have their accounts registered and plans purchased from Utho. LiveChat and Email Support are handy for newbies and Active users as well.

Price and Plans

Get Highly Scalable plans that users can easily Upgrade and Downgrade as per the resource requirement of the website. 

Also, get an amazing hourly paid module for all the plans, letting the newbies pay only for the time period they require the resources for.

Type of Products and Other Solutions Offered by Utho

Now, let’s buckle up to see the various types of Cloud Computing, Storage, Networking, and Managed Database products backed by game-changing Cloud infrastructure that Utho offers to its clients, thereby transforming their business to the next level. 

The different types of Cloud Products and their basic Hourly module price structure are mentioned as follows:

Cloud Computing Products 

  • Dedicated CPU– Perform CPU-Intensive Workloads and get dedicated web resources for greater performance. (Rs3.19/per Hour).
  • Shared CPU–  Get a Shared CPU for lesser Workloads and Balanced Performance at a cost-effective price. (Rs2.08/per Hour).
  • High Memory– Ensure Greater website loading speed and 4X Performance for Memory intensive Applications with High Memory services. (Rs2.22/per Hour)
  • Kubernetes– Easily Manage, Deploy, and Scale your containerized application and experience, thereby improving your team’s productivity. (Rs2.08/per Hour) 

Cloud Storage 

  • Block Storage– Store and Retrieve your website Data in Fixed-sized Blocks or Chunks for optimal performance. (Rs5/per GB)
  • Object Storage– Store Data with ease using a highly scalable object storage solution and is ideal for Virtual Machines, Disaster Recovery, etc. (Rs5/per GB)
  • Archive Storage– Store your Data for a longer period of time and get easy access to Historical Data for analysis. (Rs3/per GB)

Cloud Networking 

  • Load Balancer– Distribute your traffic evenly across your servers and ensure maximum Uptime with Load Balancer Plans. (Rs2.08/per Hour)

Cloud Managed DataBase

  • MongoDB– Allow Web Developers to work with Data in a more flexible and natural manner, thereby ensuring Performance and Scalability. (Rs2.08/per Hour)
  • MySQL– Smoothly manage and Scale your plans with MySQL plans to increase the performance of your website. (Rs2.08/per Hour)
  • PostgreSQL-Upgrade to the Best-in-class Database solution with PostgreSQL plans featuring unparalleled performance. (Rs2.08/per Hour)

Here, we have successfully mentioned all the cloud computing, storage, networking, and DataBase products that Utho offers to its users with the hourly payment module (offering newbies a budget-friendly environment for cloud hosting services). Also Read – Cantech Review

Utho Refund Policy 

Utho cloud hosting provider does not provide Refund services on any of the Cloud computing and Cloud AddOn products to its users.

  • Cloud Servers
  • Dedicated servers
  • SSL certificates
  • Any other Cloud Solution

In terms of Refund Policy, Utho can disappoint a lot of newbies.

Utho Payment Methods

The following are the channels via which the users can make Payments for the cloud computing servers.


  • AutoRenewal method allows you to instruct your Credit Card/ Debit Card to permit Utho to automatically charge your card. This avoids any chances of Delayed payments during the continuation of the services.


  • VisaCard
  • MasterCard
  • RupayCard

UPI/QR & Wallet

  • GooglePay
  • PhonePay
  • Paytm
  • BharatPay


  • All Indian Banks

Pro and Cons

(+)The Merits (PROS) of using cloud hosting services from Utho are as follows:

  • Highly Scalable and Reliable cloud servers, offering the guaranteed 99.99% Highest Uptime.
  • Cloud Computing Services provided by Utho are Fully Managed, letting the users focus on the growth of the website.
  • Get 24/7 Support services at times of grave Emergency via the Expert LiveChat option, Ticket Support, Email Support, WhatsApp Support, and Phone Support as well.
  • Enables the users to take snapshots to monitor and control the server and save the data of your website in RealTime. 
  • Equipped with Robust Security measures like Firewalls, an Utho Block Storage, Object  Storage, and Archive Storage System, Advanced DDoS Protection, and Free SSLs for all Domains.
  • Cloud Computing Services are available at a very reasonable price exclusively for the StartUps, Enterprises, Web Development Agencies, etc.

(-)The Demerits (CONS) of using cloud hosting services from Utho are as follows:

  • LiveChat is not user-friendly (Normally handled by a ChatBot)
  • Ticket Support is only provided to the Active users (the potential buyers of Utho).
  • No Free Domain services and No Refund policy on any cloud product.
  • Stringent Refund Policies for the existing users.

FAQ’s – Utho Review

What languages does Utho support in their product?

Utho support team offers technical support services in English and Hindi Language. As it is an India-based public cloud provider, it offers support services in Local Languages.

How much does Utho cost?

Utho’s basic Shared CPU Hourly plan comes for just at Rs2.02 per hour, which it offers shared servers with web resources like CPU/ RAM/ Storage/ minimum 1 TB BandWidth.

Which operating system does the Utho Software Support?

Utho offers various preferences in Operating Systems (Linux/Windows). Users can easily install OS with the One Click Installation Feature offered by Utho.

Is there any free trial or demo for the Utho Cloud Computing Platform?

Yes, Free Trials are available for Shared CPU/ Dedicated CPU and other cloud products as well for a definite period of time. Users need to contact the support team, especially the Sales Expert to avail the Free Trials.

Conclusion – Utho Review

Here, with Utho Review, one can easily understand the quality services and the seamless, fast, and secure Cloud Computing servers to cater to the requirements of the website. 

99.99% of Guaranteed Uptime + LiveChat and Ticket support system available round the clock ensures Zero Downtime and the lowest Latency, thereby becoming highly reliable for various other enterprises.

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