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Stromonic Review

Are you an expert when it comes to hostings? Not everyone is. Right? In such situations, a hosting service provider that helps you balance your energy, time, and money more on your business and less on the hosting service provider would be great and will also save you from frustration. 

You might have done your research and must be finding it hard to choose a hosting service provider that gives you all that you want and also the balance that we mentioned above. Aren’t you? But do not worry, we have the perfect hosting suggestion for you, Stromonic.

This hosting service provider offers managed WordPress hosting. The services offered by this platform are vast such as domain-related services, web hosting, and reseller hosting and there is more to it. 

So let us dive into this Stromonic review which is here to make your hosting experience smoother.

Stromonic is acquired by LeapSwitch

Stromonic is acquired by LeapSwitch Networks Pvt Ltd

Stromonic is Fastest Growing Premium Data Center in India providing high performance Dedicated Servers, Colocation, Cloud Computing services with 24/7 support but has recently been acquired by LeapSwitch Networks Pvt Ltd

About Stromonic

Launched in 2017, Stromonic is a newly managed WordPress hosting service provider to the market. It was founded by a group of web hosting veterans who wanted to fill the gaps in the hosting industry by providing good quality hosting to businesses at all mission-critical levels and looking for security and efficient hosting features. 

About Stromonic Review

They have a 5-star rating from Hostadvice and have received numerous awards for their services. Their data centres are located in India and Finland, but worldwide benefits are provided. They offer various services that are easy to use and make the best out of. So let us get going with this Stromonic review to know more. 

Speed Test and Analysis for Stromonic

So we discussed earlier what makes a hosting service provider excellent and efficient. To check whether the hosting service provider you are planning to buy is worth your money, you must test it. So we did the same for Stromonic, and here are the results of some of those categories. 

Stromonic user Interface

When you buy a new product, everything seems new and often confusing. Due to this, we stay stuck at any one of its functions or give up on it and then regret paying for it. But if you are provided with easy-to-use features, your work gets much easier and faster. 

Stromonic does the same. This platform aims to provide its hosting services to people from all walks of life who may or may not be computer experts. Hence, it has created an interface that will allow you to access all the settings you require, and the information about your plans within clicks is displayed right on your dashboard. 

Security Analysis 

The data on your website is susceptible to any security mishap as now, people from around the world have access to it, and not just you and your trusted people. To keep your data online safe, you must use specific software and techniques. 

In the case of Stromonic, the measures taken to keep your data safe and away from anyone who threatens its security include backups, DDoS protection, and monitoring. These layers of protection keep your data secure at any level, be it before any mishap, monitoring, and DDoS protection, or providing you a backup after an accident. 

Stromonic Customer Support  

Now that you have learned about user interface and security, another aspect of hosting that could help you immensely is quality customer support. This is an essential factor to consider whether you buy a hosting or any other product, for example, a microwave, because things might get confusing while working with it.

Stromonic Customer Support  

Instead of staying up late at night surfing through the internet to get one query answered, You can click on a few buttons and contact the 24/7 customer support team of Stromonic. They offer you help via chat, call, tickets, and emails. 

Stromonic Data Centers Location 

Stromonic does not openly announce the data centre locations but has many server locations worldwide. Through research, we could find that the data centres of Stromonic are located in:

  • India
  • Finland

Key Features of Stromonic 

Let us move further in this Stromonic review by looking at its key features. 

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDNs help you a great deal when it comes to speed. These are servers located worldwide that help you provide information faster to your customers. 

Stromonic has taken CDN a step further and has built it to help provide better speed to its users. This platform comes with 93+ PoPs around the earth. It enables you to decrease your website’s response time by allowing QUIC/HTTP3. 

Daily Backups

You should take care of your valuables, such as the content on your website, and it must be so because that is what runs your business and website. But in any case, if your data gets attacked and is lost, what would you do?

Something that Stromonic would do is provide you with a backup. Since this hosting platform performs daily backups, it stores your content every day and helps you recover it any day you need it with just a couple of button taps. 

Auto Scaling

It grows as you build your online business, and your website experiences more traffic and load. This situation could cause your website to lose its speed and slow down. And in some cases, shut down.

To ensure that your website stays up and running with a phenomenal speed, Stronomic helps you in this situation by scaling your website. Once your website starts growing beyond limits, it scales and provides you with the required space and features. 

WAF & DDoS Protection

Precaution is always better than cure, even in the case of hosting. By now, you know the need for the security of your content online, why it must be done, and how to keep your data safe.

Two of the many features that Stromonic provides to safeguard your data are WAF and DDoS protection. These will help you keep your website safe from any threat, virus, or DDoS attack. 

Type of Hosting Does Stromonic Offers 

Stromonic is mainly famous for providing managed WordPress hosting. But a few other hostings that it provides include:

Type of Hosting Does Stromonic Offers 

Stromonic Domain

Stromonic helps you register your domain and build one as per the rules and availability. It provides you with tips and tricks to create a perfect domain, and certain features are also included, such as:

Stromonic Domain
  • Free Privacy Protection
  • DNS Management
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Custom Nameservers
  • Auto-renewals
  • Optional Domain Locking

Stromonic Refund Policy 

The longer you understand the workings of a particular product, the better. Especially for hosting, you must have sufficient time to know how it works and suits your needs, but it gets tricky when the hosting service provider gives a short period of refund policy. 

But this is not the case with Stromonic; it offers you a long period to understand if their hosting plans are worth your money. Their 45-day money-back guarantee shows the trust in the product they have, and they also give you a reasonable time to build it. 

Stromonic Pros & Cons 

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of Stromonic.


  • SFTP User Access
  • Instant One Click CMS Install
  • Managed WP hosting
  • Faster performance with GCP
  • DDoS Protection


  • Information about data centres is not clear. 

What makes Stromonic Blazing fast?

Stromonic indeed provides a breakneck speed to your website. It also takes several measures to do that. The most crucial part of this is that they have developed their CDN, which helps them provide even faster service to all users worldwide. 

FAQs- Stromonic Review

Is Stromonic the Best Choice?

Stromonic could be the best choice for your website if you are looking for scalability, speed, and security. 

Why Is Stromonic Pricing So High? 

We can agree that the prices on the domain names are pretty high, but the costs of hostings are pretty affordable. This platform uses its CDN made with the best quality hardware. 

Does The Stromonic Host Offer Better Uptime And Faster Loading?

As per our testing, Stromonic has impeccable speed and uptime. The server response time is far less than a second, making it blazing fast, and the uptime guarantee goes up to 99.99%

Does Stromonic Use Any Cache Plugin?

Yes, it caches your data on the server level to provide any information you ask for in no time. This platform is supplying Redis free of charge

Does Stromonic Offer Any Free Managed WordPress Hosting Trial? 

No, they do not offer a free managed WP hosting trial, but they offer a 45-day refund policy to try it out yourself and stay risk-free for a long time. 

How Stromonic’s CDN Better Than Other Providers?

CDNs are the best choice you can make if you want to increase the speed of your website. Stromonic CDNs are better than other CDNs as it is built by and for Stromonic plans it has good control. This platform’s CDNs are spread across the globe and help in faster delivery and better scaling. 

Is Website Migration Possible With Stromonic?

Yes, you can get your website migrated to Stromonic without any effort and they will get it done for you. 

How Fast My Website Will Run On The Stromonic Platform?

Your website could run pretty fast on Stromonic, it is graded A by GTmetrix, and the speed is less than a second, which is excellent for your website. 

What are Stromonic nameservers?

Stromonic nameservers are responsible for keeping your data safe, mainly your domain name and IP address. The name server will depend on the plan you are using. For example, shared and WordPress plans will require the following name servers.

  1. ns1.nitro.fastwebsitebox.com
  2. ns2.nitro.fastwebsitebox.com

Does Stromonic Offer Free Domain Name with Hosting?

Yes, Stromic does offer a free domain name with some of its plans. This hosting platform does not specify any specific free domain extensions and offers free domain names on plans such as web hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, etc. 

How much Bandwidth does Stromonic offer?

The bandwidth provided by Stromonic is pretty good, but if you exceed the limit, you will be charged $0.20/GB. On plans such as shared hosting, there is no limit on bandwidth and the limit on other plans starts at about 1000GB. 


This Stromonic review has a lot to tell us about these web hosting providers. The thing that is in users’ favour could be its view of providing affordable services to businesses at all levels which it does. The availability of CDN makes website connections faster which is beneficial for websites’ growth.  

The refund policy is a cherry on top as you have the time to test and decide. The factor that might give a bellyache is the lack of information about Stromonic’s data centres. The rest could be considered advantageous.

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