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ScanNet Review

ScanNet is an amazing IT host service providing company that offers a wide range of facilities that helps an Information Technology enthusiast to build his workshop, manage his IT services and keep the service running from his end. The company has a power back that enables users to run high-end website manipulation on the same site also.

Considering all these factors about ScanNet, we decided to review the hosting and compile an unbiased ScanNet Review to help you understand if this is the hosting service for you or not. So, let’s get started with the review.

About ScanNet 

ScanNet is a Denmark-based firm that is the first and the best web hosting providers company in Denmark. It was originally a Danish company that was established in 1995

ScanNet  review

The major services provided by ScanNet is commercial web hosting, domain providing, payment solution and Information and Technology Outsourcing. The ScanNet firm is a group of Team Blue, which is one of the top digital tools-providing groups in Europe.

Test and Analysis 

We performed several tests and analyses on ScanNet to understand its ease of use, simplicity, security, and support. Hereinbelow are the results of all our tests and analysis.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The platform has a very decent yet very sophisticated outlook. with a clean and neat user interface that makes it easy to navigate through the website and dashboard and offers the users significant ease of use in accessing the websites.

ScanNet Customer Support 

The customer service that ScanNet provides is amazing. It has its own mobile number, email-id as well as headquarters address mentioned on the website which enables the user to connect with the company anytime and from anywhere.

Security Analysis  

ScanNet ensures that the information taken from the user is utilised for good purposes only. The information is taken as a measure of assurance of the contract between the user and the company. The main point to think about this is that the access of information is only to authorised third parties that are under the surveillance of the company itself.

Key Features of ScanNet

  • The server rooms of ScanNet are fire-resistant and also fully maintained. 
  • The servers used are theft-proof and also have UPS backed facility.
  • The annual report of this company tells us about its remarkable achievements.

Types of Web Hosting ScanNet offers  

It offers the following web hosting services:

ScanNet Hosting Pros & Cons 


  • It is the first and the most experienced web hosting providing company in Denmark.
  • Customer care service is available 24*7 hours.
  • The company has high-security measures.


  • The personal information stored by the user can be sometimes breached by a malware attack or because of piracy too.

FAQs – ScanNet Review

What payment options are supported?

The company supports almost all payment methods. The payment methods allowed over ScanNet are GooglePay, Paytm, Online Banking and NetBanking too.

What control panel options are available?

There are free templates available on the website which facilitate the user with an amazing experience.

Is DDoS protection included with the server? What is the limit?

No, DDoS protection is not included with the server. The server provides SSL certification along with the utility of a money refund. 

Conclusion – ScanNet Review

Thus, ScanNet is the web hosting platform worth choosing out of many. The hosting services of this company are amazing and are targeted for a broad-based user-friendly approach. Also, the charges of the packages offered by ScanNet are minimal and are under the affordable range. Also, the most important thing about ScanNet is that it is completely powered back with high-speed supercomputers for a fully functional database of the user. 

Every web designer should choose this platform once to accomplish his or her web designing goals.

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    ScanNet Review

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