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Rockethost Review

With the surge in web hosting services online, it is now extremely difficult to choose a web hosting provider who can stand out from the crowd. 

In this article, we will evaluate a well-established web hosting provider with a large number of clients. RocketHost is a fairly new web hosting service that promises great hosting services at affordable rates.

This article will give you an insight into the features offered by RocketHost and whether you should choose them for hosting your website.

About Rockethost

Rockethost is a new web hosting service from South Africa offering high-end web hosting services primarily Windows-based. RocketHost specialises in Windows shared hosting. 

Rockethost Review

Established in 2010, RocketHost has respectable experience in providing web hosting services to a number of satisfied clients. RocketHost strives to offer reliable and secure web hosting solutions

To achieve this, they have partnered up with Dimension Data to provide complete technical solutions for their users.

Test And Analysis

RocketHost provides many hosting plans for its consumers with many attractive features. We shall examine the key features of RocketHost to check if they are at par with the competition.

User Interface & Ease Of Use

RocketHost has an easy-to-use interface and a decent support team to assist you throughout setting up your website. RocketHost will assist during the initial setup and configuration by installing your chosen website template, and you can send your content to them to complete the setup. 

RocketHost also provides free domain registration or transfer but going through its website, we found out that free domain registration is only offered if you host your website with RocketHost for the foreseeable future.

RocketHost Customer Support

RocketHost does not mention customer support on its website except for two email addresses for technical support and general enquiries. There is no mention of 24/7 customer support or live text support, a basic feature provided by almost every web hosting provider

RocketHost Customer Support

Thus, the customer support provided by RocketHost seems below par compared to other web hosting services in the same range.

RocketHost Security Analysis

Security is a pretty important aspect of web hosting as your website can be vulnerable to sever cyber attacks without great security from your web hosting provider. 

RocketHost offers great security features like SSL certificates, malware protection and firewall protection against potential attacks.

RocketHost also offers a cloud application called TruClean with your website, which filters problematic emails before it reaches your email server. TruClean prevents spam, phishing and ransomware emails from reaching your business email.

Key Features Of RocketHost

RocketHost offers many features, making it an excellent choice for web hosting. First, you get different types of web hosting for better suitability. RocketHost offers basic features like free domain transfer and registration and an Enkorpass cPanel to better your webspace management. 

Key Features Of RocketHost

Its reseller hosting plans combine PHP and MySQL with the ASP.Net framework and Microsoft SQL server to provide the best experience without sacrificing any advantages. Its TruClean mail protection is helpful if you want to avoid getting flooded with spam and suspicious emails. 

RocketHost also allows you to make changes to your website for an additional monthly fee. RocketHost uses Windows Server 2016 as default, but you can update to newer versions like Windows Server 2022 for an additional monthly fee.

Types Of Web Hosting RocketHost Offers

RocketHost offers four types of hosting plans, each at different price ranges. RocketHost offers the following types of web hosting:

Types Of Web Hosting RocketHost Offers
  • Windows Server Hosting
  • Linux Server Hosting
  • Windows Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Shared Hosting

RocketHost Domain

RocketHost offers local domains like co.za, org.za and net.za for its South African users. It also offers international domains like com, net, org and info, but they are individually priced, and you may have to pay more. 

RocketHost Domain

If your business is situated in South Africa, taking local domains will be better unless there is a need for global reach.

RocketHost Pros & Cons

Now that RocketHost’s key features and functionalities are clear, we will tell you the pros and cons of using RocketHost compared to other hosting services. 


  • Affordable Plans
  • TruClean Email Protection
  • Free Domain transfer


  • No Refund Policy
  • Additional monthly fees for many basic features.

FAQ’s – Rockethost Review

How much does Rockethost cost?

Rockethost has a hierarchy of plans for each type of web hosting it offers. Its cheapest plans are for Windows shared hosting and Reseller shared hosting, which starts at $3.66 per month.

What payment methods are accepted?

Rockethost only accepts payments through wire transfer, debit order and credit card.

Can I upgrade my account if I need to?

Yes, Rockethost does allow you to upgrade your account if need be.

Conclusion – Rockethost Review

Rockethost is a great web hosting service if you’re looking for windows-based servers. Its security features are pretty good considering the affordable plans, but its major drawback is the lack of good customer support. 

While its support emails will solve your queries and get you out of a troublesome situation, the response time will be much longer than 24/7 customer support.

With its many plans, you can see which suits your business, and they will even help during the website setup. Rockethost also offers free domain transfer from your old web hosting provider, and its easy-to-use interface will make the whole process relatively simple. 

We recommend using Rockethost if you have a small or mid-sized business and previous web hosting experience. Its website does not have much information, and its customer support is below standard.

Mamta is a writer, blogger and hosting geek. She loves to explore and test the many hosting companies that are in the industry. When she’s not testing web hosts, she is found researching new companies or exploring new marketing trends while working on developing new skills.

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