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Mweb Review

Mweb is one of the oldest ISP in South Africa and currently offers web hosting services to local private users and small business owners. Mweb is an IT giant in South Africa and is famous for introducing its uncapped ADSL service, which connects hundreds of thousands of users across the country. 

Knowing this about Mweb, we were keen to review it after our tests and analysis. We have tested the hosting on multiple parameters like security, support, and features and compiled this Mweb review so that you can decide whether they are the right hosting service for you or not.

About Mweb

Mweb was launched in 1997 and only recently started web hosting services. They introduced the capped ADSL service and free Wi-Fi in 2003 and launched an uncapped ADSL service to homes in 2010.

About Mweb

Moving on, they found fibre in the home products and went on to provide hosting solutions. 

Test & Analysis

Refer to the following points for the analysis of the services provided by Mweb. 

User Interface & Ease of Use

Mweb uses cPanel to control its servers which is the industry standard for web-based control panels allowing for management and control of all allocated resources with ease and flexibility.

Mweb Customer Support

Mweb offers 24/7 customer support with individual support teams for sales, technical, or billing inquiries. You can contact the support team via phone support and a ticketing system that will provide directions and solutions in a reasonable amount of time. 

Security Analysis

Mweb offers various security solutions to protect your personal information and stays safe online. With features like online risk management, fraud warranty, and security training. Using Digimune, you can safeguard your personal information against data leaks, breaches and the illegal selling of private information online. 

Key Features of Mweb

Here are some of the main features offered by Mweb.

  • LTE products: Mweb provides LTE products with various providers and options to choose from, along with a coverage search. 
  • Unlimited Traffic: Each hosting plan comes with total traffic, which means that no matter how popular a webpage might be, there will always be room for more. 
  • Unlimited storage: Mweb provides unlimited storage on their servers on all the plans they offer. There aren’t many hosting companies that offer unlimited storage with all of their plans. 
  • Powerful website builder: Mweb features a powerful website-building tool allowing you to utilize existing templates, customize them, and include several free add-ons to improve the website. They also offer a free domain included with all of their plans, but the storage space for emails can be increased because their services are designed for personal blogs and small e-commerce companies

Types of Web Hosting Mweb Offers

Currently, Mweb only offers shared web hosting services with its data centres in Cape Town. 

Types of Web Hosting Mweb Offers

Mweb Pros & Cons

While testing out the services provided by Mweb, we found the pros and cons.


  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Local servers 
  • 24/7 support


  • No virtual private servers
  • No dedicated servers

FAQs – Mweb Review

What Kinds Of Hosting Offer By Mweb? 

Mweb offers shared hosting services

Where is Mweb Hosting Company Located?

Mweb is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. 

What Type Of Payment Method Accepted by Mweb?

Mweb accepts payment via credit or debit card. 

Conclusion – Mweb Review

Mweb offers very good hosting solutions for bloggers and online enthusiasts who like to write and share content. The prices are pretty reasonable, and they provide unlimited storage and traffic, which very few hosting companies do, and their support is available even during holidays.

Overall, Mweb is a recommended hosting company if you’re situated in South Africa. 

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3 User Reviews on

Mweb Review

  1. Incompetent

    Absolutely disgraceful. Trying to sort out second account. Poor service and absolutely terrible support service. Hang up on you or put you on hold until you eventually hang up. Not good for MWEB brand !!!

  2. Don't use Mweb No technical support

    Have a problem with Mweb?
    If you are not in SA you cannot get hold of them they only show 087 numbers that do not work outside SA.
    If you get a number to phone do not think you will be helped.
    On the phone for 90 minutes get cutoff every 11 minutes and 30 seconds then you start all over again.

  3. MWEB: A Catastrophic Mess - Incompetence at Its Finest!

    Where do I even begin with my horrific experience with MWEB? It has been an absolute nightmare from the moment we decided to give them a chance. I strongly advise everyone to stay away from this company if you value your sanity, time, and hard-earned money.

    Firstly, we made the mistake of cancelling our application with MWEB right after it was made. We even confirmed the cancellation multiple times over the phone, believing that our request was being acknowledged. Little did we know that MWEB’s idea of “cancellation” is to proceed with the installation anyway, as if our wishes meant absolutely nothing.

    To our disbelief, a group of their technicians arrived at our premises unannounced, only to find out that our gardener had inadvertently let them in. They shamelessly proceeded to install the line without our consent or authorization. When confronted about this flagrant breach of trust, MWEB had the audacity to deny any responsibility and insisted that our application had been cancelled. It took hours of frustrating phone calls to uncover the truth: MWEB was indeed the culprit occupying our line without permission.

    Instead of rectifying their mistakes and offering a genuine apology, MWEB decided to hold our line hostage. They shamelessly demanded payment for the installation we did not request or authorize in the first place. It is beyond comprehension how a company can operate with such blatant disregard for customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.

    Due to my work-from-home situation, I reluctantly decided to stick with MWEB, as I had no other immediate alternative. However, this decision came at a significant cost. MWEB’s incompetence and blatant lies resulted in me losing over 25% of my monthly salary. I cannot stress enough the financial burden this has placed on me and my family, all due to their sheer incompetence and dishonesty.

    Promises mean absolutely nothing to MWEB. Yesterday, they assured us that we would receive our router, only to let us down once again. Today, after waiting anxiously at home all day, we were informed that our router is mysteriously located in Durban (we are in Johannesburg). The level of unprofessionalism and lack of basic organizational skills displayed by MWEB is mind-boggling.

    In conclusion, MWEB is a prime example of how a company can fail at every level. Their customer service is abysmal, their communication is nonexistent, and their actions are downright unethical. I implore anyone reading this review to avoid MWEB at all costs. Save yourself the frustration, disappointment, and financial burden that comes with dealing with this inept and dishonest company.


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Mweb Review

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