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We all know that Wordpress is the ultimate platform to get started with your website whether it is your blog or your business. Hence, if you are looking to take your business online, you need a hosting service provider that can understand your needs and provide the ultimate security.

Pressable is one of the best Web Hosting services with its quite amazing hosting plans packed with useful features, offline staging, and jetpack security tools. It is known for its tagline WordPress Hosting for WordPress Professionals

There is so much more to learn about this website hosting, hence we have curated the best guide for you in this Pressable review.

About Pressable:

Pressable is a WordPress-focused Best web hosting platform that keeps your site running smoothly and safely. Owned by Automatic—which is the company behind WordPress.com, WordPress VIP, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and more—Pressable only offers WordPress hosting. 

About Pressable Review

However, Pressable’s services are tailored towards entrepreneurial endeavors which hence sets it apart from other general-purpose web hosts in the market. 

They offer daily site backups, malware scanning and removal, page caching, staging, and WordPress-oriented security. Hence the overall service is worth exploring if you’re looking to build a website.

Pressable Data Center Location:

Pressable data centers are located in:

  • Amsterdam, Netherland
  • Ashburn, VA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Dallas, Texas

You can choose the data center used by your site at the time of creation, however, you won’t be able to change the data center after the creation of your site.

Key Features Of Pressable

One of the key features of Pressable is its excellent uptime—a vital element of the web hosting experience is its running time. 

Features of Pressable Review

It would be difficult if your customers deem it difficult or are unable to access your services when your website goes down. 

Their customer service has also got your back as it offers 24/7 web chat communication options and ticket support along with Live agents and phone chats.

They have specially designed installations, themes, and plugins for WordPress. Each of the plans includes free SSL and content delivery network, a useful staging feature, and unlimited monthly data transfers across the board.

Type Of Web Hosting Pressable Hosting Offers:

Pressable since owned by Automatic who is the owner of WordPress.com and many more hence it only supports WordPress Hosting with best Linux Servers and SSL certificates.

Pressable also offers the WooCommerce e-commerce platform that includes WordPress installations, 50,000 visits, and 30 GB of storage at just $45 per month.

Why Choose Why Pressable:

Pressable’s managed Web hosting is specifically designed for WordPress installations and themes and plug-ins. Hence you won’t need to install WordPress as you would need with other web hosts. 

The content management system comes preinstalled. You could easily get started without any additional setup by simply opening your introductory email and viewing your login credentials, it even includes useful pre-installed plug-ins.

Hence when you use Pressable it is pretty much like using the regular self-hosted WordPress installation, thus making it easy to create posts, pages, and galleries in testing. 

It makes it easy for you to share credentials with designers, and developers so that you can collaborate on the site’s back end. Hence, it has all features that would help you build a good website and attract your preferred audience.


Is Pressable safe to use?

Pressable’s commendable security provisions help to make it a secure platform to host your website. It uses a combination of nightly malware scans and removals and Intrusion Detection System integrity checks to keep your site safe from hackers. 

In each plan, Pressable comes with a free SSL certificate that helps safeguard data transfer between your site and your customers. Hence it is safe to say that Pressable is secure and legit.

Is Pressable Good For Wordpress

Pressable is a Web hosting service that provides only WordPress hostings. It is a company that devotes its resources to automating many WordPress functions which includes daily site backups and plug-in updates. 

It also has caching technology to make pages load quickly and its staging feature is quite useful too as it takes snapshots of your website so you can tinker with pages without affecting the real site. 

Is Pressable Good For Wordpress Professionals

Pressable is owned by Automatic, the company behind WordPress. Hence, Pressable only offers WordPress hosting. 

Its services are tailored toward entrepreneurial endeavors setting it apart from other web hosting platforms in the market.

Pressable is your platform if you are looking for a WordPress-focused host that lets you choose your preferred cloud platform, WP Engine—an Editor’s Choice pick for WordPress hosting, which helps professionals to build their choices.


Pressable gives you many useful tools and features that help you create the WordPress site that you want. It has robust flexibility with strong uptime and a helpful 24/7 customer support team. 

It has met competitors’ challenges by constantly improving its offerings to deliver rock-solid, WordPress- exclusive features that are more worthy as the foundation of your website. 

Thereby Pressable Review is all that you need to confirm your decision to bet on the company to host your website.

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