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Jusahost Review: At a time when web hosting services are prevalent, it has become increasingly difficult to choose a service that best suits your business. From the efficiency of key features to its security and ease of use, every component affects your experience using the hosting service. 

Today we are going to review a service called Jusahost which is known for its ease of use and its various security features. We will discuss various aspects of this service in detail. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our Jusahost review.

About Jusahost 

Jusahost is a Switzerland-based hosting service that comes with a lot of features. They are partners with Cloudflare. So, if you host with them, your server will be more secure. 

About Jusahost Review

You also have a free domain with your service. They will even transfer your website if you have used a cPanel-based website.

Test and Analysis 

To give a proper hosting review of Jusahost, it is important that we examine its key features and their effectiveness in real-life operations. While additional features make the user experience more satisfactory, key components like user interface, security, and customer support are paramount for a great experience.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The UI, short for User Interface, is what you would probably spend your time looking at. So, having a good user interface is pretty important. As it improves your overall experience.

With Jusahost, you get cPanel support. This makes controlling and maintaining your site very easy. cPanel is widely used for its features. Your domains, DNS, email, and FTP accounts can all be controlled by it.

Jusahost Customer Support 

Customer support and after-sales support are other important aspects. When something goes wrong, customer support is what saves you and helps to get things back like before. So, you should consider a service with good Customer support.

Jusahost provides you with two numbers and email addresses, one for the US and one for Switzerland. You also get a Contact form to drop a message. So, they can get to know about your problem.

Security Analysis 

The Security aspect of a service is sometimes not considered. But to get a reliable service safe from cyber threats, you want a secure service. It is also helpful to protect you and your customer’s sensitive information that anyone else should not know about.

Jusahost has many security-related services; they are partnered with Cloudflare to make your site faster and more secure. In addition, their servers have Firewall protection, Antivirus, DDoS Protection, and much more. 

Key Features of Jusahost 

Just like other services, Jusahost also has a lot of features. But only some of the features make a service stand out. 

Key Features of Jusahost 

Jusahost is partnered with Cloudflare to make your website more reliable and secure. Not only that, you get 24/7 backup services, and you can back up your data whenever you want. 

What types of web hosting are offered by Jusahost? 

Jusahost offers various kinds of Hosting services to its users. Their services include-

Jusahost Domain

  • Domain Registration 

Besides web Hosting Services, you also get domain registration services from Jusahost. You get to choose from 10 TLDs, and you can choose from available domain names. Also, if you have a special domain request, you can contact them.

  • Domain Transfer

Unfortunately, you can’t transfer your existing domain to Jusahost, but you can host your existing domain with them.

Pros & Cons – Jusahost Review

Now that we have examined the key features of Jusahost and the various types of hosting offered by them, we can list the pros and cons of using Jusahost so you can make a better decision.


  • Good Security features
  • Good User Interface with cPanel
  • Excellent server speeds


  • Their Website is in Albanian
  • No live chat support

FAQs – Jusahost Review

Is Jusahost good?

Jusahost has great features like DDoS protection and a firewall on its servers, making your website more secure against outside attacks. They also have a great User Interface. You can choose Jusahost as your service provider if these are the features you are after. 

Does Jusahost offer website migration?

Yes, if you had cPanel hosting earlier, Jusahost migrates your Website for free.

What is the refund policy of Jusahost?

Jusahost does not provide any information about a refund policy on its website.

Which is Jusahost’s best plan?

Jusahost has a lot of plans at different price points. Their plans are curated for people with different needs. The plans start at 4,99€ and end at 29,9€. Of course, expensive plans have more features, but the best plan is the correct one for you. 

Conclusion – Jusahost Review

As discussed, Jusahost is a great service. It offers free migration and also provides a free domain. We discussed its security and ease of use and gave you a clearer idea of this service.

So are you considering choosing Jusahost? With its excellent features and excellent customer support, Jusahost can be a great option for your business.

Qumere Alam Siddiqui is an author, SEO Learner and Hosting Geek. When he’s not working, you will find him learning something new in technology.

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