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Hostaqa Review

Online businesses earn and grow a lot more than those businesses that are only available offline. This is because taking your business online means you are making your business open to people worldwide. You are putting your business into another dimension that helps with an increase in customers, which in turn leads to the growth of your business. 

But running a business online is not as easy as it sounds. It involves various factors that define your business’s growth and also failure. 

The development of your online business might be determined by how well your website is programmed, the ease to use, the SEO of your website so that it ranks higher and attracts traffic, and most importantly, the hosting you choose for your business. 

Given all these factors, here we have another review of a brilliant hosting solution, i.e. Hostaqa. Let us directly get into this Hostaqa review without any further discussions. 

Acquisition of Hostaqa by Amarhoster

Hostaqa has built solid trust among its USA customers by providing best services at very affordable prices, but has recently been acquired by Amarhoster with complete transparency.

About Hostaqa

If you want a hosting service provider that is fast and secure under a reasonable budget, you must give Hostaqa a try.

Founded on 14 November 2018, it is a reliable hosting service provider that supports people and businesses on all levels. If you are running a personal blog or a full-fledged business, your hosting needs can be satisfied by Hostaqa. 

About Hostaqa Review

Hostaqa provides an easy-to-use user interface so that you have the smoothest hosting experience possible. You can have short and long-term contracts with Hostaqa according to your needs. 

Hostaqa Data Center Location

While the specific locations are not available, Hostaqa on its official website mentions that it has a global data center that provides excellent speed with low latency and fast page load time.

Key Features of Hostaqa 

By now, you must have learned a lot about Hostaqa in brief, so now let us look at its features to know about it in more detail.

1-Click Install

Installing apps on your hosting can be a pretty frustrating task. You might sometimes have to take the help of some other professional to get it done since you are not well versed with hosting. 

But with Hostaqa, you can install it easily with just a click. 

24/7 Support 

Sometimes you may find yourself stuck in a situation with nowhere to get out. We wish that someone was there to help us out and show us the way in such cases. 

Likewise, Hostaqa resolves your hosting queries in such situations. You can contact them any hour of the day as it provides 24 hours of customer support, 7 days a week. 

Root Access

With Hostaqa, you get full root access. This means that you have complete control over your website, and no one else can use it without your knowledge. 

No Noisy Neighbors

People do not prefer buying shared hosting because of the disturbances by the neighbors on the same cloud. But it is a good idea to buy a shared hosting initially as it is more affordable. 

Hostaqa helps you out of this situation by letting you stay undisturbed even with shared hosting.

Domain Name Registration

With Hostaqa, you can quickly get a domain name registered at a pretty small price.  

Hostaqa Web Hosting Plans 

Hostaqa provides several hosting services and plans. We may now discuss some of the hosting plans in this Hostaqa review.

  • Web Hosting: Hostaqa’s web hosting comes with NVMe SSD storage and serves from USA servers. It has three plans under it, starting at $0.93 per month.
  • Web Hosting SG: This hosting uses the Singapore server and has three plans, starting at $1.12 per month. 
  • BDIX Web Hosting: This hosting is powered by the Bangladesh data center and has three plans, starting from $3.32 per month.

Types of Hosting and Services Offered by Hostaqa

Hostaqa has a long list of hosting and services it provides.

Types of Hosting and Services Offered by Hostaqa

A few of them are Web hosting, reseller hosting, shared hosting, VPS servers, dedicated servers, BDIX servers, etc. 

How to Create an Account with Hostaqa?

Creating an account on Hostaqa is a simple job. It is very much like making a social media account. To create an account, go to their main website. 

You will see a ‘sign in’ option on the top right. Click on it and then fill out the details, and you are all done. 

What Makes Hostaqa Different from Other Web Hosting?

We can say that Hostaqa is different from other web hostings because of its safe and reliable services. It is exceptionally affordable and suits the needs of people at all levels of setting up a website.

It can be used by a blogger, a small business owner, and a business owner. 

Conclusion – Hostaqa Review

So now that we are at the conclusion of this Hostaqa review, let us summarize all the highlights of Hostaqa. Hostaqa is a hosting service provider that aims to give users the most effortless experience. It is the best hosting service provider in Bangladesh. 

It provides a USA-based powerful Linux dedicated web server. It also includes domain name registration, reseller domain name registration, web Hosting, newspaper hosting, reseller web hosting, VPS hosting, and a dedicated server. 

With all that, it can surely be the hosting solution to help with your business growth and success. So make sure to give Hostaqa a thought!

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