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FreeHostia Review

A Hosting Service is very important these days, be it for hosting your blogs or your business website. So, choosing a web host is a pretty important job as it controls how your website will launch and how snappy it will be. 

Now when you’re doing that, you need to look into multiple factors such as server speed, security, support, features, etc. We have tested FreeHostia on all these parameters by taking its baseline hosting package and based on all those tests and analysis, here we have compiled a detailed FreeHostia Review to help you understand if this is the company suitable for your web hosting needs or not.

About FreeHostia

FreeHostia is based on a load-balanced cluster platform that provides you with a faster hosting experience compared to the widespread one-server hosting platforms. They also provide several other apps and dedicated servers for your convenience

About FreeHostia

Apart from this, FreeHostia holds various Hosting Plans and a Free Plan for Beginners. The Free Plan is especially useful for all new users. In the free plan, users get below-average performance and low-end specs which depreciate the user experience.

So, come with us on the journey as we explore FreeHostia.

Test and Analysis 

We have done the test and analysis of this web hosting company to find out the actual server response, and customer support to help you make an informed decision about the company. This is done on multiple levels to find accurate levels.

User Interface & Ease of Use

FreeHostia is an intuitive user interface, and users can navigate the website easily, with well-laid-out icons and easy-to-read instructions. Although it does not look as good as Big Brands of Hosting, it is pretty good and easy to navigate around.

It is also noteworthy that the Control Panel Page has good Instructions that guide you on what to do and how you can set up your Hosting. 

FreeHostia Customer Support

Customer Support is pretty important for Enterprises that can’t afford downtime. Unfortunately, FreeHostia does not have a Call Support or Live Messaging Support option. However, they support tickets and you can generate a ticket for your issue.

Their KVM or Server plans mention 24/7 tech support service, but it’s via tickets only. So, if you prefer talking with a real technician, FreeHostia may disappoint you in this regard. However, the solutions to most common queries are already available on the website, so the majority of the users won’t need to use text support. 

Security Analysis  

Although they don’t mention what security measures they use, they support major Linux Versions and ISOs on their KVMs. They also claim you get Root Privileges with specific plans. You get standard SSH access to your servers, but they do not clarify if they provide Windows servers as well; because it seems they don’t.

FreeHostia Data Center Location

Data Center Location is very important in terms of speed and latency. Your location and the location of your audience should be close as this would result in low latency. 

But unfortunately, FreeHostia has its server only in Chicago, USA. So, this might be a drawback if you live far from North America. 

So, make an informed decision and choose if you want your servers to be in America or mostly in North America.

Core Features of FreeHostia 

FreeHostia has a lot of different features that make it a promising hosting platform for your business. Hereinbelow are the core features of FreeHostia hosting service-

  • 1-Click App Installer – The hosting service comes with one-click app installers that make it easy and quick to install applications on your website for added features and functionalities.
  • Website Builder – The hosting comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder which makes it quick and easy for you to build and design your websites without any coding or programming knowledge.
  • Excellent E-mail Features – Emails are one of the most prominently used features on your website. You get the most amazing email features such as email forwarding, mailing lists, email protection, and more to manage your emails and emailing campaigns.
  • SSD Caching – The hosting has SSD caching for all the data which helps maintain the website speed and performance and keep it running at its best speed even with a truckload of data.

Types of Web Hosting FreeHostia offers

FreeHostia has a lot of plans and packages. They cover Web Hosting as well as dedicated hosting servers. Their services include:

FreeHostia Pros and Cons

Let us look at the pros and cons of FreeHostia web hosting company and find out if it’ll be a good fit for you or not. They are listed as follows:-


  • They offer free hosting
  • Low-cost hosting plans
  • Decent customer support
  • Strong uptime
  • Easy-to-use user interface and performance control panel


  • No Live Chat support

FAQs – FreeHostia Review

Does FreeHostia offer Lifetime Free SSL?

No, FreeHostia does not provide a free SSL certificate

Does Freehostia offer free trials?

FreeHostia does offer free trials on their paid plans. They offer a 30-day free trial on some of their services.

What are some cons of free web hosting?

Free web hosting has very limited options when it comes to features and it offers less bandwidth which slows the performance of the website.

What payment methods does Freehostia accept?

FreeHostia supports card payments on their plans. They support all major Cards, including VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. Along with those, it also supports PayPal and wire transfers.

Why Choose Freehostia premium plans?

Freehostia’s premium hosting plans come with high-speed servers and strong uptime. They also offer a variety of premium plans catering to individual tastes.

Also, Freehostia’s premium plans are cheaper than most of its competitors and affordable for laymen. 

Freehostia has good customer support and guarantees a reply within an hour from their in-house technician for any complaints or queries (not applicable to their chocolate plan).

Conclusion – FreeHostia Review

Freehostia is one of the best choices for free web hosting when compared with other free web hosting services like InfinityFree. Freehostia’s free ‘Chocolate’ plan comes with very low-end specs, which you can upgrade by subscribing to its premium plans. 

Freehostia’s best feature is its great customer support. In a matter of a few minutes, your queries will be solved by a qualified technician. With premium plans, Freehostia also provides a website builder with stored templates, making the process quite easy. 

Overall, Freehostia offers great web hosting plans at affordable rates, has strong uptime, fast load speeds, and good customer support, making it a wonderful web hosting service. 

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