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EliteGameServers Review

Are you one the search for the best gaming server provider? But you can’t find the perfect one because one of your significant needs is speed? Well, we think we could suggest one to you. 

EliteGameServers is a gaming server provider that offers gaming servers to the world with fast speed and reliable customer support. That’s not just it; you get plenty of other benefits with ElietGamingSefers.

Let us find out more about this hosting platform in this EliteGamingServer review. 

About EliteGameServers

Officially founded in 2012, EliteGamingServers started as a small company in the early 2000s. This hosting platform is based in the Netherlands and was founded by Gijs van der Velden. This hosting platform offers its services through its various data centers. 

EliteGameServers Review

These multiple global data centers help produce the best speed for your servers. The primary focus of this hosting platform is gaming servers. Therefore EliteGamingServers has worked well on them, and we will learn more about its services in this EliteGamingServers review. 

Test and Analysis

We ran some tests through the servers to test whether they stood on their claims or not. Hence, here are the results of the things we tested. Look for yourself whether they are positive or not!

User Interface & Ease of Use

When building a user interface, the hosting service provider must remember that both beginners and experts will use their platform. EliteGamingServers understands this and offers a user interface that will not frustrate you even at first glance.

EliteGameServers Customer Support 

If you get caught in an issue or have a query at midnight, you would probably surf the internet for the solution or wait till the following day to contact customer support. With EliteGamingServers, you can entirely skip that part and contact the customer support team through emails and tickets at any hour of the day. 

Security Analysis 

It is necessary to keep your data safe as it is too precious to lose. Therefore you would purchase tools just to keep your data safe. However, with EliteGamingServers, you also get DDoS protection; if your account is frequently attacked, this hosting platform will work on it and offer you a permanent solution at low prices. 

What types of web hosting are offered by EliteGameServers? 

EliteGamingServers offer the following hostings:

  • Gaming Servers
  • Voice Servers

EliteGameServers Data Centre Location

The numerous data centers of EliteGamingServers are located in:

  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Canada
  • US
  • France
  • Australia
  • Singapore

Key Features Of EliteGameServers

Let us now take a look at the key features of this platform in this EliteGamingServers review. 

Instant Setup

You have waited long enough to start your gaming server or online business and have worked on it plenty of times. Why waste another minute waiting for your server to set up? Now with EliteGamingServers, you can get your server setup instantly. 

SSD Storage

Remember earlier we said that this hosting platform offers a significant speed? One of the reasons for the rate is the numerous data centers, and the other is the availability of SSD storage. These run on flash memory and offer the best speed. 

DDoS Protection

EliteGamingServers offers DDoS protection on its plans and keeps your data at bay from any DDoS attacks so you will not have sleepless nights and nightmares of your data getting attacked by a third party. 

EliteGameServers Refund Policy  

With EliteGamingServers, you benefit from a 96-hours or 4-day refund policy. However, this refund policy also applies some terms and conditions, such as you will be offered a refund only if there is a genuine issue that cannot be resolved within 48 hours of the purchase. 

EliteGameServers Pros & Cons 

Let us list out the pros and cons of buying an EliteGamingServers plan. 


  • Instant setup
  • Offers solutions to your hosting issues


  • Terms and Conditions on refund policy

FAQs: EliteGameServers Review

Why should I buy a Game server from EliteGameServers?

You could buy a gaming server from EliteGamingServers as this hosting platform has multiple data centers, which will offer you incredible speed and uptime. Also, you get the benefit of DDoS protection. 

Where is the EliteGameServers web hosting located?

EliteGamingServers is based in the Netherlands but has numerous data centers worldwide, such as Canada, the UK, the US, Singapore, France, etc. 

What is a voice server that is provided by EliteGameServers?

Voice servers are primarily used for hands-free communication with your co-players. This hosting platform offers voice servers at pretty affordable prices and reliable customer support 24/7. 

Does EliteGameServers Provide Dedicated Server?

No, EliteGamingServer is primarily focused on offering gaming servers to the world, which it does through its 24/7 operational data centers across the globe. 

Conclusion: EliteGameServers Review

We have completed this EliteGamingServer review and would love to look back at this hosting platform’s tremendous and not-so-great points. This hosting platform is pretty open about its services and data centers which did help us understand the hosting process. 

Also, the gaming server plans are pretty affordable compared to their features. However, it would be great if the refund policy offered by EliteGamingServers was a little more liberal. But we can speak from experience that this is the one for people looking for hosting service providers primarily focused on gaming servers.

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