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EasyWP Review

With technological developments comes change. With the digital age, businesses and institutions are going digital, and making a website is a necessity rather than a choice. However, it is not a child’s play. The process requires proper techniques and strategies to make it stand out and reach a more extensive customer base, without which it can bring your business down. 

Websites allow you to make an impact and a virtual presence for a global audience and thus require higher operational speed with less loading time to attract a more extensive customer base. A website that takes time to load frustrates the customer, and your content fails to reach your target audience. Making a website comes with choosing the best and perfect web hosting solution that aligns with your requirements. 

EasyWP Review

WordPress comes into the picture since the WordPress websites are the most popular and influential, delivering the best possible results with performance-based results. Creating such websites can be challenging if you are a beginner and have no idea about the working of such elements. 

Fortunately for your convenience, there is EasyWP present in the market, making your all-challenging website creating and hosting management solutions easy since it is specifically developed to suit WordPress websites. It is an affordable and the fastest alternative available that caters to numerous features and the one-place operation dashboard. 

If you are new to this platform, you are probably looking for more information regarding the same. Well, this is the perfect place for you. We have provided the best and most precise information with this EasyWP Review providing detailed information regarding this managed WordPress hosting platform. 

About EasyWP 

Namecheap, established by CEO Richard Kirkendall in 2000, has made its place as one of the largest domain name providers and is home to more than 11 million domain names. Launched in 2017, EasyWP is a WordPress product by Namecheap with its beta version till March 11th, 2019. Grown in stability, performance, and usage, EasyWP made it easy to let people enjoy WordPress.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, this American web hosting company is not just an affordable but a hassle-free powerful web hosting tool available in the market today. With the fastest and most optimized web hosting process, this EasyWP web hosting application is designed specifically for and around WordPress. 

About EasyWP 

Its primary focus is making your web publishing with just one click. It allows easy hosting management, holding old panel interfaces, and WordPress working. One single dashboard allows for managing all WordPress sites, creating backups, changing domain names, and creating new websites. 

It is indeed a one dashboard platform allowing numerous functions from one place, making functioning and usage easy and hassle-free. We have put up this review after thorough research and testing of its speed, features, refund policy, domain names, and performance, we have put up this review. Let’s look at how its attributes sit well with its claims. 

Speed Test and Analysis for EasyWP 

EasyWP claims to be the fastest web hosting platform with incomparable speed. But is this claim correct? To prove its claims, EasyWP conducted third-party tests on numerous web-hosting platforms, showing it as superior and the fasted WordPress hosting platform

We are letting the public know if the company’s claims are valid or just a way to attract more customers is our job. Here we have a few parameters that help us analyze its performance and speed. 

EasyWP User Interface 

EasyWP allows you a simple and uncomplicated user interface that gives you the flexibility to customize and build according to your wish. The user-friendly and straightforward interface allows easy writing, editing, and publishing of the content, providing various themes and plugins. While creating a website, the themes help deliver a virtually impactful platform, whereas the plugins assist in increasing its functionality. 

An affordable pricing strategy provides a one-place operation, reducing the complications and times while working. EasyWP manages all your WordPress sites from just one dashboard allowing multiple functions like domain name changing, backup creation, and file access via SFTP.  The single-dashboard feature eliminates the need to create and remember passwords for numerous websites benefiting users with its one-click attributes. 

EasyWP Speed Test

One of the USPs of EasyWP is its speed, and it commits at the fastest pace over all other hosting platforms in the marketplace. The speed tests’ results justify its commitments with an outstanding and unparalleled speed. A simple WordPress website loads in just 0.9 seconds with zero load failures with its inbuilt cache. 

Considering the numerous packages, it provides the starter plan allows 0.9 seconds, whereas the turbo and Supersonic plans are both a second faster with a loading time of 0.8 seconds without failure. The speed tests impressed us, and we can say the platform has overpowered its competitors. 

EasyWP Uptime Test 

With a thorough uptime test conducted over a while on our website created through EasyWP, it has established itself as a pretty decent and effective platform. The uptime varies from one month to another, with an average uptime of 99.94%, and it is home to over 50 virtual users from just the US region. 

The EasyWP has no official guarantees on its starter and turbo plans but a 99.99% uptime guarantee on its supersonic pack. The supersonic plane fails to deliver a metric of 99.99% of uptime. The platform offers one day of service for every hour of downtime suffered by your website, making it the best offer for you. 

EasyWP Security Analysis 

EasyWP, as its name suggests, is an easy and uncomplicated platform to work with and ensures the complete confidentiality of its customers, guaranteeing the topmost security options. Depending on your domain name and the EasyWP subscription plan, the security options vary from one plan to another. 

On the turbo and supersonic subscription packages, it offers a free positive SSL providing the best and most secure of services for maximum user protection and satisfaction. The platform takes complete care of your safety and does not compromise, making it one of the trusted and reliable platforms providing web hosting solutions. 

EasyWP Customer Support

EasyWP believes in the safety of its customers and offers customer support via Email Tickets and live chats with numerous articles assisting the public with guidelines on using the platform effectively.  While trying the live chat function, we found it quite promising and quick, it did reply in no time, but the quality has a scope for improvement when it comes to issues related to web hosting. 

Taking about domain support is one outstanding element that offers an equivalent level of support as other aspects. Overall, it was not a perfect experience with the quality customer support features, but the time to respond to customer queries was relatively quick. 

EasyWP Data Centers Location 

EasyWP functions with its data centers only in its headquarters in

  • Phoenix
  • Arizona

This provides the best and fastest speed in the United States of America, so there are discrepancies related to the speed in the other regions. This managed WordPress hosting company has only a single data center and one free WordPress website migration.

EasyWP Domains

To provide a more straightforward and accessible startup and domain name creation, it now supports domain names from different and outside domains, providing a simple process. Still, if you want to connect a domain from another registrar on the platform, the process comes with a few uncomplicated and straightforward steps. 

With a domain name registered elsewhere, you need to login into your account with the login instructions and create a temporary domain name for your website. After clicking the manage option, you can type or paste the domain name from another provider after locating the domain on another provider option. The last step is to check if the domain name is available and publish it successfully. 

This allows you to create your domain name from the EasyWP platform or paste the already decided one from another forum and publish it. 

Key Features of EasyWP Hosting

Here are the key features of EasyWp Hosting:


The EasyWP platform comes with three alternative packages that are affordable and effective for anyone to use. The plans guarantee the fastest speed and features that allow numerous features to make it worth the amount. 

Single Dashboard

The EasyWP platform offers all functions from one place. Its single dashboard feature allows you to operate all your websites from one location without the hassles of remembering numerous passwords for separate websites. The dashboard enables creating new domain names, management, and a user-friendly interface for a better experience. 

Instant setup and fastest speed 

EasyWP web hosting provides you with a platform that guarantees minimum speed and time to set up and load your website. With a guaranteed rate of 0.8 and 0.9 seconds varying from its packages, it provides the fastest speed out of all web hosting alternatives. With zero load failures to date, it guarantees a 99.99% uptime with one day of service over every downtime hour with its supersonic pack. 

EasyWP Refund Policy 

EasyWP is generous when it comes to the refund policy for its customers with all the benefits they can provide. You get a 30-day free trial policy for all three plans– started turbo, and supersonic packages. This time is enough to analyze all its features to see if it aligns with your needs and wishes. At the end of the 30th day, if the subscription is not canceled like all other subscription sites, the amount for the upcoming month is automatically deducted from your bank account. 

EasyWP Pros & Cons 

Like any platform or website available on the internet, EasyWP comes with its distinctive pros and cons. Let us look at what advantages and drawbacks the fastest hosting platform comes with:


  • Value for money, the numerous features make it worth the amount. 
  • Single place usage – one dashboard operation providing numerous operations from one place. 
  • Fastest speed- The speed and uptime tests justify its claims of being the fastest web hosting platform available so far. 
  • Hassle-free and instant WordPress Setup
  • Easy security 
  • Free CDN services 
  • Easy Refund Policy with a 30-day trial option. 
  • Built-in solutions


  • There are no official uptime guarantees for the starter and turbo plans and just the supersonic package. 
  • The EasyWP websites come with an extensive list of plugins that Namecheap blocks from installation on the websites. 
  • Overall, customer support quality is a little low compared to the other alternative available. 
  • The platform offers one-click backup, but that is manual. The EasyWP dashboard lacks the automatic backup feature.

Why Should You Choose EasyWP for Your Website?

EasyWP launched a few years ago in 2017 and exited its beta version in March 2019, making it one of the most efficient web hosting platforms. Justifying its claims, it passes all tests with flying colors. It is the fastest and most simple software available for web hosting solutions related to your WordPress websites. 

With excellence and outstanding performance in all tests, we can say that it indeed is the best alternative available but does come with a few drawbacks since something cannot be entirely perfect. With a high speed of 0.9 seconds, zero load failures, and a high uptime rate, this comes with an efficient service response. 

It delivers maximum protection and security for the user and the website’s sake with proper authentication, easy backup options, and a single dashboard allowing you to operate numerous websites from one place. 

FAQs: EasyWP 

Who owns EasyWP?

EasyWP is wholly owned by the company Namecheap, which originated in 2000 and came up with its WordPress product named EasyWP in 2017. They announced the exit from its beta version, making it fully available to the public on March 11, 2019, for better and easy WordPress handling.

Is EasyWP value for money?

It is challenging to stay within the budget when launching a website, even when web hosting is concerned.  EasyWP provides affordable package options to assist your web hosting and domain creation process, making it valuable for money with 24/7 support and backup routines.

How much discount can you get on EasyWP?

Discounts depend on the policies offered by the parent organization of EasyWP, Namecheap, and the management of EasyWP come out according to various seasons. You can avail of a considerable discount if you purchase the plans on a half-yearly or yearly instead of monthly purchases. The maximum value varies from $1-$5, depending on the pack.

Do I need hosting, especially for WordPress?

People are generally confused about whether they require web hosting for their WordPress websites. The central fact is to understand that there are two kinds of WordPress – WordPress.com and WordPress.org, where the former comes with an inbuilt hosted solution and the latter requires an external web hosting process.

What is the Uptime guarantee of EasyWP?

EasyWP provides an Uptime guarantee only with the supersonic package, whereas there is no official Uptime guarantee for the started and turbo package. Supersonic package furnishes you with a 99.99% monthly uptime guarantee which, if not achieved, provides you one day of service for every downtime hour suffered.

Is EasyWP hosting good?

For a cheap and affordable web hosting solution that is easy to manage and offers numerous attributes with unmatched speed, EasyWP is an excellent hosting solution. With a solid reputation and name, they claim to be the fastest and justify their claims with their service with a solid reputation and standing with a solid reputation and character.

Is EasyWP secure?

EasyWP is one of the fastest and most secure platforms to work with. It comes with a firewall consisting of numerous customized features with advanced login security, backup protection, and brute-force protection for the safety and confidentiality of the content and the user.

What is the difference between EasyWP and WordPress?

The EasyWP platform is cloud-based and designed entirely for WordPress websites with SFTP and database access providing complete control and customization of your website with you. WordPress is an open-source and free content management system with plugin architectures, templates, and shared pairing.

Conclusion: EasyWP Review 

EasyWP is a perfect and excellent web hosting solution for your WordPress websites, delivering the fastest solutions with just a click. With its quick and secure service, it plays a crucial role in boosting the performance of your website. It is a highly affordable platform compared to the other alternatives available. It allows you to offer extra discounts if you purchase a half-yearly or a yearly plan instead of a monthly basis. 

The platform comes with numerous benefits and a few drawbacks with scope for improvement. It provides you with a highly efficient one-place working with a single dashboard that offers all features of creating domain names, changing and customizing website themes, and more. 

One of its drawbacks is that it lacks a proper customer support system for solutions regarding software issues. Still, customer support quickly responds to queries with its live chat function. 

Given that it claims to be the fastest web hosting platform, it surely justifies its claims and is highly recommended since it provides numerous benefits and won’t even dig up a hole in your pocket.

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