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Bionicwp Review

Do you want to start and grow your business online? The best way to do this would be to create a WordPress website. Now since you made a website, you would want to put it up on the internet, and to do so, you require a hosting service provider. 

So, where can you find a hosting service provider that supports WordPress websites perfectly? 

Well, we have a hosting solution that would suit all your expectations. This article will give you a review of a highly efficient hosting service provider BionicWP. 

So here it goes, BionicWP review!

BionicWP Overview

BionicWP’s tagline is ‘Come for the speed and stay for the support’. And fulfilling the statement in their tagline is their primary concern.

BionicWP has nothing to hide in this area and shows off its 90+ GTMetrix scores & – 90+ Google PageSpeed Insights scores on its website. 

bionicwp About

BionicWP claims to be the only truly managed WordPress platform for freelancers, businesses, agencies, and superheroes. They are all in one service provider and are entirely white-labelled. 

BionicWP Data Center Location

The way data centres are placed on the globe highly determines the working of the hosting service. The more data centres of a hosting service provider, the better it is for your business as the data centres nearby to your customers will provide a faster service.

When it comes to data centre locations of BionicWP, they currently have 4 data centres in the following locations in the USA-

  • Amsterdam
  • Los Angeles
  • Dallas
  • Washington DC

They are further adding more data centres to enhance their networks and the quality of their services.

Key Features 

By now, you have had a basic overview of BionicWP. Let us go in-depth and understand its key features.

Free Migrations

BionicWP helps you migrate your websites for free. This can be done by giving them access to your website, and they will migrate it for free. 

30 Days of Off-Site Backup

It keeps a 30-day backup of your data so that you do not lose any of it in case of a data security threat or issue on your website. 

Hack Fix

If, after all the security provided by BionicWP, your website gets hacked, BionicWP accepts it as its responsibility to fix it for you. 

Weekly Speed Monitoring

BionicWP monitors your server’s speed weekly to ensure that it runs at high speed. If it is found to be slow, they fix the situation right away and are open to improving it for you if you inform them about the speed issue.

100% Uptime and Minutely Uptime Monitoring

With a guarantee of 100% uptime, BionicWP takes steps to ensure that they fulfil this claim. They monitor your website’s uptimes every minute, and if it seems to be going through downtime, they immediately jump in and fix it. 

Pricing & Plans

BionicWP’s primary objective is to provide Managed WordPress hosting. It has three plans for that. All of these three plans guarantee high speed, security, and backups.

Bionicwp Review

These three plans are namely, Lite, Speed & Secure and Secure. The most popular plan is the Speed and Secures, which costs $25.90/month and has the best features out of all plans offered by BionicWP. 

Why Should You Choose BionicWP for Your Website in 2023?

Well, this is a BionicWP review, and we can give you a few reasons why you should choose BionicWP for your website-

  • BionicWP has a high speed, so people would want to come to your website because it loads very quickly, so the number of your customers will increase and, in turn, your business. It is overall growth. 
  • It offers top-notch security features and even takes responsibility for hack fixes if your website gets attacked or hacked.
  • It has affordable plans to meet your budget requirements.

What Makes BionicWP Different from Other Hosting?

The speed-security combo of BionicWP makes it different from other hosting service providers. The speed of your website is maintained without compromising the security of your content. 

FAQ- Bionicwp Review

What is BionicWP?

BionicWP is a hosting service provider dedicated to WordPress websites.

What is BionicWP WordPress Managed Hosting?

BionicWP manages your WordPress websites on BionicWP, and most of the complicated work is done by them to make the process easier for you.

What type of hosting does BionicWP offer?

They offer Managed WordPress hosting.

How do I get out of domain com?

You could change your domain name.

Conclusion – Bionicwp Review

Going through this BionicWP Review, you must have a simple understanding of BionicWP. Its speciality is speed and security, but it also provides other features such as free website migration and minutely uptime monitoring.

Who wouldn’t want their website to be available on the internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your precious customers? 

This facility comes with a 30-day backup, and you can avail yourself of many more advanced features at an affordable price. We believe it’s great hosting for any WordPress website with all its perks and would highly recommend it.  We hope this hosting review was helpful and that you will take your time, think about it, and decide what’s best for your business!

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    Bionicwp Review

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