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In search of a Hosting service but can’t seem to find one? Want a service from a reputed source you can rely on? We might have a solution for you. 123 Reg is recognized for its mastery of the Domain space, but they also provide hosting services.

So, today we will discuss various aspects of this service in our 123 Reg review. This way you can make a good choice. So, let’s start with 123 Reg Review without future ado.

About 123 Reg

Founded in 2000, 123 Reg is a service that provides Web Hosting and other Hosting Services. They are the UK’s No.1 domain registrar. In 2016, 123 Reg got mentioned in TechRadar’s best Web Hosting Services list. 

About 123 Reg

Their data centres are powered by a low-energy system that protects the environment. They make their services easy to use and affordable. They also use Dell and HP servers.

Test and Analysis 

The key components of a web hosting service like user interface, security features and a good customer support system are very important for a satisfactory user experience.

Thus, in this 123 Reg review, we will evaluate the effectiveness of 123 Reg’s key components and if they hold up to the competition.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The User Interface is the most crucial part of the system as it is the part you interact with. Professionals and Newbies both accept the importance of a good interface. A great User Interface makes your work easy and less time-consuming. 

With 123 Reg, you get an Intuitive cPanel which makes working on your site and maintaining it easy. Along with that, you get one-click apps that you can install. They have over 125 apps which include WordPress.

123 Reg Customer Support 

Another important aspect of a service is its Customer Support aspect. Good customer service helps you when something goes wrong. So, if your website’s uptime is important to you, you should not compromise on Customer Support.

123 Reg Customer Support 

With 123 Reg, you get customer support from various streams. You can contact their team via live chat; you can also call them if you are in search of help. Raising Tickets is also an option to solve your problems in 123 Reg.

Security Analysis 

Security should not be compromised on your personal PC or website. Especially if critical data is involved, it becomes even more important to use services with more security features.

Some of their services are equipped with free SSL Certificate. You also get SSH access to the servers. Along with these features, the directories can be protected for increased security.

Key Features of 123 Reg

Key Features of 123 Reg

123 Reg has some additional characteristics which distinguish it from other web service-providing companies. These additional characteristics are listed below.

A good User-Interface

It has an amazingly organized user interface which enables its users to work on the website more efficiently and more smoothly.

An amazing customer service

123 Reg has great customer service that it renders to its customers. It has a good 24*7 customer care service enabled for its users. The live chat option is available on the website’s platform for the users to interact with the authorities whenever they feel the need to do so.

What types of web hosting are offered by 123 Reg? 

123 Reg offers various kinds of Web Hosting. These are as follows-

 types of web hosting are offered by 123 Reg

123 Reg Domain

123 Reg Domain

Domain Registration 

Even though 123 Reg provides Hosting services, Domains are where they really shine. They are UK’s #1 Domain Provider. You can choose from many TLDs and get your dream domain, considering it is available.

Domain Transfer

If you already have a domain and aren’t happy with the provider, you might want to transfer your domain name. This can be done pretty easily and takes a few days to complete.

123 Reg Pros & Cons 

Now that we have evaluated the key features of 123 Reg and the type of web hosting services offered by them, we can list their pros and cons so you can make a better judgment of their suitability for your business.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Unlimited bandwidth and great storage options
  • One-click installer with more than 120 applications.


  • Not all plans come with SSL
  • No call support outside the UK

FAQs – 123 Reg Review

Is 123 Reg Hosting good?

123 Reg is the UK’s top domain provider. They are in the Hosting sector. Their plans are reasonably priced and offer good support and interface. If you are looking for features, 123 Reg is a good service.

How to Transfer a Domain name?

Transferring your domain to 123 Reg is pretty easy. The process, according to their website, is as follows-

  • Enter your domain into the provided text box below.
  • Select the option ‘Transfer my domain’ that appears next to your domain.
  • Complete the checkout process to add your transfer request to your account.

What is the refund policy of 123 Reg?

123 Reg does not mention any refund-related information. They don’t offer any money-back guarantee as well.

What is the renewal price of a domain name?

You can buy a domain for the first year for cheap or free if any offers are included. But when you renew the domain, you have to pay them. This is the renewal price of the domain.

Conclusion – 123 Reg Review

Did you get a clear idea about various aspects of 123 Reg? Are you considering 123 Reg as your provider? 

If yes, they have great brand recognition and 123 Reg also has good customer support. So, if this is what you are after, it is hard to match the value 123 Reg brings with any other hosting provider.

Mamta is a writer, blogger and hosting geek. She loves to explore and test the many hosting companies that are in the industry. When she’s not testing web hosts, she is found researching new companies or exploring new marketing trends while working on developing new skills.

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