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RackNerd Review

If you are confused about choosing the best web hosting platform or packages for creating or transferring a website, a feat not! There might be infinite options available in the market with the increased popularity and usage of online websites and the widespread hosting industry, but some cost you a fortune. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly hosting platform, then RackNerd is the best platform. It comes with a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, and massive data storage, to name a few of its features. We have conducted a detailed analysis of the RackNerd platform to clarify your doubts. 

About RackNerd 

RackNerd is an American service provider that provides hosting, VPS, colocation, and dedicated servers making your experience and performance the best. It comprises over 20 data centers in 17 locations and works worldwide with a global audience. 

About RackNerd Review

The best hosting data centers and packages are based in the USA, precisely LA making working more efficient and productive. It comes with numerous plans and packages that offer the best features at a minimal cost with continuous support and perfect and powerful servers. 

Key Features of RackNerd 

WordPress Optimized Infrastructure with Intel Processors 

They use top-class infrastructure with an optimized network facility for WordPress and numerous other applications. It also comes with the latest cutting-edge Intel Xeon processors that power its servers. 

The lightning-fast speed with SSD and HDD storage is available

The platform provides your website with lightning and fast rocket speed with its equipped and optimized network by Noction IRP. They also offer massive assistance while furnishing you with available SSD and HDD storage facilities. 

24/7 continuous support with fully managed services 

It focuses on customer satisfaction and assistance and takes care of all your queries and doubts in seconds. With a knowledgeable and skilled technical team, it furnishes you with the live chat function that provides precise radio answers. You can also connect with them via telephone and email. 

RackNerd Data Center Location

RackNerd has almost 20 data centers across 17 locations that work globally, providing its services for the best user experience worldwide. It has three data centers in 

RackNerd Data Center Location
  • San Jose
  • Seattle
  • Utah
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Atlanta
  • Tampa
  • Miami
  • Ashburn
  • Montreal
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Strasbourg
  • Frankfurt
  • Singapore

Types of Hosting Plans Does RackNerd Offer 

RackNerd offers you a variety of plans to choose from with a minimal cost that aligns with your requirements with the best features. 

  • Shared Hosting Plan: This plan comes with three variations. The first one is perfect for entry-level websites starting at $5.59 per month with 30 GB SSD space, 2 TB monthly transfer, unlimited databases and domains with a Free SSL certificate, etc.  
RackNerd Shared Hosting Plans

The next one is $9.59 per month, which comes with a 3 TB monthly transfer and 100 GB disk space best for business websites. The last package is 200 GB of Storage space and is best for demanding sites starting at $15.59 per month with a 5 TB monthly transfer limit. 

  • Reseller Hosting Plan: The reseller plan consists of three variations related to the storage capacity. The first one costs $14.59 per month, which allows you to create 20 hosting accounts with a 40 GB SSD Space, 2 TB Monthly transfers, free migration, free backups, and more. 
RackNerd Reseller Hosting Plans

The rest of the two share the same features as the cheapest plan but differ in capacity. The middle-range plan is $22.59 per month, allowing 40 hosting accounts, 100 GB SSD space, and unlimited monthly transfer. The last one consists of 200 GB SSD space with 60 hosting accounts at $36.59 per month with unlimited monthly transfers. 

What Makes RackNerd Different from Other Hosting Providers?

RackNerd is a well-known and reputed hosting provider specializing in hosting and numerous other services in one place and costs less than its competitors. What makes it different is the variety of options it allows you to choose from, including VPS, Hybrid servers, dedicated servers, web hosting, and colocations.

Not just this, it also offers three subcategories of budget-friendly plans in its shared and reseller hosting programs. 

Its features that stand out the most are its fully managed services with WordPress optimized servers/ it also uses powerful and outstanding intel core processors that furnish you with a high speed and connectivity, making your working efficiency. It has a massive SSD and HDD storage capacity with cPanel and a free SSL certificate.

RackNerd comprises 20 different data centers spread across 17 destinations worldwide for a global connection.

FAQ’s – RackNerd Review

How much does RackNerd cost?

RackNerd has set its prices at low levels considering the interest and benefit of its users. Its hosting plans range from $5 to $37 per month, providing best-in-class services at a minimal cost. 

It offers three categories of standard plans that range from $5 to $15. At the same time, its reselling plans cost between $14 to $37. 

What kind of Plans does RackNerd offer?

Racknered offers a variety of plans, including hosting, VPS, colocation, infrastructure stability, and dedicated server facilities. Talking about hosting, it provides two different shared and reseller hosting plans

The shared hosting plan comes with three subtypes based on disk space and accounts creation, namely 30 GB, 100 GB, and 200 GB of SSD disk storage at minimal costs. The reseller plans categories are 40 GB, 100GB, and 200 GB of SSD storage at low prices. 

Conclusion – RackNerd Review

By conducting an in-depth report of the RackNerd hosting platform, we have deduced that it is one of the most reliable and fastest providers that deliver the highest quality services at minimal costs. It is a trustworthy platform with added features and benefits.

Making it user-friendly, it comes with a massive storage capacity. The only thing is that it might get a little expensive for certain users, which might allow them to switch to other hosting services. But overall, they have a lot to offer in multiple price plans.

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RackNerd Review


    just a heads up to those who are planning to get a VPS from them. They would abruptly cancel your VPS service just due to certain issues without any warning which could cost you all your data and files from your VPS! They canceled my subcription awhile ago because my payment method was flagged as a “red flag” they said, and haven’t yet fully recieved my refund for a week until now. Their billing department is also kinda rude when you try to submit a ticket from them.


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