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Nazwa.pl Review

Taking your business online can be great for the growth of your business because, with an online presence, you can have a better reach globally. Now, this requires having a full-fledged feature-rich website that can meet all your business needs and requirements. Additionally, you need to have the perfect hosting service that offers speed and security.

However, with so many options out there, what should you choose? Well, let us help you with one option!

We are talking about Nazwa.pl here. It’s an excellent hosting service that has been in business for over 2 decades. Let’s explore more with this Nazwa.pl review. 

About Nazwa.pl

Founded on 14 April 1997, Nazwa.pl now completes 25 years of providing hosting to thousands of websites. It is Poland’s number-one hosting service provider and has several data centers to serve your websites with the best speed and security. 

About Nazwa.pl Review

It is recognized by many trusted institutes in Poland and is trusted by many people. Nazwa.pl offers several services other than hosting, which we will learn in this Nazwa.pl review. 

Nazwa.pl Data Center Location

Since you plan to grow your business by taking it online, you will have to choose a hosting service provider.

 But this particular hosting service provider must have one quality or facility which will ensure the best quality of service to your customers. And what is that? Data centers.

Yes, data centers are crucial since they are the ones who provide services through your website to your customers, and the closer the data center is to your customers, the better service. Nazwa.pl has multiple data centers set in the following locations-

Nazwa.pl Data Center Location
  • Krakow
  • Warsaw
  • Amsterdam
  • Madrid
  • Washington
  • Seattle

With all these data center locations, you can expect consistent delivery of services at a fast speed from this hosting solution.

Key Features of Nazwa.pl 

Let us know more about Nazwa.pl in this review by looking at its key features. 

Free Migration

If you are hosting your website or email on some hosting service, but you do not like it and want to transfer it to Nazwa.pl, do not worry. It will be done within a few clicks on Nazwa.pl for free. 

Domain Registration

When you start with your online website, you would first begin to think of a domain name and would want to register it. You can get your domain name registered on Nazwa.pl just like so many other people have done so quickly.

24x7x365 Customer Support

You do not have to dwell on any query or issue you get stuck with on Nazwa.pl. The hosting service offers 24x7x365 customer support through a telephone hotline, chat, and email. So, you can reach them out at any time, and your issue will be resolved almost instantly. 

99.99% Uptime SLA

You would not want to miss out on any of your customers. Nazwa.pl takes care of your concern by providing a 99.99% Uptime SLA.

Nazwa.pl Hosting Plans 

With Nazwa.pl, you get plenty of hosting options, including cloud hosting WWW, CloudHosting WordPress, cloud hosting e-Sklep, and more. All the plans are pretty affordable.

Here’s a quick look at the starting plans options for different hosting services available at Nazwa.pl-

Cloud Hosting

Nazwa pl Cloud Hosting

WordPress Cloud Hosting

Nazwa pl WordPress Cloud Hosting


Nazwa pl CDN Plans


Nazwa pl CDN Plans

Types of Hosting Nazwa.pl Offers 

Nazwa.pl generally offers different types of cloud hosting such as cloud hosting WWW, CloudHosting WordPress, and cloud hosting e-Sklep. 

Apart from cloud hosting services, Nazwa.pl also caters to other related services such as domain registration, SSL certificates, etc.

What Makes Nazwa.pl Different from Other Hosting?

Nazwa.pl is different from other hostings in many ways. The government of Poland, as well as many other institutions, recognize it. 

Moreover, it offers the widest range of cloud hosting services. You can find all types of cloud hostings here. The best part is that you get phenomenal speed, security, and support at a very affordable cost.

Conclusion: Nazwa.pl Review

We are now at the end of this Nazwa.pl review. As we saw, Nazwa.pl is the leading cloud hosting service provider in Poland, which many institutions also recognize. It offers the three cloud hosting plans at 100 zlotych per year, just $23.28 per year. 

Besides hosting, it offers many other services, such as domain registration, free website, and email migration with just a few clicks. So, you can leverage the hosting to the best of your advantage and take your business to the next level with it.

We hope that the Hosting Review helped you, and you will take some time to think more about it and come to a decision about Nazwa.pl.

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    Nazwa.pl Review

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