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KnownSRV Review

Finding the right hosting service for your business is quite a challenging task. However, we are here to make the task easier for you with our detailed hosting reviews.

For today, we have come up with a KnownSRV review on the basis of its functionalities, features, security, and support.

Have a read of this review to check whether this is the hosting solution suited to your needs or not.

About KnownSRV  

The company has got fast and secure hosting facilities so as to allow users the best web hosting services. It is based in Europe and is committed to providing privacy, online business and a satisfactory experience to its users. 

The websites are well designed to guarantee the users a fast and reliable service.

About KnownSRV  Review

KnownSRV ensures no delays and no excuses with regard to service delivery and domain hosting. The hosting servers are always there to keep this promise as a duty.

Test and Analysis 

The following section deals with the various parameters on which a web hosting server is judged and its credibility is decided so as make sure that it is the best one-

User Interface & Ease of Use

It has a very lively interface and is there to ensure that no user finds it difficult to gather information about the company and can conclude early so as to choose which hosting provider and which not to use.

KnownSRV Customer Support 

The customer services that KnownSRV provides are operated 24*7 and are encompassed by a team that is well-dedicated and has all the functionalities that are essential for the working of the company. It has got all contact details available on its website and this gives the user an impetus to use it efficiently and carefreely.

Security Analysis  

The security measures that KnownSRV takes for ensuring a secure climate for its users are amazing. The whole processing is well maintained and is based on the firewall and authentication factor that is available on the server.

Key Features of KnownSRV 

The key highlight that makes KnownSRV important are given below-

Key Features of KnownSRV 
  • Fully Managed Servers

The hosting has fully managed servers which means that you need not manage anything at all. The hosting does all the configuration, set-up, and optimization for you.

  • DDoS Protection

There is excellent security for the servers with DDoS protection which prevents your website from DDoS attacks and unauthorised access.

  • Excellent Uptime

The servers always remain uptime and provide complete availability of services without any interruptions with its excellent uptime guarantee.

Types of Web Hosting offer KnownSRV

The following types of web hosting services are provided by KnownSRV-

KnownSRV Pros & Cons 

This section deals with the positives and negatives that are associated with KnownSRV and is vital for the user to be known-


  • It ensures a dedicated workforce to manage the whole working of the database.
  • It has a dedicated DdoS server.
  • It ensures a full package facility for its users.


  • Too many conditions are placed on the moneyback guarantee.

FAQs – KnownSRV Review

Is KnownSRV a good web host?

Yes, KnownSRV is an amazing web hosting service provider. It ensures that all the functions performed by the user by using it are fully correct and there are no problems associated with it. It maintains full security and full reliability of data on the server.

What control panel does KnownSRV use?

KnownSRV uses c-Panel as a control panel for its display.

How Many Data Center Location Does KnownSRV have?

It has three data centres, which are named below-

  1. Netherlands
  2. Luxembourg
  3. Romania

Does KnownSRV offer a free Domain and SSL?

No, KnownSRV does not provide a free domain and SSL certification to its users. It has the utility of providing SSL and hosting services at a cheap rate as compared to other hosting providers.

Conclusion – KnownSRV Review

Thus, the hosting service that is provided by KnownSRV is completely free from any pinpoint. It is known to be a fully functional and all-in-one service provider that is maintained basically for the utilisation of both beginners and advanced users. 

The whole setup is well maintained and is operated by a team that is well-dedicated and has great expertise in this field.

So, every web hosting user should use this web hosting service provider to avail of the experience of the best web hosting service provider. 

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