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JagoanServer Review

Even before 2022 kicked in, the internet hosting fraternity knew the sheer importance of stable web hosting clients. This market has been expanding enormously over the last few years, and these actually have helped millions of people worldwide. 

Finding the one for you might be a bit confusing, with various choices around you. However, one good choice among many is JagoanServer. Its promising infrastructure and delivery expertise have been taking the spot, and it has been one of the highest-grossing hosting server solutions out there.

But is this the best web hosting solutions platform for you? Being a little indecisive? 

Don’t worry; we have got you covered. Read this JagoanServer Review to know all about this hosting solution.

JagoanServer Hosting Review

Backed by Indonesian datacentres, it claims the fastest and probably the most seamless web hosting experience. 

Jagoan Server Review

From affordable plans to excellent customer support, the Jagoanserver has been making all the noise for its product value. Here’s a short and crisp JagoanServer review to save time and make the right choice for you!

Key Features of JagoanServer

JagoanServer Review

Data migration

Probably one of the most attractive things about this platform is its utterly convenient tools. If you have been looking for a new server solution or migrating a specific content category to this, the Jagoanserver has made this procedure quite simple.

Just a few simple steps and you can have everything back here, no need to start from scratch!

Direct peering

A powerful supportive infrastructure peering range makes it a top choice for young entrepreneurs any day. 

With their own infrastructure, backed by authentic and legalized Indonesian data centers, you get peered by groups like OIXP-IIX-BIX-CDIX-JKTIX and TELKOM NEUCENTRIX!

Customer support

A 24X7 customer support is what makes them stand out. They are known for delivering excellence all around the year, and not just on paper. 

Any issues regarding the plans or features or even deciding the best hosting options for your needs, Jagoanserver’s customer helpdesk gets everything sorted within minutes after a simple text/call.

Plans and pricing

From just Rp 130,000 per month for basic plans to as high as Rp 3.5 million per month for robust professional ones, the feature distribution across programs is totally unmatched. 

The plans start with basic storage of 20 GB SSD and a 2 GB memory, ranging up to 2 250 GB SSD and whopping 128 GB memory. 

Unmetered bandwidth and 20 to 56 cores vCPU are also striking features of the most expensive plan. 

Are you confused about the feature set provided? Ping them anytime and get your plans customized too!

JagoanServer Data Centres Location 

The data center locations are not explicitly mentioned on their website, and there’s hardly any information available about the same. 

However, their major data center is in the Indonesian domain. Additionally, they have many servers in different locations based on the data centers to handle loads of data effectively. 

Their Indonesian centers are known for their spread and timeless data analysis!

Types of Hosting JagoanServer Provides

Coming to the services, there are many plans and services to look for in the services. 

They provide dedicated tunneling, dedicated Indonesian servers, and Anti-DDoS servers too. If you have an eye for specific size-based service plans, the Jagoanserver has got that too ready for you. 

JagoanServer Hosting Refund Policy  

JagoanServer Hosting comes with 30-days money-back guarantee.

So, if you’re not satisfied with their hosting solutions, you can make a refund request within the said time period.

Conclusion – JagoanServer Review

And that’s a wrap on our JagoanServer review. We hope our detailed analysis helped you in weighing your choices better. 

At the end of the day, whether you are a bustling marketer or a young learner looking for the cheap yet best web hosting alternatives, JagoanServer will suit you seamlessly!

Not so sophisticated, Prahlad is a genius in all-around SEO services and Web Hosting. An aspiring in the field of SEO & Hosting, he is quick in learning new technologies and techniques, he often emphasizes learning small factors to become a big person. "It is easy to learn easy things and then apply those on tough." - Prahlad while digging chips

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JagoanServer Review


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    JagoanServer Review

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