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Fastcomet Nameservers: Every company or entrepreneurship needs a website to market its products or services. Creating a good website is essential since it can easily reach information about the company everywhere.

Like creating a website, it is important to host a website with one of the best web hosting companies to enhance the traffic to your website. In this article, we are giving you a guide to understanding what Fastcomet is and how it can help you with your web hosting. 

What is Fastcomet Nameservers?

Fastcomet Nameservers is a privately-owned global web hosting company established in 2013. They have several features to make your web hosting experience unique and powerful.

Their services include shared hosting, cloud VPS hosting dedicated hosting, domain creation, etc.

Fastcomet Nameservers

Default Nameservers


Private Nameservers


If you want to know about Fastcomet login

How do Fastcomet Nameservers and DNS Management System Works?

The Domain Name Systems helps in resolving the hostnames that you put in the search bar of the web browser you use. It will find the IP address and location. Both the nameservers and IP addresses are stored in the host server’s DNS zone file.

The Fastcomet nameserver record tells recursive nameservers regarding which servers are authoritative for a particular zone. The recursive nameservers will look at the nameserver’s record to see who to ask next when resolving a name.

A nameserver is generally a server component of the DNS that helps in connecting URLs with the IP address of web servers. If you are a customer of Fastcomet, you can create nameservers using its services.

When you have a nameserver with Fastcomet, then it is known as Fastcomnet Nameservers.

Where can I find my Nameservers?

If you have an account with Fastcomet, first log in to your account by providing the credentials like username and password. The nameservers can be found in the Client Area. So, once you have logged in, click on the Client Area option and select Domains.

Fastcomet Nameservers

Then from the drop-down menu click My Domains. Select Manage Domain and choose Nameservers. You can find your nameservers there.

How to Change Nameservers From Godaddy to Fastcomet?

If you already have a nameserver with Godaddy, you can still change it to Fastcomet anytime you want. It is not a time-consuming process. You can complete this procedure with a few clicks by following these simple steps given below.

  • First, Log In to your Godaddy Domain Control Center. You can use this link –
  • Enter the username and password
  • Now, select your domain to access the Domain Settings page.
  • Select Additional Setting and you can see a drop-down menu
  • Choose Manage DNS
  • Now in the Nameservers section click Change
  • You can see a few options to choose from. Those options include:
  • Connect my domain to a website I’ve built
  • I want to use GoDaddy default nameservers
  • Enter my own nameservers
  • After picking one of the above options Click on Save/Connect
  • Now check the box which is next to Yes, I consent to update Nameservers for the selected domain.

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How to Order a Hosting Package From Fastcomet?

If you are using the Fastcomet site for the first time, then follow the steps given below to choose a plan and order the hosting package.

Shared Hosting Package
  • You can now find the different plans and package Fastcomet offer to the customers.
  • Under All service, you can find their various hosting options.
  • Scroll down to see three different plans like Fast Cloud, Fast Cloud Plus, and Fast Cloud Extra
  • Choose one plan from the three options given after checking their hosting features, domain features, caching and speed optimizations, SSL features, security, customer support, etc.
  • Once you have decided which package to select, click on Get Started under the package you pick.
  • A new page will appear which has two options that you can choose from. These options are – Register a domain and I already have a domain.
  • Choose the domain you want. Now Click on Use this Domain
  • Provide all the account information, product information, and payment details in the form shown on the screen
  • Cross-check the rate mentioned.
  • Check the box – to confirm you have read the terms and conditions
  • You can also check the second box if you would like to receive Fastcomet news and special offers
  • Click Complete Order.

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Fastcomet is one of the leading web hosting service providers chosen by many companies and businesses. The client can easily set up a domain with Fastcomet and can contact the customer support team of Fastcomet anytime since they have 24*7 supports.

Keep checking the website of Fastcomet to know about the latest offers since they offer many discounts during the festive season which makes it easier for the customer to choose the better rate.

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