Deluxe Hosting Nameservers

Finding a decent web hosting company to host your website can be difficult at times. Here is the Deluxe Hosting service provider who is the expert in optimized web hosting that offers services like domain name, web hosting, site lock, email defence, and email marketing. Read more to know the details regarding the Deluxe Hosting Nameservers and how to change and modify them.

Customers can pick a plan according to their requirements and deluxe hosting has basic, moderate, and pro plans. They have different plans for web hosting with varied features.

How To Edit The Deluxe Hosting Nameserver?

Editing the nameservers of your domain in Deluxe Hosting is easy by following the below-mentioned simple steps.

  • Visit the Deluxe Hosting website and click on the login button
Deluxe Hosting Nameservers
  • Log in to the client area by entering the username and password
  • Click on the Domain Tab
Deluxe Hosting Nameservers
  • Now select the domain name for which you want to edit the nameservers
  • Click on the settings button(wrench icon) given against the domain name
Deluxe Hosting Nameservers
  • Select nameservers and edit the nameservers as required
Deluxe Hosting Nameservers
  • Click on the Change Nameservers button after the changes have been made.
Deluxe Hosting Nameservers

How To Set up Custom Nameservers?

Custom nameservers can be used for your domain and to set up the custom nameservers follow the guidelines given below.

  • Log in to Deluxe Hosting Client Area
  • Click on the Domain tab
Deluxe Hosting Nameservers
  • Select the domain name to set up the custom nameservers
  • Then click on the wrench icon given against the domain name
Deluxe Hosting Nameservers
  • Click on the Private Nameservers option
Deluxe Hosting Nameservers
  • Then you can see a sub-option – Register Nameservers, click on that
  • Now you can create and manage a custom nameserver for your domain
  • Enter the details in the field provided like the nameservers, IP address, etc.
Deluxe Hosting Nameservers

How To Change Name Server in Deluxe Hosting Nameserver?

You can change the nameservers in Deluxe Hosting Nameservers by logging into your account. Select the domain tab and choose the domain name for which you want to change the nameservers for.

Then click on the wrench icon and select the nameservers tab. In the field provided, delete the old nameservers and add the new ones. At last, you must click on save changes.  

How To Find The Deluxe Hosting Name server?

After purchasing a domain from Deluxe Hosting Nameservers, every client will receive a welcome mail that will include the details of the domain and the default nameservers.

You can either find the nameservers from the mail or you can log in to your Deluxe Hosting client account and check under the overview section. If Also you want to know about the How To Handle Every Bluehost Nameservers?

How To Add Secondary Domains Under One Deluxe Linux Hosting?

It is possible to add a secondary domain to any kind of hosting account. To add these secondary domains, follow the steps stated below.

  • Log in to the client area of Deluxe Hosting
  • Under My Products, you can find the web hosting option and the Manage button. Click on that
  • Click on cPanel Admin in the dashboard
  • Under the Domains section, you must click on Addon Domains
  • You will be given a few fields to fill in the necessary information regarding the new domain name, subdomain/FTP username, etc.
  • Click on Aliases under the Domain section and enter the domain you want and then click on the Add Domain button.
  • Click on the Save button

Please Note : If you want to alias the domain other than the hosting account’s primary domain, then click on the Cog icon. Then you should enter the URL to which you want to redirect the aliased domain.

FAQs – Deluxe Hosting Nameservers


Deluxe Hosting provides live support for your web hosting and has SSD technology with high-speed and flash-based drives. Moreover, they have a hi-tech data center for the safety and security of the data of their clients.

By logging into the client portal and selecting the DNS management, you can set the Deluxe Hosting Nameservers points to the DNS record accurately as required. Check the Official Website of Deluxe Hosting to know more about the products and services in detail.

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