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FDC Servers Review

Web hosting is one of the most essential requirements in today’s time when every business is eyeing a web presence. However, finding the perfect host for yourself? Well, that’s quite challenging. But we are there to overcome your challenge with our reviews.

Coming constantly with detailed reviews for different hosting companies, we strive to help you

On that note, today we have compiled an FDC Servers Review, a hosting company that we have personally tried and tested to form our opinion about it.

We have explored the company on multiple parameters such as security, support, features, speed, uptime, and more. Find the results of all our exploration in this review and check out if this is the hosting company suitable for you or not. 

About FDC Servers  

FDC has a larger capacity comparatively and is known for this feature globally. It provides CDN services to users and has over 34+ servers across the globe, determining the flexibility of FDC. 

About FDC Servers Review

It has a dedicated server with high performance, and it ensures 24/7 support to its customers. The colocation property that FDC provides is very secure and redundant-free. 

The network components of FDC servers are fully updated and are available across all continents.

Test and Analysis

We have tested FDC Servers on multiple parameters such as speed, user interface, support, and security. Here are our findings based on all the tests and analyses.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The platform that FDC provides is user-friendly, with utilities that are important for a user. It has a clean interface with easy navigation that helps the user to use the websites easily and flexibly without any problems or hassles.

FDC Servers Customer Support 

FDC provides the best customer care services in the form of live chat, and also, all the contact details are mentioned on the website so that the user does not face any problems in getting in touch with them. You can also reach out to support through tickets and emails.

Security Analysis  

The security measures present with respect to the user’s information are well protected by a two-layer authentication and a firewall that makes FDC very secure. It provides the user with full security and reliability on the server.

Key Features of FDC Servers 

The key features that FDC has to make it completely different from other hosting service providers are-

  • SSD Storage – All the plans come with SSD storage that keeps the servers performing well with high speed and performance along with keeping the data secure.
  • Massive Bandwidth – The servers have an amazing unrestricted bandwidth and can manage huge amounts of load and traffic thereby keeping up with excellent website performance.
  • Worldwide Coverage – The hosting service has its servers and data centres spread across the world which gives it worldwide coverage and ensures excellent content delivery from all locations.
  • Unmanaged Servers – FDC doesn’t exercise any control over your servers and you’re free to use your servers in any manner you like.

Types of web hosting FDC Servers Offers 

The following web hosting services are provided by FDC servers

FDC Servers Pros & Cons 

Every hosting has certain pros and cons and you need to pay heed to them. So, here are some of the major pros and cons of FDC Servers.


  • A user-friendly service provider that is available 24*7 hours.
  • The platform is well-updated to suit the changing times.
  • The support is amazing with multiple support options.


  • They have no refund policy whatsoever.

FAQs – FDC Servers Review

Do FDC Servers provide migration services?

Yes, FDC provides a migration facility between two packages. The transfer cost is very low and is ensured by a minimum day limit.

How much do FDC Servers cost?

FDC servers cost around $199 per month.

What’s FDC Server Refund Policy?

FDC Servers have no refund policy at all. All the payments made to FDC Servers are non-refundable.

What payment methods does FDC Server accept?

FDC accepts BitPay, Credit Card, UnionPay, PayPal, Allpay, and Bank or Wire Transfers as payment methods.

Conclusion – FDC Servers Review

FDC’s hosting service is one of the best compared to other service providers. The overall setup is easy to operate for tech enthusiasts and programmers and the user is well acquainted with utilizing the services. The features are pretty good and the hosting has worldwide coverage.

Considering all these factors, we can conclude that FDC Servers is a good hosting service and you can definitely go for it.

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