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Evolution Host Review

VPS hosting and game servers are highly popular among individuals and organizations, and many hosting companies dedicatedly provide such servers. However, which company should you rely on?

With so many companies out there to make your choice of VPS hosting, it sometimes becomes difficult to pick one. So how do you make sure that you choose the right host as per your requirements? Well, a good one that you can trust is Evolution Host.

Well, this Evolution Host review will clear out everything for you and let you know why it’s a good platform for your game servers and VPS needs.

Let’s get started with the Evolution Host Review.

About Evolution Host

Evolution Host is a VPS hosting platform dedicated to provisioning efficient, fast, and high-performing VPS servers and game servers, along with mIRC bot hosting and IRCd hosting. The company provisions its servers with multiple data center locations worldwide, including Canada, Germany, the USA, the UK, Poland, Finland, France, and Asia. 

Evolution Host review

The management at Evolution Host has over two decades of experience in the online hosting industry. The Evolution Host network is protected by a 3Tbps network surplus spread across multiple data centers worldwide. All the data is backed up by RAID 10 arrays and remote backup rotations

Test & Analysis

We have tested Evolution Host on multiple parameters, including its ease of use, security, and support. Based on our tests, herein below are our results and conclusions.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The user interface is pretty sleek and easy to follow. They have all their services categorized neatly on their website, and you can look through all details without any problems.

The navigation is smooth, and purchasing any service is quick. The platform also offers instant server setup, making the service faster and more effortless.

Evolution Host Customer Support

Evolution Host offers 24/7 customer support, and you can get in touch with them through mail or by filling out the form on the website. 

Evolution Host support

They claim to give quick responses to their support emails and contact forms. However, the responses are not very quick. You will have to be patient while waiting for their response. 

Nonetheless, the support is good, and you will have your queries resolved to the utmost satisfaction.

Security Analysis

Evolution Host offers top-of-the-line DDoS protection for their servers, VPS, and game servers. A DDoS-protected server from Evolution Host gives you full control of a network and its firewall and can be configured per your preferences. 

When your server is deployed, it will be pre-configured with optimal protection measures but can be tweaked anytime to block certain forms of traffic. 

Evolution Host offers other DDoS protection products, such as FiveM DDoS protection, website/application anti-DDoS, game DDoS protection, and RedM DDoS protection. 

Key Features of Evolution Host

Here are the key features offered by Evolution Host:

  • Instant Setup:

Evolution Host provides instant set-up to its servers, and you don’t have to get into much hassle setting up or configuring the servers.

  • 100% Uptime SLA:

With Evolution Host, you never have to worry about service interruptions. They guarantee 100% uptime for their servers which means that the servers will always keep running and the services will be uninterrupted.

  • Advanced DDoS Protection:

All the servers come with advanced DDoS protection to keep your servers safe and secure from DDoS attacks.

  • NVMe SSD Storage:

The servers have NVMe SSD storage which is fast, secure, and reliable. So, your servers will deliver excellent performance with high speed and no interruptions.

Types of Web Hosting Evolution Host Offers

Evolution Host offers the following types of web hosting solutions:

Evolution Host Plans

Pros & Cons – Evolution Host Review

While testing Evolution Host’s services, we found the following pros and cons. 


  • Fast control panel 
  • Guaranteed refund
  • DDoS protection
  • 100% uptime
  • High-speed storage


  • Customer support is not very quick or responsive

FAQs – Evolution Host Review

Where are Evolution Host Servers located?

Evolution Host servers are located in several locations such as:

  • Dallas, Oregon, Virginia, and Miami in the US 
  • London, UK 
  • Montreal, Canada 
  • Frankfurt, Germany 
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Helsinki, Finland 
  • Roubaix, Gravelines, and Strasbourg in France 
  • Singapore, Asia

How long does setup take?

Setup is instantaneous, and servers can be set up in seconds. 

Do Evolution Host offer DDoS-protected services?

Yes, Evolution Host provides DDoS protection for all of its services. 

Conclusion – Evolution Host Review

So, that was a complete overview of Evolution Host. The hosting is pretty good, with excellent ease of use and security. The features are great and meet most user needs regarding VPS and game servers. 

There is a slight issue in the responsiveness of support, but they offer their customers answers to their queries. Overall, it’s a good platform, and you can definitely try it out for your VPS and game server needs.

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