15+ Best Free favicon Generator Online Tools 2021

Have you decided to build a website?

If yes, have you ever thought about how people will recognize your website among the variety of tabs open on your screen? 

What makes your webpage tab so captive that people can recognize you among the variety of pages? Here is the answer!


They are a unique representation of your website. Favicon is an important part of the interface and it plays a crucial role in progressive web applications. 

Now, as you know how important Favicons are, we are here with a list of 15 free FavIcon Generators for you.

They will help you to create the best Favicon to give your website a distinct look.

So, here we go!

Best Free favicon generator Online 2021

Now, as you know how crucial Favicons are for your website, let us have a look at the best Free Favicon generator available online. 

1. Favicon. Cc

Favicon. cc is a very popular online favicon editor. Its distinguishing feature is the ability to create an animated favicon.

Favicon.cc Free favicon generator

Standard tools include a pencil, an eyedropper, and the ability to control colour transparency.

The preview allows you to evaluate how the favicon will look in the browser address bar.

2. Favicon Generator

With the help of Favicon-generator, you can create a favicon from any image, or choose from a gallery of ready-made solutions.

Free favicon generator

It is possible to search for ready-made favicons by colors. As a result, you get a 16×16 .ICO, or a zip archive with a whole set of icons for different systems (web, Android, Microsoft, and iOS) and different sizes.

There is no preview of the results, so you will not be able to evaluate the quality of the resulting images by downloading them.

3. Favicon.ico & App Icon generator

Our next stop is Favicon.ico & App Icon generator. You can create your favorite favicon from the text, images, or from a variety of emojis available. 

favicon.ico Free favicon generator

Among the advanced options, it is possible to set the file name, version, and location on the server and get a ready-made code for insertion into the page header.

4. Realfavicongenerator.net

Realfavicongenerator.net is a free online product for converting any image to a favicon. Supports loading of JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIF images.

Realfavicongenerator.net Free favicon generator

You will get an ICO file of four sizes with varying degrees of sharpness.

All four icons are displayed on the results page, so you can compare and select the most suitable result for loading.

5. FaviconGenerator.com

FaviconGenerator.com is another very popular online tool that you can use to convert PNG, JPG, or GIF images to .ico format. 

FaviconGenerator.com Free favicon Generator

Just select an image to upload, choose the icon size you want, and then click Create Favicon.

Upload the new file and follow the instructions on the site to easily add the icon to your site.

6. Genfavicon

Genfavicon is a  very easy-to-use tool. Upload an image (or insert a link to it), choose one of the appropriate sizes (16 × 16, 32 × 32, 48 × 48, or 128 × 128) and,

if you like the image in the preview window, save the result to your computer. 

Genfavicon Free favicon generator

It remains to place the resulting file in the root directory of your site, add a link to it in the page header, and your pages will have their own icon.

7. Favic-o-Matic

Next on the list is Favic-o-Matic. This is an absolutely free favicon generator that generates favicons both in .ico and .png format.

Favic-o-matic Free favicon generator

 It even allows you to create transparent icons. Use this wonderful tool to make your website look awesome and unique. 

8. Favicon. Pro

Favicon. Pro is a very simple and straightforward favicon creation tool. Converts a JPG, GIF, PNG image to an ICO file of one of the following sizes: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128.

Favicon.pro Free Favicon Generator

Next to the download link, you can see the result of how your stunning creation looks!

9. FavICO

FavICO is a free online converter of image files to favicon. FavICO supports GIF / JPG / PNG files as source files and creates 16×16 or 32×32 pixels ICO output.

FavICO Free favicon generator

10. Wizlogo Favicon Generator

Wizlogo Favicon Generator is a fantastic tool if you want a simple, free tool to design your icon from scratch.

Wizlogo Free Favicon Generator

Tools like brush, pencil, eraser, and more let you create unique favicons for free. If you don’t want to start from scratch, import the icon and crop it right on the site.

You will be able to preview your project before exporting so you know exactly how it will be seen by your users.

11. IcoConverter

IcoConverter is a very popular free favicon generator. It allows the user to create sizzling icons, by using any type of image.

IcoConverter Free Favicon generator

The result is then converted into an ICO file for building the desired favicon for your website or app.

12. Degraeve

Degrave favicon generator is widely used to create free favicons.

You can upload any image from your device and get it converted into a favicon within minutes.

DeGraeve Free Favicon Generator

It also allows you to crop the image from wherever required. 

13. ConvertICO

Coming to the next favicon generator, it is ConvertICO. ConertICO has an easy-to-use interface that can convert PNG to ICO files.

ConvertICO Free Favicon generator

This amazing tool allows you to create the most vibrant favicons that will help you in the promotion of your website and online branding. 

14. Onlinefavicon

Onlinefavicon is a simple and easy-to-use graphic online editor. It has all the necessary tools to quickly create a stylish and high-quality favicon.

OnlineFavicon Free Favicon generator

You can select the size (16×16 and 32×32), download the original, and preview the resulting image.

15. 1&1

1&1 is a simple online tool that generates your icon from an image on your computer, like many other tools on this list.

It accepts JPG, PNG, and GIF formats. Its ease of use makes it a perfect tool to create interesting favicons. 

Just upload your image, create an icon, and upload a new file.

It’s a great tool if your icon is ready and all you have to do is convert the file type.



As you can see, you don’t need any super skills or talent to create a Favicon yourself.

The main thing is to understand the idea and essence that your icon will reflect!

Also, thanks to the free favicon generators that can help you to create a catchy icon.

Go through the list of all the online tools and yourself the most exotic Favicon!

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