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TNPHost Review

The web hosting service provider that caters to your demand and enhances your business should be built upon talent along with passion. The TNPHost service provider fulfils this. The company has served 15000+ clients in almost 200+ countries for the last five years. 

That is impressive. So, how could we not review this company?

Well, here is a detailed TNPHost review to see if this company is as good as it looks. Go through the review to analyse whether this company is the hosting service provider suited to your needs or not.

About TNPHost 

TNPHost was founded in the year 2011 in a Hostel room in New Delhi. The first client of TNPHost was from Lucknow. The name of TNP is derived from “Talent and Passion.” It has served approximately 50,000 clients over the past years, and now it was renamed Replete Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2013

TNPHost Review

The hosting service provider is committed to providing 24 hours of customer care support to the users with a panel of experts and technicians. TNPHost is, thus, an all-in-one platform to cater to all users’ needs. 

Test and Analysis 

The following key highlights are useful in defining the efficiency of the TNP Hosting service provider. Go through them to understand the ease of use, security, and support offered by TNPHost.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The hosting provider gives its users cPanel service for 425 dollars a year. The cPanel interface is the latest one and is the most stable platform to work on. The interface is Cloudflare based with a softaculous auto-installer.

With all those features, there is significant ease of use and flexibility with the TNPHost user interface and you can easily navigate through your website management.

TNPHost Customer Support 

The customer service facility is available 24/7 hours, and there is a live chat for the users to work upon. The whole facility is backed up by an expert panel of technicians and engineers. The queries of the users are immediately resolved most of the time through the live chat option. 

TNPHost Customer Support 

Security Analysis  

A strict security facility is available for the user’s personal information. The application is upgraded on a periodic basis, and daily backups are provided. Caged Security and adequate human monitoring back up the security. Users find the authentication procedure available on the cPanel platform to be the most secure one with respect to the integrity of their personal data.

Key Features of TNPHost

Hereinbelow are the key features of the TNPHost service provider.

  • 100% guaranteed network uptime – The hosting company provides a guaranteed network uptime facility to its users. This makes the network secure and fast too. With up-to-date backup, the service is further enhanced as the data is presented in the most adequate form as it should be. 
  • SSD Drives – The hosting comes with high-speed, high-performance SSD drive storage which helps you keep your data secure and accessible at all times.
  • Free Backups – The hosting continuously backs up your data to keep it secure from any threats and gives you the option to restore important files in case of data loss.
  • Auto Installer – The hosting comes with an auto installer that has over 310 applications to install and integrate on your website for added functionalities.

Types of web hosting offer TNPHost 

TNPHost offers the following web hosting services to its clients-

TNPHost Pros & Cons

The company has some negatives along with some positives, which are discussed below in brief-


  • Free backups, Free Cpanel and free auto installer.
  • High Cagefs security provision for users.
  • Good customer support and fast resolution of users’ queries.


  • The SSL certificates are not free and pretty expensive on top of that.

FAQs – TNPHost Review

What is the refund policy of TNPHost?

The company offers a 30-day of money-back guarantee to its users.

How many Data Center Locations does TNPHost provide?

TNPHost has data centres in Florida and in India.

Is TNPHost good for beginners?

Yes, TNPHost is good for beginners. It has got a beginner package with 1 GB of storage space and a lot more. 

Conclusion – TNPHost Review

TNPHost is a wonderful web hosting service provider which has got several features that define it in the best way possible for any user. The high-security feature and 24/7 hours of customer support are all that define TNPHost in the best way possible. The whole setup is user-friendly with adequate security, and also the hosting packages are available for different categories of users at adequate rates. 

Thus, one should utilize this hosting service provider to get the best web hosting experience.

Tabassum is an avid web Hosting geek, who really loves to tinker with new technologies, whether in Hosting and SEO. She’s searching for the world’s best website host, but also tries to find time for her other interests – comics, traveling, and home cooking.

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TNPHost Review

  1. shutdown server withot reason

    worst service provider. shutdown shared server after payment and refunded. poor customer support and close ticket without response.

    Not reliable any time they close the server


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TNPHost Review

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