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HostSailor Review

Are you someone who hates wasting time, energy, or money? But are you stuck with a hosting service provider where you are wasting all three? Well, you do not have to with a hosting service provider we are here to suggest to you; HostSailor. 

HostSailor is a hosting service provider that offers easy-to-use hostings and numerous other services to help you grow on the internet with fast and straightforward service. This hosting platform provides security, hostings, speed, and domain-related services.

Let us check this hosting platform out in this HostSailor review.

Overview HostSailor

HostSailor is a Dubai-based hosting service provider with its main office in Burj Khalifa. This hosting platform has numerous data centers spread across the globe to provide equal coverage. It provides 24/7/356 customer support and is pretty open about its services and location.

Overview HostSailor Review

This hosting platform offers multiple hosting, servers, domain-related services, etc. The hosting plans are suitable for all, and security features are well equipped to safeguard your data on the internet. You get access to SSD hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, etc., on this platform. 

HostSailor Data Center Location

The numerous data centers of HostSailor are located in:

  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • Los Angeles

Key Features of HostSailor  

Let us now list out the key features of this platform on this HostSailor review. 


As you agreed, you do not like to waste time, energy, or money; why waste all three buying a service that helps you install an application on your hosting and gives frustration for free? Therefore, HostSailor offers you Softaculous software on its plans. This software helps install applications within clicks and saves your time, energy, and money. 

Site Pad Website Builder

So you hired someone to build your website because you are not that experienced in that field?

How much did it cost? Let us tell you how much it would cost with HostSailor; zero. Yes, this hosting platform provides you Site pad website builder with its hosting plans, which you can use to build a website according to your wants and needs. 

LiteSpeed Web Server

Is your website not ranking on top of the search engine? This could be because of the slow speed of your website. 

Yes, speed has a significant effect on the ranking of your website as browsers want to provide the best results to the users. Therefore, HostSailor offers a LiteSpeed web server that provides your websites with the fastest speed.

Free SSL Certificates

What do you do for your website’s safety? If you do not do this already, you should consider including; SSL certificates

These ensure encrypted connections of your websites. HostSailor offers free SSL certificates with plans to help your data stay secure. 


If you feel that the data center you have chosen for your hosting provides you with a slower network, or if most of your customers are far off from your chosen data center, you can always relocate your data center. With HostSailor, you have the facility to colocate your data center for your websites.  

Domain Registration

HostSailor is a certified domain registrar, which means that it is safe for you to register your domain with this hosting platform.

HostSailor Domain Registration

Also, you get access to many services such as 24/7 customer support, dedicated domain name management, affordable prices, etc. 

Types of Hosting Plans Does HostSailor Offer 

HostSailor primarily provides two types of hosting services.

Types of Hosting Plans Does HostSailor Offer 
  • SSD Hosting: The five plans under this category cost about $0.95 to $9.45 a month
  • VPS HostingStarting from $1.99 to $5.99 per month.
  • Reseller Hosting: The four plans under this category cost about $11.95 to $81.95 a month.
  • Dedicated Servers – Starting from $38.95 to $68.04

Pros and Cons 

What could be considered the pros and cons of this hosting? Let us find out below in this HostSailor review. 


  • Strategic Placement of Data Centers
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • SitePad Site Builder
  • 14 Day Refund Policy
  • No Setup Fees
  • DDos Protection


  • Fewer Hosting Plans
  • No Daily Backup

Conclusion – HostSailor Review

We are now at the end of this HostSailor review. So how did we like it? Let us rewind and see. 

The placement of data centres is impressive. You get numerous services such as site pad, LiteSpeed, and Softaculous with this platform’s hosting plans, which count as the pros of this hosting platform.

The hosting options are trim but do satisfy most of our hosting needs. However, you could use this hosting platform if you have numerous hosting needs such as VPS, dedicated servers, hosting, etc. Also, you get domain-related services which is a cherry on top.

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1 Review on

HostSailor Review

  1. Hostsailor almost collapsed my business

    I signed up for a hostsailor Reseller Account in January 2023. I was intriged by their good prices and quick replies to my queries. The infortunate thing happened in March, 2023 when I received an Account Suspension Notice even though my payment date was not due. When I contacted susport, I was told one of my hosted accounts has an SBL Listing. So I sought to find out the way forward, but support said there was nothing they could do, but I had to wait for abuse department. I even suggested terminating the hosted domain responsible for the SBL listing, but support said they could not help until I am contacted by Abuse Department.

    All my queries to abuse department went unanswered. My Reseller Account was suspended on the 16th of March, 2023. It was on 19th March that I received a response from Abuse Department. And even that was after I had sent hundreds of messages to support and also using live chat such that an agent decided to contact Abuse deparment on my behalf.

    For 4 days, my Reseller Account was suspended and I could not tell the way forward. Customers were on my neck. They could not access they websites for 4 days.

    As if that was not worse enough for Hostsailor, I finally received a Resonse from Abuse department with just FIVE WORDS “that’s it for your server”. That is all the abuse department I had spent 4 days anxiously waiting for had to say.

    Simply put, they will not give me any opportunity to fix whatever problems there are. Neither will get me backup copies of my account.

    Hostsailor needed to understand that I was a reseller, and it will be entirely wrong to take down a reseller account with several sites hosted just because one website has an issue. I lost several customers because of this and I would not blame them.

    I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND HOSTSAILOR TO ANYONE RESELLING HOSTING ACCOUNTS. They are not considerate. You may never know when any one of your sub accounts will go against the almighty ABUSE DEPARTEMENT. STAY AWAY FROM HOSTSAILOR even if it is not a reseller account.

    Oh and by the way, they offer a $10 reward for positive feedback/review, so don’t trust most of the positive reviews you read around about them.


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