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FluentCRM Review- Is #1 Marketing Automation For WordPress

We have been running an online business for the last five to six years, and one thing we have realized to be one of the most essential components in making any business successful is the effective management of our customer base. 

And for that sake, it is required to maintain, analyze and update it constantly, which is probably not possible without automation. Hence, we were looking for a service provider that can help us to bring everything under a well-organized system to achieve that efficiency. 

Our search ended on the FluentCRM website — where we saw multiple outstanding features that looked perfect for business. 

So we decided to try it and pen down all our experience in this FluentCRM review, where our focus will be to explain to you its reliability and quality. So if you are looking for something similar, just stick with us until the end.  

About FluentCRM

💰Starting Cost: $129 annually 
🔔Amount of Subscribers: Unlimited
👨🏽‍💻Support:24*7 customer support
💳 Payment MethodVisa, MasterCard PayPal, etc.
♻️ Refund PolicyNo refund policy

FluentCRM is an intelligent user management plugin for WordPress that can help you effectively maintain your users and strengthen your relationship with them. 

FluentCRM Review

In addition, it also offers smart email automation features, which you can use to schedule tens and thousands of emails to send with just a few clicks. But one great aspect of FluentCRM is that you can store all the data in a well-organized form, making it easy to manage and maintain your marketing campaigns

Note: It offers many more solutions, but in this FluentCRM review, we will only discuss its digital marketing services. 

FluentCRM Pricing and Plans

It offers three different plans that you can choose according to your needs. We recommend you go with its single-site license plan, which can be a perfect option for you if you are looking for an affordable option

FluentCRM Plans

Easy To Use Interface 

When we landed on the FluentCRM website, the one that instantly grabbed our attention was its elegant-looking and user-friendly interface. Everything was well-labeled, making the navigation to its services, features, and plan section very easy and smooth

After landing on its home page, you can click on “Get Fluent CRM” or “Try Free” to avail of the services. And that’s all! You are ready to go with it. 

FluentCRM Automations

Email marketing automation is the process through which you can set up a workflow to send automatic emails to your users or customers. It becomes indispensable when you have a large user base to manage and you can not bare to send emails to every individual customer on your own. 

An email automation workflow looks something like this. 

FluentCRM Automations

FluentCRM Support

To provide on-demand customer support FluentCRM has created a dedicated team of experts that works 24*7 to help you and provide precise solutions to your problem

You can easily connect to their customer support via the mentioned modes. 

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Ticket 

In addition to that, they have also created an extensive knowledge base that you can use to get your problems fixed on your own. 

FluentCRM Features

Here in this section of our FluentCRM review, we will discuss some of its key features for a better understanding of its services.

FluentCRM Features


  • Email sequencing: With Email sequencing, you can queue multiple to send automatically at a particular time.
  • Easy Integration: FluentCRM offers you more than 30 integrations to connect and boost your performance. 
  • Email marketing automation: You can create an automatic system to send bulk emails in just a few clicks
  • Smart segmentation:  Segmentation features allows you to create different categories or lists of your subscribers to send targeted emails
  • Email campaign management: With its easy dashboard you can easily manage your campaign in order to increase efficiency
  • Insightful reports: FluentCRM helps you to get complete information regarding your campaign’s effectiveness.

FluentCRM Pros and Cons

Here in this section of our FluentCRM review, we will discuss some of its major pros and cons to getting a complete picture of whether services are reliable in the long run or not. So without any further delay, let’s get started. 


  • Fast and effective 
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Email sequencing
  • Insightful report 


  • No free version available for email marketing
  • Slightly expensive

FAQs – FluentCRM Review

Is FluentCRM Good 


FluentCRM is an excellent option if you are running a WordPress website because it is specifically designed for WordPress. 

How many emails can you send with FluentCRM?

With FluentCRM, you can send as many emails to users as you want without any restriction or interruption. In simple words, you can send unlimited emails to unlimited users

How many subscribers can you have on FluentCRM?

Whether you have 10 customers or 10k, with FluentCRM, you can send emails to as many users as you want.

Why Use FluentCRM Over Other Email Marketing Solutions?

FluentCRM is a fantastic option for those with a smart user management plugin for WordPress because it is specifically designed for WordPress and integrates very smoothly. 

Final Words – FluentCRM Review

While ending our FluentCRM review, we would like to tell you that if you are running a WordPress website and have a huge audience, FluentCRM can be a beneficial tool to manage your user base efficiently

And one of the most interesting aspects of FluentCMR is that you can automate the workflow of your marketing campaign and send unlimited emails to as many users as you want. 

We hope you find this article helpful, and if you have any queries, you can comment below. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible. 

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FluentCRM Review- Is #1 Marketing Automation For WordPress


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    FluentCRM Review- Is #1 Marketing Automation For WordPress

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