7 Best Free WordPress Page Builders in Jun,2024

Desiring to create your own Free blogging,ecommerce project website But have no coding skills? Here we are with the list of the Best Free WordPress Page Builders that makes the process of creating a website and customizing the web pages for absolutely Zero Cost. 

With the advent of Digitalization, selling products online, Blogging, building an online professional portfolio, or creating a student project online has now become a very common thing, making the PageBuilder a very important WordPress tool to customize Landing Pages’ look. 

Short of time! Below we have tabled the Best Free WordPress Page Builders for you to note down its incredible feature before you even plan to use it. 

Free WordPress Page BuildersKey Features
ElementorDrag&Drop Interface, CustomCSS,Widgets
SpectraCustomCSS, Drag&Drop Interface, PreDesigned Templates
Beaver BuilderMultiSite Support, CustomCSS,Widgets, Drag&Drop Interface
SiteOrigin Page BuilderSEO Friendly Tools, CustomCSS, Drag&Drop Interface, Widgets
Themify BuilderCustomCSS, Widgets, Drag&Drop Interface
SeedProd90+ Pro Blocks, Drag&Drop Interface, PreCustomized themes
Page Builder SandwichDrag&Drop Interface, CustomCSS,Widgets, Carousel Slider.

Amazing features! Right? So, without any further delays let’s buckle up and dive into to know more in details about the WordPress Page Builders. But, What WordPress Page Builders actually are.

What are WordPress Page Builders?

In very simple words, WordPress Page Builders are useful tools or plugins that help you to create and customize WebPages (Design web pages of your website as per your own desires) without any coding skills or web development knowledge required. 

Users, with no coding skills, can make use of Drag & Drop Features, 1000+ Pre designed Templates, limitless Customization options and many more specifications, to build the outline of your website and design web pages effortlessly and that too with no cost incurred. 

Best Free WordPress Page Builders

To know more about the Best Free WordPress Page Builders, let’s discuss the Features, Pros and Cons of using them.  

7 Best Free WordPress Page Builders in Jun,2024

Below, we have made sincere efforts to catalogue the Best Free WordPress Page Builders, with Elementor occupying the topmost place among all in the list.

1. Elementor

Elementor is one of the best WordPress Page Builder tools that allows you to create, edit and customize your web pages without any complex coding required for absolutely zero cost. You can design all kinds of pages like- HomePage, BlogPage, About & ContactUs Pages, 404 Error Page and many more all for free.

Elementor website builder

It is Fantastic, Right? As it provides an easy medium for newbies, wanting to have a blogging website, Professionals’ portfolio websites, Students’ projects websites, can create and design different kinds of webpages as per their own requirements.

These features are not all. Let’s see some more of the specifics offered by Elementor Page builder Plugin for WordPress.

Key Features

🔶 Drag & Drop WebPage Editor– Use this feature to simply edit your webpage by adding text, images and graphics to it.

🔶 No technical coding skills required– Designing webPages using Elementor WordPress tool doesn’t require any sort of coding knowledge.

🔶 Pre designed templates– 1000+ PreDesigned templates are available for the users to choose as per the theme and the nature of content on the website. 

🔶 Add Widgets to your WebPage– Include necessary widgets like social media icons, Voice Call, Email options to your ContactUs Page.

🔶 ThemeBuilder for your WebPage– You can even customize your WebPage using the Themebuilder option specifically to add eye catching Color, Background Image, etc.

🔶 WooCommerce-friendly plugins available– Tools to design and customize CartPage, CheckoutPage and ProductPage of your ecommerce website.

🔶 Seo-Friendly– You can generate SEO friendly content using Elementor WordPress PageBuilder tool to rank your website well in Google.

Pros and Cons


  • Create Responsive websites with proper positioning of all site elements.
  • Can easily Design AboutUs Page, 404 Error Page, etc
  • Create Header/Footer for any part of your website.
  • 1000+ Pre-Designed Templates for you to choose.
  • Can Add motion effects to your text, animations, images and other pages.


  • Limited Features available in the Free Plans. Need to switch to Premium for greater use.

Now let’s see what incredible features Spectra has for its users. Keep reading to get more info about it.

2. Spectra

Boost Seo, Get LighteningFast WordPress Editor, Fast Loading Fonts and a lot more stuff with Spectra. It is a WordPress PageBuilder tool that offers you not only the pre-designed templates but also WideFrame and Variety of eye-catching patterns for all niches.

7 Best Free WordPress Page Builders in [current_date format='M,Y']

Moreover, you can customize your webPage using Pre-build themes, Advanced WebPage Design option and 100+ widgets to make your HomePage, ContactUs Page more engaging.

Want to learn some more of its specifics? Then let’s leap forward for some more details about Spectra.

Key Features

🔶 Customize anything– Customize your WebPage with Design Freedom specifics as per the requirement of your website.

🔶 FlexBox Container– Use FlexBox container feature to create a responsive and eye warming website easily without any coding skills.

🔶 Manage WebPage structure and color– Create, manage and design the WebPage of your website by adjusting Color, FontSize/Style, Background Theme and many more things to get more crowd on the site.

🔶 CopyPaste Styles– Alternative to Drag & Drop feature, CopPaste style allows you to simply use the Content Styles and outline for your own website.

🔶 Creative Layouts– The layouts of the WebPages can be customized as per your own needs.

🔶 Built-in Seo Feature– Rank your website among the others in the search engine by using Spectra.

Pros and Cons


  • Free Seo-Friendly tools
  • Customize your webPage as per your website needs.
  • Add widgets from over a 100+ options provided. 
  • FlexBox Containers to design responsive websites.
  • 20+ Unique and Creative Blocks.


  • The free plans have limited features. For more features, you must upgrade to Premium.

What do we have now next in the Post further? Beaver Builder. So let’s start the Beaver Builder.

3. Beaver Builder

Free Drag & Drop WebPage Builder for WordPress, Beaver Builder, is popular among the WordPRess WebPage builder that enables, users especially Students trying to build WebPage for his online project, or a professional trying to create his portfolio to create Design, Structure and customize the WebPage and layouts without any coding knowledge. 

Beaver Builder

Drag & Drop feature, Pre-designed Templates and Third-Party tool integrations used to increase the WebPage Customization experience even better, let’s take a drive through to learn more features about it.

Key Features

🔶 Drag & Drop Features– Use the Drag & Drop feature to build your WebPage quickly and efficiently.

🔶 Multiple site Support– One license allows you to use the features of Beaver Builder on multiple websites.

🔶 Content and Landing Page Templates– You can get hold of extensive Content and Landing Page Templates to adjust your webPage as per your requirement.

🔶 No coding skills required– Users having zero knowledge about coding can effortlessly use Beaver Builder to create their webpage. 

Pros and Cons


  • Use on Unlimited sites using the same license.
  • SEO-Friendly, mobile-Responsive and faster loading rates.
  • Build any type of websites like (Blogging, Portfolio, Projects,eCommerce)
  • Variety of themes available for your webPage.


  • Limited Resources available with the Fee Package. For greater need, try opting for Premium services.

4. SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin, known for its extensive Widget Library, is a webPage Builder tool used to create, design and customize different WebPages like HomePage, AboutUs, KnowledgeBase, etc. Along with that, it allows users to browse various themes and use Free In-built Plugins to enhance the quality of the WebPage.


Furthermore, its Drag & Drop feature backed by Live Editing and Exclusive Widgets styles makes it a more user-friendly application enabling users to customize their webPages without using any technical coding skills. 

Key Features

🔶 Widget Library– 100+ Widgets available for you to choose from to make your WebPage more engaging and informative at the same time.

🔶 Drag & Drop Interface– Enables you to include necessary texts, audios, videos  to your webPage by simply picking it up from the tool and adding it to your webPage.

🔶 SiteOrigin CSS– Give users, having web developing knowledge to use Custom CSS option to style your webPage uniquely.

🔶 ByDefault Responsive Layouts– Layouts available by default are responsive enough to attract more viewers to your webPage by making it more engaging.

🔶 MultiSite Support– Unlimited Websites can be managed and customized by you using only one license.

Pros and Cons


  • SEO-Friendly tools boosting your website rank in search engines.
  • Widget Library available for you to choose from the ones available
  • Can support multiple Websites.
  • Browse from 100+ Templates.
  • Flexible Page layouts creating responsive WebPages.


  • Requires a Payment when upgrading from basic plan to enjoy greater features.

5. Themify Builder

Themify Builder, is a popular Drag and Drop WordPress Page builder, that enables the newbies like a student or even a professional to create design and customize the HomePage, ContactUs, AboutUs, KnowledgeBase Page of the Project/Portfolio websites effortlessly with no technical skills required to perform it.


Moreover, for those users, who are advanced coders and web developers can also make use of this tool specifically the Custom CSS option to add styles as per the need of the website.

Themify Builder has more features for you. If you want to have a look, then Read the post further.

Key Features

🔶 Drag & Drop WebPage Editor– This tool allows you to easily change your webpage by adding text, photos, and graphics.

🔶 No technical coding skills required– Creating web pages with the Elementor WordPress tool does not necessitate any coding experience.

🔶 SEO-friendly– content may be generated with the Elementor WordPress PageBuilder tool to help your website rank high in Google.

🔶 1000+ pre-designed templates– Predesigned templates are available for users to select based on the topic and type of the information on the website. 

🔶 WooCommerce-friendly plugins are available, as are tools for designing and customizing your ecommerce website’s CartPage, CheckoutPage, and ProductPage.

🔶 Add Widgets to your WebPage– Add required widgets to your ContactUs Page such as social network icons, voice call, and email options.

Pros and Cons


  • 42+ Themes for your Landing Pages.
  • 11+ Plugins included in the Basic Plans of Themify Builder.
  • Photoshop Files for all your themes.
  • Drag and Drop Interface 
  • No Coding required to customize your WebPage.


  • Customer Support not responsive 24/7.
  • Free plans have limited features.

6. SeedProd 

Drag & Drop WordPRess PageBuilder, 100+ widgets, multiple eye-catching themes and with a lot more features, SeedProd provides a very user-Friendly PageBuilder platform to customize and design your web pages like HomePage in your own way to attract more viewers.


With the Free Basic Plan SeedProd offers you with an extensive 1000+ pre designed Template Library enabling you to choose with a single click thereby saving time and effort. In-built SEO tools also enhance the site traffic on the search engines.

Want to learn more about SeedProd? Have a quick view on the features given to you as under.

Key Features

🔶 Drag and Drop Page Builder– Allows you to quickly design eye-catching themes, pages and layouts by simply using the Drag and Drop feature of SeedProd.

🔶 90+ Pro Blocks– Multiple blocks to display content (text,images, audio videos and graphics) in order to let you choose the best from among the ones available.

🔶 Pre-Built Themes– Pre designed themes for WordPRess and WooCommerce websites are also displayed for you to choose as per the needs of your site.

🔶 Eye catching Landing page templates– Grab eye-catching Landing Pages exclusively with SeedProd.

🔶 SEO optimized tools– Enjoy in-built SEO tools to assist you boost the rank of your website on the search engine.

Pros and Cons


  • 100+ pre-designed Templates for your landing page
  • Multiple Widgets for your WebPage.
  • Easy to Use Drag and Drop feature to customize your Page.
  • 24/7 customer support providing you uninterrupted PageBuilding platform
  • No Coding skills required to customize your website.


  • Fee Package comes with a limited number of resources. Try Premium services if you have a bigger requirement.

7. Page Builder Sandwich

Build an outstanding LandingPage for WordPress and WooCommerce websites using Click, Drag and Start typing Interface, Custom CSS,  in-built SEO tool to rank your website on the search engines. 24/7 customer support offered exclusively for minor issues also provides an uninterrupted atmosphere for webPage customization.

Page Builder Sandwich

Furthermore, expert coders and web developers may make use of this tool, notably the Custom CSS option, to add styles as needed to the page.

Some other key features that a user enjoys while using Page Builder Sandwich are as provided as under.

Key Features

🔶 Design WebPage– Use Pre designed themes and layouts to build your WebPage to meet the needs of your website.

🔶 Carousel Slider– Use the Carousel Slider feature to effortlessly create an image Gallery, Content Sliders, and graphics that are responsive and eye-catching.

🔶 Manage WebPage structure and Color– Create, manage, and design your website’s WebPage by modifying Color, FontSize/Style, Background Theme, and many other things to attract more visitors.

🔶 Click Drag and Start typing feature– As an alternative to the CopPaste Styles, Click Drag & start typing tool allows you to utilize the Content Styles and outline for your own website.

🔶 Creative Layouts– The layouts of the WebPages may be changed to meet your specific requirements.

🔶 Built-in SEO Feature– Use Page Builder Sandwich to rank your website among the others in search engines.

Pros and Cons


  • Create responsive websites that have all site elements properly positioned.
  • Can quickly create an AboutUs page, 404 error page, and so forth.
  • Make a header and a footer for any element of your website.
  • You may select from over 1000 pre-designed templates.
  • Text, animations, photos, and other pages can be animated.
  • Click, Drag and Start typing Interface provides a user friendly page building atmosphere.


  • When upgrading from the basic plan to access more features, a payment is required. 

Benefits of Using Free Page Builders

Using Free PageBuilders can provide you with a gamut of Benefits from multiple Pre-Designed Templates to amazing in-buit Customized Graphics + SeoFriendly tools as well:

  • Easy Drag n Drop Interface 
  • 1000+ Pre-Designed Templates
  • Endless Customization options
  • Advanced Features like animations/graphics
  • Zero Coding required
  • Save Time & Money
  • 24/7 Support available and easy to Follow

Criteria for Selecting the Best Free Page Builders

There are hundreds of PageBuilder Platforms out there in the market, but the question that lies ahead of us is which one of them is the most appropriate one for our website? To tackle this doubt, Below⬇️

We have listed a few key points that you need to keep in mind before Selecting the Best Free WordPress PageBuilder:

1. Pick the PageBuilder that provides Extensive 1000+ pre designed templates choices.

2. Choose the one that offers Easy one-click installation of all applications involving Content Management systems.

3. Should be absolutely free with zero hidden cost.

4. Greater customization options should be available to design websites to adapt to the recent growing online environment.

5. Select the PageBuilder that offers 24/7 support service via Live Chat.

6. Should specifically have User-friendly Drag and Drop Interface.

If these points are followed in letter and spirit, then you can have the right PageBuilder for absolutely no cost for your website.

How to Use Free WordPress Page Builders [Step-by-Step Guide]

For users, who want us to spoon-feed them with the Step by Step procedure to Use Free WordPRess Page Builder tools right from Scratch, We have exclusively jotted down the necessary steps that one needs to undertake to Use the PageBuilder features easily.

Let’s Build WebPage with Elementor by following the steps given as under:

Create a WebPage

  • Login to your WordPress admin > Install Elementor > Press + Create New Page
Create a webpage
  • Click the Edit With Elementor option to customize your web pages using Editing tools. 
Create a webpage

Using a Editing Tools

  • Hit the File Icon option.
7 Best Free WordPress Page Builders in [current_date format='M,Y']
  • Choose the Appropriate Template from 100+ options available in the Template Library.
Appropriate Template from 100+ options

Use Templates

  • On choosing the Right Template > Press the Insert Tab.
choosing the Right Template
  • Use the Drag and Drop features to Click/Drag/Drop the widget to your desired location.
Click/Drag/Drop the widget to your desired location

Use the user-friendly features of Elementor plugin to customize your landing page as per your demand for free. 

Have further doubts about the WordPress PageBuilder tool? Go through the FAQs’ below to get your questions addressed.

FAQ’s – Best Free WordPress Page Builders Jun,2024

Are WordPress page builders free?

Yes! WordPress PageBuilders are absolutely Free to use with an amazing Drag and Drop Interface, 1000+Templates, Multiple Widgets and a lot more for customizing your Landing Page, HomePage and 404 error Page.

Which page builder is the best in WordPress?

Elementor, Themify, Beaver Builder to name a few, are the Best WordPress PageBuilder platforms for the newbies available for free as the users get 1000+ templates to choose from, Multiple Widgets, in-built SEO optimization Tools, endless Customization options and a lot more PageBuilding features for free.

What is the easiest WordPress page builder?

Elementor, with Easy Drag and Drop Interface, 1000+ Templates, a separate ThemeBuilder and Custom CSS for users with advanced coding knowledge for greater customization of the WebPage, is one of the easiest and the best Free WordPress PageBuilder plugin for newbies.

Is Elementor page builder free?

Absolutely Yes, You can install the Elementor PageBuilding Plugin in your WordPress for absolutely Free. Once you install Elementor, Use its amazing Drag and Drop interface, 1000+Template Library, 100+ Widgets to customize your webPage thereby making your relevant Landing Pages more engaging.

Are free WordPress page builders as effective as premium ones?

Yes! As far as a new user is concerned, who is seeking to get an online touch to his blogging or an ecommerce site, the Basic features that are offered by the Free WordPress PageBuilders are enough. 

However, with the influx of traffic and more demand for website customization, the user will be required to switch from free to premium plans to enjoy diverse features to make their website more eye-catching.

Do free page builders work with all WordPress themes?

Yes! Free PageBuilders perform the functions with all the WordPress Themes.

Can I get support for issues or questions related to free page builders?

Yes! Almost all of the WordPress PageBuilders mentioned above are backed by 24/7 expert customer care via Live Chat and Email support to provide technical assistance to the newbie users performing PageBuilding functions properly.


#7 Best Free Page Builders mentioned above are stuffed with user-friendly features and at the same time taking care of newbies by providing them Drag and Drop Interface, 1000+ PreDesigned Templates, 100+ amazing widgets, and even a Live Demo to let you take a trial tour before you could use it to Live your Hard-worked Website.

Making customized changes in your WebPages will become more seamless once you plan to use Free WordPress PageBuilder plugins.

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