Three FTP Clients allows to manage your website

Are you still using managing your website using traditional web-based FileManager or FTP clients which is usually present on all kind of Control Panels like cPanel, Webuzo etc? But do you that is not the correct or secure way to access your website files.

I highly recommend you to use any of these FTP clients to access your website files from your desktop or some other supported devices. FTP Clients allows you to manage your website more effectively with easy and advanced features.

The First and Best FTP Tool:

FileZilla is one of the trusted FTP client on the internet, people give it a first priority as its Open Source app available at no cost. It comes with some cool features which allow you to manage your online data in a secure way. I personally use it since I started my hosting business. It’s a multi-platform app which can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux as well.

There is one thing you have to keep in mind that if you do not want to install any other application or browser addon then kindly SKIP extra installation process carefully.

Download FileZilla FTP

Second but Not Last:

FireFTP It’s a bit different in the compassion of other dedicated FTP clients but its a good option for those who love to access their website on the browser because FireFTP is an addon of FireFox browser. In office my all staff using this tool because we have to reduce numbers of running an application in their system to avoid system slow down the issue.

Get FireFTP for FireFox

Last, as it’s not FREE

SmartFTP Hmmm! Well, I tried this client on my friend’s machine as it’s not free so where I was not in a mood to get it as I already had alternative FTP Client to handle my massive websites. However, it gonna cost you $59.95 but I think Smart FTP worth it because when it comes to features at this cost then I must say if you are a system admin or handling a large number of websites on daily basis then you should go with it.

there is an Integrated Editor that is as powerful as a developer-oriented text editor, such as syntax highlighting and visualization of this FTP Client is much better than others.

Download Smart FTP

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  1. One more FTP client is there to manage your websites which is FTP Manager Pro. This is the best app for file transfer between PC, FTP account, mobile devices. I am using it to maintain my website from time to time. Faster and reliable upload. Nice FTP client. You should add this in the above list.

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