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Believe me, you would not want to upset major search engines like Google because they are the major source of visits on the web. You might ask how am I upsetting search engines by designing my website and trust me a good SEO tool can help you into this. Well, the most important thing is search engines try to give their users best results over the internet and in order to do that they create some special criteria to classify websites or web pages based on their relevance. Google ranks top in the world and its criteria for ranking website is the most complex one. If you want your website to keep receiving good visitors from search engines, then be sure to optimize it accordingly.

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What Is Ahrefs SEO Tools?

According to an estimate, Ahrefs crawls more than 123 billion websites and the special thing is, it updates the data every 15 minutes. Ahrefs is regarded as the best SEO tool in the market to research, analyze and build backlinks. However, a tool like this does not come cheap. You will have to pay $79/month for the lite account and a whopping $179/month for the standard account. But the good thing is users can also avail free 14-day trial.


Track Your Competitors

Tracking competitors is very important aspect of website management. Your website will not survive if you are not updating it according to the competition. Moreover, your competitor’s website will also give some great ideas to implement. Ahrefs allows one to have an in-depth look of any website’s backlink profile in the world. Another great thing is that you can compare metrics of your website and your competitor’s website side by side.

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Find The Content Getting More Traffic

As I mentioned in the above lines that Ahrefs also lets the user research the keyword that are getting the most traffic on the web. You can create a list of keywords according to the competition and traffic, after that it will become a lot easier for you to focus only on the traffic generating content.


Track You Position On Google

Ahrefs gives the most accurate and reliable data in the world when it comes to tracking positions. You will be able to track almost all important aspects of your website. The tool shows backlinks and other information in the form a really easy to understand infographic. Moreover, Ahrefs also lets the user to apply filters based on various metrics like lost links, links by anchor texts, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go and signup for this great tool and improve organic search performance of your website.

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  1. Hello and thank you for this great blog on SEO. I have been reading regularly for several weeks and I appreciate the quality of the articles. For me, what worked was this tool. I allowed myself to put here because it helps thousands of people to the quotient. Thank you and see you soon for more articles. Marc.

  2. Hello @Rajesh Chauhan
    Yeah I used SEO Tools that you described above. You worked with 300000 clients and you also providing free unlimited hosting. Are you kidding with me?

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