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Kenotronix Review

Do you or your customers reside in and around Canada or the US? Do you want a fast hosting service provider that doesn’t rip your wallet off? We could suggest a hosting service provider help you out in this situation. 

Kenotronix is a hosting service provider that offers an enormous amount of services to the world with excellent speed and security. You can expect numerous other benefits to growing your website successfully on this hosting platform. 

So let us now get into this KenoTronix review. 

About Kenotronix

Founded in 2011, Kenotronix Ltée is a Canadian hosting service provider set up in Quebec. This hosting platform has data centers in Canada that operate 24/7 and offer the fastest speed, security, and customer support to all of its users worldwide. 

Kenotronix Review

Apart from providing hosting plans such as web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, etc., this hosting platform offers numerous other website-related services such as website builder, domain registration, SSL certificates, etc. 

Kenotronix Data Center Location

The data center of Kenotronix is situated in:

  • Canada

Key Features of Kenotronix 

Let us now list out the key features of Kenotronix. 

Website Builder

If you want your website to look or function the way you want or your needs are, you will be making the right decision to choose Kenotronix as your hosting service provider

Website Builder

This hosting platform offers numerous hosting plans and provides services, such as website builders. With this hosting platform’s website builder, you do not have to know much coding, and you will yet be creating beautiful and functional websites. 

SSL Certificates

To keep your website on top of the search engine ranking, you must ensure a few things such as speed, SEO, and, most importantly, how secure your website is for browsers and other websites. One of the things you could do for security is to include SSL certificates. 

This shows users that your website is secure, and even other websites will make fast connections with your websites. Kenotronix helps you by providing SSL certificate plans every year to make secure connections and not attract any loss. 

Site Migration

If you feel stuck with your current hosting service provider and want to move your website to some other hostings, why don’t you do so? Because it seems too complex and time-consuming?

Take our word; it isn’t. Migrating your website has never been easier. With Kenotronix, you can ask the customer support team to migrate your site, and they will do it the right way within a day. If they cannot do so, they will provide you with a full refund. 

Types of Web Hosting Kenotronix offers   

The hosting service offered by Kenotronix are:

  • Web Hosting: The three plans here cost about $5 to $50 a month. 
  • VPS Hosting: The three plans here cost about $20 to $450 a month. 
  • Dedicated Servers: The dedicated server plan costs about $2500 a month.

Kenotronix Domain

If you want to have an identity of your business on the internet, you must get your domain name registered. But where could you find a certified domain name registrar? 

Kenotronix Domain

You are right in front of it, Kenotronix. This hosting platform will help you write your domain with ease at prices starting at about $20 a month. 

Kenotronix Hosting Pros & Cons 

Let us now list out the pros and cons of this platform in this Kenotronix review.   


  • Website builder
  • SSL certificates
  • SEO tools


  • Very few free services
  • One data center

Kenotronix Customer Support

If you have difficulties working with your hosting, do not waste hours scratching your head or surfing the internet. You can save all of that time and frustration by simply contacting the Kenotronix customer support team, and they will help you out in no time. You can contact them through phone calls and emails. 

FAQs: Kenotronix Review

Can I host my website?

Yes, you can host your website on Kenotronix. This hosting service provider helps you migrate your website onto them with a phone call. They will start working within a day, and if they fail, you will get a full refund. 

How do I get an InterServer SSL certificate?

You can get an InterServer SSL certificate from one of the SSL certificate plans on Kenotronix. The plans are a little costly but offer you the best security and benefits. 

Can Kenotronix be trusted?

Yes, Kenotronix has been providing its hosting and other website-related services for many years, and it has built good trust in its customers and clearly states its terms of service


Let us conclude this Kenotronix now that we have walked through and understood this hosting platform’s services. The services such as website builder, SSL certificates, and site migration are some of the impressive things.

On the other hand, you could find it challenging to use all of the services offered by this platform as this hosting platform offers charged services more than free services. But the benefits are pretty reliable and beneficial.

Tabassum is an avid web Hosting geek, who really loves to tinker with new technologies, whether in Hosting and SEO. She’s searching for the world’s best website host, but also tries to find time for her other interests – comics, traveling, and home cooking.

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Kenotronix Review

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