How to monitor VPS and Dedicated Server’s Resources

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Currently I have 3 leased servers in United States to provide premium Web Hosting, I have been asked by many readers that how am managing these servers without downtime and with such a short staff in your office.

Yes that’s true I have only 4 employees in my office to help me in these things. Most of the times we don’t even need to call each other as servers run smoothly but you know its technology any time can kick you in a big trouble if you are not taking care of these things correctly.

I had a Unmanaged client few months back, our team was getting approx 2-3 support tickets per day with the same concern of VPS suspended due to high resources usages. As usual we send him log and asked to fix the issue for the same. 3 Days we replied his ticket as that was unmanaged VPS our team wasn’t authorized to manage any kind of service without permission from admin staff as customer didn’t paid for that but We allowed to manage his server without extra cost and for few weeks everything was working fine.

About 1 and half month his VPS got suspended for the same reason and this time am writing this article to help him and monitor VPS or Server’s resources using free tool available on the internet.

Step First: In this step you have to create an account at nodequery.com with Name and e-mail address. Node Query allows you to monitor upto 10 servers as free user which is enough for individual user.

Step Second: Now you have to add your server with NodeQuery by providing Dedicated IP and some other details sometime asked

Final Step: Finally now you have to run a command using PUTTY from your root user, this command will install a light plugin in your system to monitor your server.

NodeQuery allows you to get e-mail notification when your VPS and servers going beyond the limit of server resources.

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