Google Adsense Matched Content Feature Announced

Ohhh! Finally I got time to write about it, before I explain you about this feature let me ask you one question first… How many of you prefer to put related posts just end of your article ?

Ummmm! am pretty sure most of you using some kind of plugin to have this feature or if not then its a good time to add this feature to your blog right away, because it may increase page views 3 times more. I am not just saying its tested and for positive results.

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What is Adsense Matched Content Feature?

This is the new and effective way to monetize your blog for better revenue for sure… With this feature you can add extra widget on your blog to show related contents from other websites or blog, thats awesome because there are lot of chances to boost your daily page views with earnings.

Is this available for all?

Unfortunately the answer if NO! To have matched content feature for your website or blog then there is some secret criteria and daily visitors even only few of our websites got approved to do some experiment with this feature. I would love to share my experience about Matched Content feature after few days 🙂

How to use this feature?

Well its similar to other ad unites in your adsense account however you have to change some settings to enable these kind of ads for your blog

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on My “Ads”
  3. Select “New ad unit” option
  4. Enter desire unit name in “Name” field”
  5. In ad type choose “Matched content (Beta)”
Creating matched content ad unit

Creating matched content ad unit

After choosing “Matched Content” option further option is same like others which you used to create ad unites. Now place the code on your blog or website to experiment with this….

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