Genuine Way to Make $1000 per Month with Google Adsense

Yes that’s true now it’s possible for everyone because it’s not that hard or simple like few years back, there are hundreds of new bloggers starts every month with the target to make handsome income from ad-netoworks like Google Adsense or etc.

Many of you tried all strategies and if not then it’s not your fault because you are not aware about the right way to earn good money with these networks for a long term. But if you really interested in this method then you have to work bit hard as am going to explain and if you really enjoy this article please do share with your friends 🙂

Choose the Right Domain Name: The first thing you have to do is find a perfect domain name for you next blog or website. If you have low budget then you may register your domain name with Godaddy but if you are able to but it at normal price then I’ll highly recommend you to register your domain name at

Find Good Niche (Try to find something interesting for you): While you are selecting niche for your next blog you have to keep in mind that you will write good and impressive content for the same niche and if that niche is not interesting for you then am pretty sure that you will not able to write a quality content at all.

Find Better Hosting: As you may already aware that hosting does matter in your Search Engine Optimization factors, if you host your blog on slow servers Google and other search engine will drop your ranking and even your readers will not prefer to revisit your blog next time.

Well here am going to up sell my service 😛 …. Yes if you are looking for SSD WordPress Hosting with Premium Bandwidth then you may contact personally at I’ll provide you better WordPress hosting and manage for you. However if you still willing to get hosting from any other provide then you can ping me for free advice at any time.

Make your word press blog simple and eye catching: Before start posting you need a clean and perfect design of your blog, do not go for messy themes available on various paid theme stores, instead of buying themes I would like to recommend you hire at Freelancer for your custom design at Truelancer as its dedicated Indian freelancing portal here you can find skilled professional at affordable price.

When you are ordering your custom WordPress theme do focus on theme’s layout, do some rough research on various layouts on existing blogs with their current traffic and popularity stats.

Create Important Pages First: You may already read somewhere about the important pages must have for Google Adsense approval but in this post I’ll tell you some extra important pages which can increase your monthly income from this blog for sure….

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact Us
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Portfolio
  • Advertise

These pages must have on your blog because every page has its own importance however in this list Portfolio is optional and others are necessary pages for any kind of blogs.

Here your homepage is the main thing to get high SEO traffic from Google and some other search engines like Bing, Baidu, Ask etc.

Tip: Link all your above important pages with home page for better SEO result.

It’s time to start writing quality content: Well you have done with basics and this is time to start writing good quality articles on your blog but before you start you need to search effective keywords for post.

Generally there are numbers of keyword research tool on the internet however Google keyword planner stills a perfect tool for me in the comparison of other free and paid available tools.

In my next article I’ll be guiding you about how to select and use Google Keyword Planner more effectively. For this I’ll suggest you to go with low competition keywords of your niche which has 1000-1500 views and choose 10+ of them.

Write good article with these keywords and link them internally, I’ll suggest you write at least 2-3 articles related with 1 keyword so that you can make 3 internal linking in 1 post. For hint follow this graph HomePage >> Important Pages >> Posts with this graph you are sending high page ranked useful sites.

Now monetize your blog: After completion of at least 25 high quality articles in a month its time to monetize your blog with Google Adsense or any other ad network which can give you better CPC (Cost Per Click) rates.

Tip: Write at least 3 viral articles per month and don’t over monetize them to make more money, these viral articles will give some extra page views and reduce CTR for sure but your other articles will cover this reduction.

For next couple of weeks about 45 days you may think that it’s not working but after that you will start getting organic traffic from various search engines for sure. In next update am damn sure that your domain will get better authority (To check and monitor your Domain and Page authority install MOZ Tool on your browser).

Conclusion: Finally it’s over now with simple and effect ways to make handsome money with your blog but if anyone claiming that they will teach you some hidden tips which can make your $1000 into $10,000 then ask them why are you charging for teaching this method as you already making thousands of dollars per month and if you really don’t want to teach free then why don’t you keep this as secret and make your $10,000 to $100,000 😀



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  1. Firstly you should create a web site & do SEO processes…Then you will receive the traffic…After that you can apply for affiliate marketing & Googe adsense

    • Getting traffic thru Search Engine Optimisation is not that easy anymore, you have to put lots of effort to get ranking in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, or any other.

  2. I’ll get there soon. My Income is a little above 200 dollar per month from adsense

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