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FireFox Green SSL Certificate Bar is Now Available

FireFox Green SSL

You might be one of those who love to see their website address bar in green right ? Google chrome showing green sign for every website has installed Dedicated SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate on their service but firefox shows green address bar for EV SSL  only which required numbers of company documents for the validations.

ev ssl green barFor example you can refer above image which has EV SSL Installed and as you can see with this SSL you get advance level security and authorization but its not that cheap due to which user prefer to go with standard certificate because its enough to provide basic security for your visitors.

Everyone loves to see these kind of green SSL Bard for websites they own just like me, but unfortunately FireFox doesn’t show Positive SSL in green however in Goolge chrome it will work just fine, till now FF show standard level SSL Certificates in Gray Bar.
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Mozilla FireFox Green SSL Bar Solution:

I have a Awesome news if you were looking for solution to have FireFox browser green ssl bar, there is no tweak or settings at all. Because FF recently launched Version 42 and in this browser all kind of validations will have green address bar like mine.

GoogieHost SSL Certificate

GoogieHost SSL Certificate

Looks great na? but some of you will may face some issues to have proper green lock for Mozilla FireFox because of some insure out bond links on your domain name.

SSL Green Lock with Triangle (Yellow or Gray)

SSL Green Lock with Triangle (Yellow or Gray)

If your domain comes with Green Lock with Triangle which can be in Gray or Yellow that shows your page having some out going links which doesn’t have SSL and not properly secure. To fix this issue contact your designer or developer and ask him to change http urls to https.

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