8 Best VPS Hosting Belgium Jun, 2024 🇧🇪 (Top Picked)

Wanting web solution to handle your heavy traffic Belgium-based website? Best VPS hosting Belgium can be your only way!  

You might have heard of Shared hosting where one server with RAM, processor and all other web-related resources is shared among multiple users having websites. Likewise, we have VPS hosting, where an entire physical server is shared among various clients using virtualization technology where every client gets dedicated web resources like RAM/ Storage and processor. 

Here we are going to tell you how you can solve your web-related issues by hosting your websites in Best Belgium VPS server giving you Full Root Access and unlimited Bandwidth ensuring 24/7 website availability and minimum latency.

Without wasting time, Let’s get into the real thing 👍

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What is VPS Hosting in Belgium?

Let me make it very simple for those not knowing what VPS hosting is! So, VPS Hosting in Belgium refers to the virtual servers created using virtualisation technology over a physical server located geographically in Belgium that offers exclusive web resources like RAM/ CPU/ Storage/ Bandwidth ensuring that your website remains available and running online 24/7 without any technical glitches.

Best for Web/ App Developers, VPS hosting offers a Virtual environment with all the dependencies required to run applications or websites. Moreover, Bloggers having websites visited by a high number of visitors can also buy VPS hosting services in Belgium.

VPS server Hosting

Best VPS Hosting Belgium 2024

Now many of you may be keen to know the hosting providers that offer Belgium VPS hosting. Below is a list of the Latest Top 8 Best VPS Hosting in Belgium 2024 that not only offers VPS servers but also amazing security, Backup plans and consistent support services. Let’s Dive deeper into the journey!

⏰  TL;DR:

1. Kamatera – Overall Best VPS Hosting in Belgium
2. UltaHost – Overall Best Performing Belgium VPS Servers
3. ScalaHosting – Best UserFriendly VPS Hosting in Belgium
4. CloudWays – Best Managed VPS Hosting in Belgium
5. Contabo – Best Price Performance VPS Hosting Belgium
6. Chemicloud – Best High-Speed VPS Hosting in Belgium
7. Fastcomet – Affordable VPS Hosting in Belgium
8. Hostpapa – Best High-Performance VPS Hosting in Belgium

1. Kamatera – Overall Best VPS Hosting in Belgium

Kamatera offers an amazing cloud computing service wherein a user gets Virtual servers, Remote Desktop service, and various other Web solutions like Load Balancer and Block storage.

Users wanting a flexible payment option can buy Kamatera Cloud VPS servers as here users can pay on an hourly basis. 

Moreover, Kamatera experts reach out via LiveChat instantly when you access their official website, this means that their support is amazing and highly responsive.

Kamatera About


🔶 Multiple VPS server locations: Kamatera’s Data servers are located worldwide, especially in Belgium giving you reach to local viewers.

🔶 Full Root Access: Want to make server configuration on your own? Kamatera takes care of that by offering you complete control over your VPS servers.

🔶 Scalable Plans: Kamatera’s Cloud plans are highly scalable, letting you easily Upgrade the web resources when you think your website requires greater solutions.

🔶 24/7 Support service: The support team of Kamatera is Round the clock and reaches you instantly via LiveChat and email (Ticket support is provided only to active clients)


$4 per month$20 per month$44 per month
1GB RAM + 20GB SSD Storage4GB RAM + 40GB SSD Storage8GB RAM + 80GB SSD Storage
1vCore CPU + 1 Dedicated IP2vCore CPU + 2 Dedicated IP4vCore CPU + 3 Dedicated IP

🔔 Kamatera Offer 2024—Hurry! Start your 30-day Kamatera Free Trial Now! There are no hidden fees, and you’ll have 24-Hour Support. Don’t miss out!

2. UltaHost – Overall Best Performing Belgium VPS Servers

Known for scalable DDR4 RAM, OnDemand Automated Backup Access and unmatched Security technology like BitNinja and Imunify360, UltaHost is one of the best VPS Hosting providers in Belgium.

If you are looking forward to hit the Belgium audience with the lowest possible latency, then UltaHost is the Best spot for a VPS server.

Along with that, users having zero knowledge about server-related settings, in that case, UltaHost can prove 100% useful as it offers Managed servers where users do not have to spend hours figuring out how the servers function.

ultahost ABout


🔶 Scalable Web Resources: With UltaHost, users can start with a minimum amount of web resources and can upgrade RAM/ Storage/ Network whenever the need arises.

🔶 Free Transfer: Migrate your website Free with UltaHost which includes perfect copy, re-installation, and re-configuration ensuring less impact on your website.

🔶 Unlimited Snapshots: To ensure a secure setup and 24/7 server monitoring, UltaHost offers an amazing feature where a user can take unlimited screenshots to check VPS.

🔶 Host 7 to Unlimited Websites: Users can use Belgium VPS of UltaHost to support a minimum of 7 to Unlimited Websites with Zero Downtime guaranteed. 


$5.50 per month$16.50 per month$21.50 per month
1vCore CPU + 1GB RAM3vCore CPU + 4GB RAM4vCore CPU + 6GB RAM
30GB NVMe SSD Storage75GB NVMe SSD Storage 100GB NVMe SSD Storage

🔔 UltaHost Offer 2024 – For a limited time, you can get an UltaHost VPS for up to 30% Off! Don’t miss out! Get an Extra 5% OFF with the happy Coupon code GOOGIEHOST.

3. ScalaHosting – Best UserFriendly VPS Hosting in Belgium

ScalaHosting stands out with its user-friendly sPanel, making website management a breeze, and fully managed cloud servers that take the hassle out of hosting.

With SShield, your website’s data is safeguarded against manipulation, giving you peace of mind. Plus, if you’re already with another hosting provider, ScalaHosting offers free website migration, making the switch seamless.

But that’s not all. ScalaHosting also features powerful caching for lightning-fast performance and offers flexible, scalable VPS plans tailored to your needs. And with remote daily backups, your data is always safe and easily restorable whenever you need it.



🔶 Daily BackUp: Never worry about losing data with ScalaHosting’s Daily Backup plans, which let you restore your website whenever needed.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: Enjoy peace of mind with round-the-clock, worry-free support via LiveChat and Ticket, ready to troubleshoot any server-related issues.

🔶 Amazing Security: Keep your data safe with advanced security measures, including SShield and robust AntiSpam protection.

🔶 Highly Scalable: Easily upgrade your server’s resources with highly scalable VPS plans, tailored to grow with your needs. ScalaHosting has everything you need to keep your website secure, supported, and scalable.


$29.95 per month$63.95 per month$121.95 per month
2vCore CPU4vCore CPU8vCore CPU

🔔 ScalaHosting Offer 2024—For a Limited Time, ScalaHosting is currently offering up to 36% off. Use coupon code GOOGIEHOST to get an Extra 10% off. Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your ScalaHosting Cloud VPS Server subscription.

4. CloudWays – Best Managed VPS Hosting in Belgium

CloudWays stands out as a top provider of VPS hosting services across Europe, particularly near Belgium. With a real-time server monitoring tool, CloudFlare CDN, Cloud Firewall, and other advanced security measures, CloudWays ensures your website is protected against malicious online threats.

Plus, you can enjoy free SSL certificates and industry-leading security mechanisms to safeguard your website’s content.

Furthermore, CloudWays offers fully managed cloud servers, allowing newcomers to focus squarely on the growth of their website without worrying about server management. Experience hassle-free hosting and unleash the full potential of your online presence with CloudWays.

cloudways about


🔶 Fully managed VPS servers: Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of CloudWays works tirelessly to ensure your server operates smoothly 24/7.

🔶 Round-the-clock support services: Cloud Expert Support via email and phone calls, troubleshoots any Cloudways nameservers-related issues that may arise.

🔶 Free SSL Certificates: Secure the connection between you and your website visitors with free SSL certificates, encrypting the connection to ensure network security.

🔶 Paid CloudFlare CDN: Delivering faster web page delivery and smoother loading of the website’s content, CloudWays, lets users experience seamless hosting and robust support to take the website to the next level.


$14 per month D01GB$28 per month D02GB$54 per month D04GB
1vCore CPU + 1TB BandWidth1vCore CPU + 2TB Bandwidth2vCore CPU + 4TB Bandwidth
25GB Storage50GB Storage80GB Storage

🔔 Cloudways Offer 2024—Cloudways is an excellent hosting provider for multiple websites, as it offers hassle-free cloud-based hosting solutions, Get 20% OFF with promo “SPECIAL20”.

5. Contabo – Best Price Performance VPS Hosting Belgium

Renowned for its cost-effective solutions, Contabo is your go-to provider for cloud and storage VPS hosting. With data centers strategically located in Belgium, your website visitors are guaranteed a zero-lag experience.

Each Contabo cloud VPS server comes with dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to support the growing demands of your network.

But that’s not all. Contabo also offers a user-friendly WebUI for effortless website management. Plus, with the snapshot facility, server monitoring and regular backups are made easy, ensuring the safety and security of your data. Experience hassle-free hosting with Contabo.



🔶 Support: Year-round support services from Contabo, LiveChat or email assistance to users experiencing server configuration issues with quick responses and zero delays.

🔶 Core security technology: 24/7 data server surveillance, advanced DDoS protection, and high-speed private networking, ensuring your website’s data is always secure.

🔶 Lightning-fast storage: With Contabo’s VPS servers, powered by SSD NVMe Storage Technology. Enjoy incredible website loading speeds for a zero-lagging experience.

🔶 Contabo’s developer-friendly features: Include custom image support, Cloud-Init, SSH key management, and pipelines for quick development operations. 


$5.50 per month$12.50 per month$17.50 per month
4vCore CPU + 6GB RAM6vCore CPU + 16GB RAM8vCore CPU + 24GB RAM
100GB NVMe Storage200GB NVMe Storage300GB NVMe Storage

🔔 Contabo Offer 2024—Right now the best Contabo discount code is a 10% off web hosting coupon. This promo code applies to VPS hosting, SSD web hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

6. ChemiCloud – Best High-Speed VPS Hosting in Belgium

As far as ChemiCloud is concerned, newbies get a month free on a 12-month VPS hosting plan, Fully managed VPS servers and Free cPanel/ WHM to handle websites effortlessly.

Worried about data transmission, get a minimum of 4TB Bandwidth with the latest Storage technology.

Furthermore, if for any reason users aren’t satisfied with Chemicloud’s VPS hosting services, they can quickly cancel and receive a refund within a matter of 7 days much faster than the 30 or 45-day money-back guarantees offered by other hosting providers.

chemicloud about


🔶 Developer-Friendly features: Ensuring a seamless experience when running new applications in an isolated environment. Enjoy SSH/SFTP access, PHPMyAdmin, and all the tools developers need.

🔶 24/7 Server Monitoring: Take full control of your server with unlimited snapshots and constant monitoring, ensuring your server runs smoothly at all times.

🔶 One-Click App Installer Softaculous: Customize your website effortlessly with over 200 plugins available via Softaculous, making your site more engaging and functional.

🔶 Guaranteed Services: Benefit from 99.99% uptime, 24/7 dedicated support, and a 7-day money-back guarantee, providing you peace of mind and top-tier reliability.


$29.95 per month$49.95 per month$89.95 per month
2vCore CPU + 4GB RAM4vCore CPU + 8GB RAM6vCore CPU + 16GB RAM
80GB NVMe Storage + Free cPanel160GB NVMe Storage + Free cPanel320GB NVMe Storage + Free cPanel

🔔 ChemiCloud Offer 2024— From budget-friendly shared hosting to powerful VPS, there’s a solution for your website. Get one month free on 12-month plans.

7. FastComet – Affordable VPS Hosting in Belgium

FastComet, with data centres located in the economic hub of Belgium, offers Top-Tier VPS hosting services that keep your online business running 24/7.

Renowned for being affordable and user-friendly, FastComet ensures seamless website management.

Use FastComet’s SiteBuilder to effortlessly create your own website. Plus, they make switching easy with free domain transfers from other hosting companies. Whether you’re starting fresh or migrating, FastComet has you covered with reliable and accessible web solutions.

fastcomet Image


🔶 Round-the-Clock Support Service: FastComet guarantees swift issue resolutions with 24/7 customer support, ensuring a welcoming and efficient VPS hosting environment.

🔶 Scalable VPS plans: With highly scalable VPS plans, users can effortlessly adjust web resources to meet their website’s demands. 

🔶 Latest EEC RAM: FastComet’s powerful EEC RAM and SSD storage technology delivers blazing-fast page loading speeds for optimal content delivery.

🔶 Incredible Security: To keep your website secure, FastComet offers Imunify360, advanced DDoS protection, and free SSL certificates for all your sites.


$46.16 per month$53.86 per month$69.26 per month
1vCore CPU + 2GB EEC RAM2vCore CPU + 4GB EEC RAM4vCore CPU + 8GB EEC RAM
50GB SSD + 2TB Bandwidth80GB SSD + 4TB Bandwidth160GB SSD + 5TB Bandwidth

🔔 FastComet Offer 2024—Servers from $59.95/mo. Discover FastComet FastCloud cloud vps pricing and customize a solution according to your requirements and budget.

8. Hostpapa – Best High-Performance VPS Hosting in Belgium

HostPapa is the ultimate VPS hosting solution for startups and SMBs, offering premium VPS servers, top-notch security, and exceptional eCommerce web applications for your online store.

With lightning-fast SSD hard drives, you’ll experience seamless storage technology that boosts your website’s speed. 

Plus, with Softaculous, you can install over 100 web applications, allowing you to easily customize your website to meet your unique needs. HostPapa makes it effortless to enhance your online presence with robust, reliable, and flexible hosting services designed to help your business survive.

hostpapa about


🔶 User-Friendly cPanel: Unlock the power to manage your web files and customize your server effortlessly with HostPapa’s easy-to-use cPanel.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: Connect with HostPapa’s IT experts to access support services via live chat and the ticket system whenever you need assistance.

🔶 TopNotch Security: HostPapa’s VPS servers are equipped with top-tier security features, including DDoS protection, BruteForce Detection, and RAID Redundancy, ensuring maximum protection for your website’s data.

🔶 Latest SSD NVMe storage technology: Your website visitors experience the lowest latency possible, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience every time.


$19.99 per month$59.99 per month$109.99 per month
4vCore CPU +2GB RAM4vCore CPU + 4GB RAM8vCore CPU + 8GB RAM
60GB SSD Storage  + 1TB Bandwidth125GB SSD Storage + 2TB Bandwidth 250GB Storage + 2TB Bandwidth

🔔 HostPapa Offer 2024— Need more than what shared web hosting has to offer? HostPapa VPS Hosting is the ideal solution for high-performance websites.

Advantages of VPS Hosting for Businesses in Belgium

It’s like if you host your business websites targeting Belgium viewers on VPS servers in Belgium or anywhere in a European country, you can hit a certain number of advantages that are as follows:

  • Firstly your website will never be down, you’ll get all time highest Uptime 24/7 ensuring that your websites are easily available online in just one click.
  • Due to the nearness of the VPS server in Belgium near your Belgium audience, you can get various other SEO advantages like local search, quick website loading time and more.
  • Most importantly, Support services at times when users have technical server-related issues can contact the Expert support team in the local language.
  • Users hesitant about copyright issues may get a chance to bypass unnecessary legal formalities and even get a strong Privacy to their website’s data.

If you consider these benefits that you gonna get on getting VPS hosting services from Belgium, in such a case, your e-business will prosper and will achieve greater heights within no time.

What is the Difference Between Managed and Fully Managed VPS Hosting? 

Exclusively for our readers to understand, let’s draw a clear difference between Managed and Fully Managed VPS hosting services. 

In Managed VPS hosting services, a hosting provider basic server configurations like software updates, security patches and regular backups whereas, in Fully Managed VPS hosting services, a hosting provider handles everything from advanced configuration to performance optimisation. 

In managed Services, a user still has to handle some server-related settings whereas in Fully managed, a user practically does nothing but focuses on the growth of the website.

As far as Price is concerned, Fully Managed services are far more expensive as compared to Semi managed services.


Which is the fastest VPS server in Belgium?

Kamatera with amazing web server technology and UltaHost with 20 times faster loading speeds offer the fastest VPS server hosting services in Belgium.

Why should I choose Kamatera Belgium VPS Hosting?

Choose Kamatera Belgium VPS Hosting services as it offers incredible Cloud Firewall security along with 30 days of Free Cloud server trial along with round-the-clock uninterrupted LiveChat support services.

What are the main key features of the Belgium VPS server?

From Top-Notch security features like BitNinja & Imunify360 to Scalable plans Belgium VPS servers possess all features that are not only friendly to gamers but also to all-level developers as well that offers them a Risk-Free Staging environment to host new applications or games. 

Should I choose VPS or Shared Hosting?

That depends on what type of website you run! If you have a new blogger’s website then shared hosting services may be enough for your website needs. However, if you are a developer or a user with greater website requirements, you can go for Best VPS server hosting services where you can get dedicated web resources at a very affordable price. So choose the Perfect Hosting type as per the need.


VPS hosting services can supercharge your website, effortlessly managing even the heaviest traffic surges. By using virtualization technology, you get industry-leading dedicated web resources within a shared hosting environment (highly affordable).

For those targeting Belgium audiences, whether for an online store or a blog and aiming to rank high in local searches, VPS hosting in Belgium 2024 is an unbeatable choice you’ll never regret.

If you are looking for an idea of which VPS hosting provider to choose in Belgium or From where to begin, make sure you consider Security features, the Latest offers and the Scalability of the web resources.


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