5 Reasons of decreasing Domain Authority

Have you noticed this November many website has bad luck as google decreased their Domain and Page Authority which directly indicates that ranking will down for sure, even big giants like weebly affected with this update because few days back Weebly.com’s DA was 96 but now it has DA 95 even our website googiehost.com was ranking great with DA46 but unfortunately now its down to 40 🙁

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There is various reasons behind this but the fact is you are not doing something good according to google search engine algorithms, you can monitor these things and fix them out before next update.

1. Bad links to your website:

We do understand that getting backlinks to your website is good thing for better ranking but most important thing is that which kind of websites linking to your website. Did you heard that quote “One Bad Fish Can Spoil the Whole Pond” and i the same way 1 bad link to your website or blog could be the reason of your decreased Domain Authority.

2. The quality of content on your website:

I have seen many blogs giving priority to good content and they do care about their readers as result Google love them too… In this google update many blogger got good news after viewing their Domain Authority. If you are writing and posting content on your website to increase numbers of posts and content then trust me you will never gonna rank in any search engine for long term.

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3. Internal Linking:

On page SEO is the most initial step for any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert, and internal linking is part of it. For better link juice to your existing content on your blog internal linking would be the best option in the comparison of getting toxic links to your articles.

4. No Controls over your website:

Having access to your dashboard doesn’t really mean that you got full control over your website, I have noticed many you hired third party technical staff to manage back end part of your website. Trust me in this case you get partial control that means you can not make necessary changes at the moment you want to change.

Suppose you are blogger and you don’t want bots to crawl some content on your website and this can be blocked with robots.txt or .httaccess in your hosting account but as you have limited access you can not modify these files until you ask the developer to change that for you.

We are bit desperate:

Like me most of you don’t want wait to see good ranking due to which we start creating link to our newest article or page. Few months back me and my friend created over 100 backlinks to one of our affiliate article within a week as result google penalized our blog just because some of those links was not good but it was too late, it happened with our in late 2014.

If you really want to get organic ranking then let search engine and your readers decide which kind of links your content deserve. As we cannot choosing authority by ourself its depends on Google Baba and some other giant search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu etc..

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  1. “Google decreased their Domain and Page Authority which directly indicates that ranking will down for sure”

    Domain authority is not developed by Google it’s Moz product as said in one of the above comments. Now My question is, If it is not developed by Google, then how it will affect rankings.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this article … but sir I have a question …My website has frequent fluctuations and backlinks are also decreeing. Is this the reason for that too?

    • This could be the reason because DA, and PA managed by SEOMoz not by Google and they publish the notification on their own website about the same. It is hard to figure out the exact reason of decreasing Domain Authority hence its highly recommended to keep your link ratio balanced

  3. First of all domain authority is not developed by Google it’s Moz Products.

    Your domain authority will decrease with low quality backlinks, backlink lost, not unique or informative content.

  4. I am really shock! As long as I publish a new post , my DA is decreasing. I always comment some website in different language. Can it effect ?

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the great share. Everyone should get to know these reasons. It is extremely useful for me. You have explained each and everything in an impressive manner. Keep it up.

    Daniel Palmier

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