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Install Free SSL Certificate on Your Website

Install Free SSL Certificate on Your Website

After Google announced that website with SSL Certificates will get priority on search ranking everyone wants to install SSL certificate on their website or blog however many of them are not able to afford premium SSL or some od them are not able to install Certificate on their server correctly.

In this tutorial I’ll guide you on “How to Install Free SSL Certificate on your Apache cPanel Hosting Account” with complete video tutorial.

Create Admin E-mail: First of all you need to create admin e-mail account for domain verification of your SSL certificate. I think you can create your e-mail account from your cPanel right ?? If not then comment on this article we will guide you for the same.

Generate Private Key: In order to generate private key you have to select “SSL/TLS Manager” option from your control panel and it will redirect you on SSL management page. Now as you can see that first link is about “Generate Private Key” now select Key size : 2048bits or 4096bits  and leave description field blank as its optional.

Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR): Same as Private Key you have to create SCR code to issue SSL certificate for your domain name. Fill all the correct details in given form to generate CSR code and copy it from first field as shown in Video.

Assign Comodo SSL with CRS: When you apply for any domain verification SSL certificate they will ask you to provide CSR code which is encrypted profile of your company. Now put that code in field and Select server type according to your need as we selected Apache MOD.

Verify your admin e-mail: After providing CSR code they will send you verification e-mail which you selected in order form usually its [email protected]

Upload SSL Files: As you received your Certificate files on e-mail with 2 files 1 is certificate and second is bundle file. Now Now back to y0ur cPanel and select “Certificates” option from SSL Manager now you will get option to upload .crt file.

Install Certificate: Back to SSL Manager and choose “Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)”
select domain name of your website and it will fetch codes in fields but some times “Certificate Authority Bundle” dosn’t auto fill then you have to copy codes from seconds file which comes with your certificate and paste it and click on install button.

Now its done

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