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Bing following Google’s footprints

Bing following Google's footprints

I know most of users even from United States don’t use Bings search engine but still there many of us has homepage with bings. Last month google released update for mobile friendliness websites according to new algorithm website with responsive layouts will get better ranking in the comparison of  non mobile friendly websites.

These days everyone using smartphones and most of them use their phones other devices to access your websites on various resolutions display. Even if visiting any websites and you don’t find it adjustable layouts then you may kick that website our.

Bing Mobile Friendliness update

According to new announcement of bing that they are about to release their mobile friendliness update however we haven’t got any confirmation about the date but it seems now bing is following same algorithm as google did last month.

In next few weeks they may release own tool which allows webmasters to analyze their website that its properly mobile optimized or not, till then we have to wait for further updates from Bings team.

Not Targeting Bing?

If you are not targeting bings to drive massive traffic to your website or blog then this is the right time you should singup for bing web master tools and submit your website on regular basis as they are one of the top most popular search engine in many countries. It doesn’t means that if you are not using it or its not popular in your countries then its not being used by others.

For example we use android phones but Apple is still ranked on top selling phones in many states in America.

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