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MidPhase Review

Why look anywhere else, when you can get a complete package to manage your website and take it online? You can not only choose to host your website but also get Domains at the most affordable price. Keeping everything in mind we have curated this guide on MidPhase Review.

MidPhase is a web hosting platform with a lot of different features which make web hosting really easy for you. You can use Midphase to build your website from scratch and do not need to have any prior knowledge in this field. It is the most budget-friendly hosting you can find and they have been in the market for almost 23 years now.

Let us learn more in this MidPhase review and what it has in store for us.

About MidPhase:

About MidPhase Review

MidPhase is a web hosting or IT management company that has been around for quite some time. They started out in 1998 and have since managed to have teams in the UK, Ukraine, and India. The UK2 group owns WestHost and in 2007 MidPhase merged with WestHost. 

Test and Analysis of MidPhase:

To have a clear idea of how any web hosting works. It is required that you know the correct uptime and that the security is provided by the web hosting platform. In this case, MidPhase has really outdone itself. 

Uptime Test:

The uptime test of MidPhase is one of the highest among web hosting platforms. It is 99.995% since January 2021. It is really necessary to have good uptime since this will make sure your site is up and running every time there is a problem and avoid having the site crash. 

Security Test: 

Well, we all know that Security is a major aspect that every hosting provider must adhere to. Here, you may not find that staunch attention given to security with the servers. It only offers proper security measures to its WordPress plans overall.

Midphase does have other options such as daily Malware Scans and Removal but these are only limited to WordPress hosting plans and you will not find them with web hosting. You will also find network protection from DDoS attacks and also gives free SSL certification for your website.

Customer Support Analysis:

There is a 24/7 support team in place which is dedicated to making sure that you find your issues resolved as soon as possible. They are available all throughout and the response time is also great. You can choose to contact them through live chat, phone, email, and more

Well, the best way to reach them is to create a Ticket or send them an email. We tried the same and the response hardly took a few hours. The live chat option is amazing as well but if you are facing some major issues, raising a ticket seems a lot better.

MidPhase Data Center Location:

The Main Datacenter location which is used primarily by MidPhase is the one located in Lindon, Utah since it is a protected and disaster-free area with security in place. There are however other locations available as well, like in the UK and the US. 

MidPhase Key Features:

MidPhase sites come with unlimited free SSL certificates which are issued by Let’s Encrypt. It means that your site is safe and secure from spam or hackers. Here are some key features you can look at.

MidPhase Key Features
  • Website Buiding: You can have all the resources you need to build the most stunning website from scratch. With 100s of templates available the process hardly takes minutes.
  • 400 apps available: You can install 400 apps that are just a click away such as WordPress, Joomla, Abante, etc.
  • Fast Load Times: To take care of load times, Midphase has introduced Litespeed PHP and Zend OpCache. It is available on any plan you choose.
  • Email Hosting: the most affordable email hosting you can get access to. It has an ad-free inbox that protects you from spam and any viruses. 

Types of Web Hosting MidPhase Offers:

MidPhase offers a range of Web Hosting services and also email hosting services as well. Most of these plans have an increasing number of functions or advantages depending upon the plan.

Types of Web Hosting MidPhase Offers:

They have a lot of inbuilt features and these really help in making sure the Website hosting is great

Starter Package: 

The Starter package brings you a lot of features such as:

  • $3.75/per the first month for 24 months and then $5.00 per month
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited 10GB Mailboxes
  • +400 one-click apps, and unlimited storage
  • Host upto 10 websites
  • 5 MySQL databases
  • Unlimited free wildcard SSL certificates for all domains from Let’s Encrypt. 

Pro Package:

The Pro Package has a lot to offers as mentioned here:

  • $5.75 for the first month (24 months) and then $7.00/month
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited 10GB Mailboxes
  • Unlimited storage and Unlimited number of websites
  • 10MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited free wildcard SSL certificates for all domains from Let’s Encrypt. 

Enterprise Package:

This is the package you need if you are a professional and have a lot of demanding work to do. 

  • Starts from $7.75/ month for the first 24 months and then $9.90/month for the rest of your tenure
  • All Features of the Pro Package
  • Unlimited Databases

MidPhase Pro And Cons:

Each and every hosting platform out there has its fair points of pros and cons. However, is it always better to check if the pros overpower the cons without any bias.


  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Account backups nightly
  • Free Site Transfer


  • Expensive updates
  • Security is not their best suit

Midphase Domain

Using Midphase there are a lot of options in terms of domains you can choose from. These include.

Midphase Domain
  • .com starting at only $0.99 for the 1st year
  • .store starting at $2.99 for the 1st year
  • .co starting at $14.99 for the 1st year
  • .online at $1.49 for the first year

Website Builder:

You can also choose to avail of their website builder packages which help you to build the most creative and professional website according to your needs.

Website Builder:
  • Essential package: starts from $4.99/month,
  • Business: $8.21/month
  • Business Unlimited: $11.21 per month. 

FAQs: MidPhase Review

Is MidPhase Good?

Midphase is not just good, it is excellent. It is great in terms of all the different features they provide and that too so budget-friendly.

This hosting service provider has an excellent interface that makes it easier it navigate through the features. Above all, it is beginner-friendly and highly reliable.

What Makes MidPhase Different from Other Hosting?

 MidPhase is a lot more affordable than most other web hosting options. There are multiple plans and a list of features you can choose from based on your website and the overall budget.

Moreover, it takes good care of your privacy and ensures all your data is well taken care of.

Is MidPhase good for blogging?

Yes, MidPhase is in fact very good for blogging. MidPhase is a strong contender in the hosting provider market and it offers WordPress blogging along with all the features as well. 

Since it is easy to use and create any type of blog on WordPress, we can say that MidPhase is in fact great for blogging. If you keep in mind the affordable prices of MidPhase there is nothing better that you could look at.

Conclusion: MidPhase Review

MidPhase is true to how they advertised. It is an affordable and friendly hosting website with all the perks you can ever think of. MidPhase has been in this field of hosting websites for a long time now, and you should really try to give it a go.

You can have certain issues with the security once you start hosting your website but if this is something you are not concerned about you can still choose to go with it. Or you can also visit their official site and learn more about the company.

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