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FireVPS Review

Virtual Private Servers are the need of the hour for many businesses. As businesses deal with private and confidential data on a large scale, hosting the data on VPS platforms gives them a sense of control and security.

However, with so many hosting providers providing VPS services, choosing the one that suits you best is difficult and challenging.

Here is an end to your challenges with a detailed FireVPS review. FireVPS is one of the many VPS service providers that claim to meet your end-to-end needs for private servers. But how far does it meet your requirements? Well, let’s see that in this detailed FireVPS review.

About FireVPS

FireVPS is a web hosting service that majorly focuses on providing virtual private servers to its users. The virtual private servers act like remote desktops that users can use to meet their website and data management needs. 

FireVPS Review

The remote desktops have all advanced features that help keep the high speed and performance of the website, and you can easily manage all your data at cheap prices.

In addition to providing remote desktops and VPS, FireVPS is also engaged in providing other services such as RDP, web designing, WordPress consulting, email security, etc.

Test and Analysis

When you are looking forward to getting a VPS for your business, you need to be sure that it meets all your requirements, which requires analysis of the platform on multiple parameters. Herein below is a detailed analysis of FireVPS on different factors and parameters.

User Interface and Ease of Use

The ease of use of a VPS platform is a mark of its efficacy and efficiency. The users want an easy-to-understand and controlling VPS environment.

With Linux servers and simple control panels, FireVPS offers an excellent user interface that is easy to use, manage, and control and significantly flexible in operating remote desktop environments.

FireVPS Customer Support

You do not want to get stuck with technical issues on your website and VPS. So, having constant support from your service provider becomes essential. 

FireVPS Customer Support

Well, that’s a problem with FireVPS. Although the platform has a live chat option, and you can reach out to support via calls, the options are unavailable 24/7. Instead, the support is available only during specific business hours.

Nonetheless, you can ask your queries in live chat options, raise support tickets, and wait for assistance. You can even get your queries answered in their blog and other resources section.

Security Analysis

FireVPS offers decent security features with its plans, like a secured control panel area with vnc access. It also offers dedicated admin RDP, a secure network communications protocol. 

Furthermore, FireVPS also provides Immunify360, a comprehensive security service for Linux servers which includes Antivirus protection, firewall, and PHP security layer with easy UI and automation. 

FireVPS Data Center

According to their website, their servers are scattered across the globe on 3 continents: North America, Asia, and Europe.

 In North America, the servers are located in USA and Canada. In Asia, they have a single server location in Singapore. There are three server locations in Europe: the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Free vps server location

Check out the list for more details:

  • Utah (USA)
  • California (USA)
  • Kansas (USA)
  • Texas (USA)
  • Florida (USA)
  • Washington (USA)
  • New York (USA)
  • Georgia (USA)
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore

Types of Web Hosting Offered by FireVPS

The list of services available on FireVPS is pretty amazing.

Under Windows, RDP Servers provide various services: Admin RDP, Remote Desktop, 10Gbps(Gigabits per second) RDP, and CPU-optimized RDP.

Under Linux VPS, they provide powerful AMD CPUs: All are AMD Ryzen CPUs, but the core count depends on your selected plan( From 1vCore to 4vCores). Also, they offer NVMe Cached Storage that ranges from 10GB to 125GB.

Along with that, they have a lot of additional services such as business email, GSuite email, and OX app suite. Some other services they provide are-

  • SSL Certificates
  •   Site Lock
  •   Email Security
  •   CodeGuard
  •   Marketgoo
  •  Web Design
  •  Custom Changes in Website
  •  WordPress Consulting Services

FireVPS Refund Policy  

A refund policy is necessary and important for online services, as you never know what you will get.

For annual plans, FireVPS claims a 15-day money-back guarantee. And for other plan terms, they claim to give a 7-day money-back guarantee. These money-back guarantees are limited to reseller hostings, business hostings, shared hosting, Windows RDP, and virtual private server (VPS) packages only and not other services.

Furthermore, there are other terms for refund and money-back that you can easily find on their official website.

FireVPS Pros and Cons


  • Multiple services to meet end-to-end VPS and remote desktop requirements.
  • Speeds up to 10Gbps
  • Dedicated IP 
  • SSD/ NVMe Disk Space


  • Technical support is available only during business hours, and they may take time to respond to live chat and support tickets.

FAQs- FireVPS Review

What payment methods do they accept?

They support only two payment methods i.e., Perfect Money and PayPal. 

Why Choose FireVPS?

FireVPS, as we have discussed in the entire review, looks like a decent platform with a simple and easy-to-use interface, excellent security, and good customer support. 

The pricing is also competitive, and it has excellent features to offer. Given all these reasons, you can definitely give FireVPS a try.

Conclusion- FireVPS Review

So, this was a detailed FireVPS review to help you understand everything in depth about the platform. 

The platform is good with the interface, features, and pricing. The support could be better. Nonetheless, it’s nothing that should put you off the platform.

Overall, FireVPS is a good hosting when you are looking for VPS services, and you can give it a go. In any case, if you don’t like it, you can get a refund. So, our suggestion would be to try it for yourself and see where it takes you.

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