Top 5 WordPress and Joomla Themes for Real Estate website

Are you looking for WordPress and Joomla Themes/Templates for a Real Estate website? Then this content will provide you the top 5 themes or templates which you can really use in your real estate websites. The overall design which will be provided by these themes will surely fulfil the major features in your website. The whole template is designed in such a way that it will give support about all your requirements. You can get the customization feature also to change the design according to your needs. When you open any real estate company, primarily you need one website through which you can publish your business to the present digital world.

Now you need some best themes which make your real estate blog or website very attractive to others. Besides the designing parts you can add features like Google Captcha to make the site secured. Also add Google maps navigation system to find your company and its sub branches also. So now you can choose the best WordPress and Joomla themes for your real estate website.

List of top 5 WordPress and Joomla Themes for Real Estate website

Here you can get the separate top 5 Themes for both the WordPress and Joomla Platform to use in Real Estate website only.

Top 5 WP Themes for Real Estate


WordPress Real Estate Beyot Theme

BEYOT is basically a real estate theme which is used through the WordPress platform. This theme basically provides the beautiful design for your real estate company website.  This theme can be used by any agents, agencies, on front end services and as well as for the admin side also.

2. Home Villas:

WordPress Real Estate Home Villas Theme

Home Villas is a proper responsible WordPress theme which is created especially for Real Estate business websites. This theme allows the buyers, sellers and visitors a very comfortable condition to search through the website with stylish headers and menus.

3. My Home:

WordPresas Real Estate My Home Theme

All the beneficial features which you need for your real estate website is present in My Home template of WordPress platform. Some of the great features like integration with Google maps, payment through Pay Pal, Google Captcha, customised widgets etc. are present in this theme.

4. Cozy House:

WordPress Real Estate Cozy House Theme

The Cozy House is a very popular template through which anybody who wants to sell their house, land, properties easily in present digital system through real estate website. This theme is very mobile friendly such that you can feel comfortable while using in Tablets and Smart phones also.

5. Landmark:

WordPress Real Estate LandMark Theme

The Landmark is a very flexible and modern functional template for your real estate website. The real estate agents as well as the clients feel comfortable while seeking for any real estate related needs through this web template. Anybody will get the best priority from this site while they visit through this site.

Top 5 Joomla Themes for Real Estate

1. Citilights:

Joomla Real Estate Citilights Theme

The Citilights is a Joomla theme template for the real estate websites, which is necessary for both agents and agencies also. This theme provides a very cool and premium look for the real estate agencies website. If you want to spread your company name through website then this is a best template for you.

2. Apartments for rent:

Joomla Real Estate Good Deal Theme.png

One of the most dynamic and flexible solution or suit for real estate website is “Apartments for rent”. This theme provides a responsible feature through its layout and contemporary looks through which users feel free to use the sites comfortably.

3. Holiday homes:

Joomla Real Estate Holiday Homes Theme.png

One complete feature enable template for real estate website in Joomla is “Holiday homes”. This theme allows the agencies and clients to discuss in a blog or forum to sharing their views. It comes with integrated comment box and comment systems from the users across the world.

4. eListing:

Joomla Real Estate eListing Theme.png

eListing provides you an instant searching option via Google maps for real estate entries. This is a very responsible layout which makes the website fully customisable according to your agency needs. The whole template is built up on the basis of version 3 YT Frame work.

5. Real Estate Agency:

Top 5 WordPress and Joomla Themes for Real Estate website

This template provides you a very gorgeous and attractive look for real estate agents to build their website. This template is integrated with social networks also. The whitish background with stylish fonts provides you a very good feeling while you using this theme in your website.

Hope you all the real estate agents and clients get the proper idea about the top 5 WordPress and Joomla themes for real estate website. Apply these themes by using the Joomla or WordPress platforms which will transform your real estate website in a wonderful look. This is a recommendation for you all to discuss with a good web designer as well as developer before using these features for your website. So feel free to go through these themes and consider your best ones from the above lists.

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