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Why choose VPS hosting?

A lot of newbies who are about to start their first website, get scared by technical stuff relevant to website development and one of such technical jargons is VPS hosting. There is a lot, what bewilders them, what does acronym VPS stands for, why to choose such costly hosting, when we have shared hosting for so less and how would it help my website and my business?

Well, VPS or VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS server mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. It is technically both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

On one hand having own VPS takes away, all the restrictions and limitation a share hosting provider impose on you. It gives you utmost freedom to choose what and what not to have on your server, thus helping; optimizing your website’s server according to your need, your storage and your bandwidth. And hey, its lot less costly than a dedicated one.

Now, the big question, there are lots of VPS providers, which one should I choose?

The answer is pretty simple, you need to look for:

  • Management, a managed VPS may cost more but takes off extra burden from your shoulders, especially when you don’t know much about operating a server
  • OS: you can choose among Windows (costly) and Linux (open source), Linux is user friendly and covers almost every application too however for certain application you might have to stick with Windows.
  • Configuration Plans: Every provider has its own set of tariffs of price, storage and bandwidth; choose wisely which one suits you, and your pocket.
  • Customer Support: that’s a big thing, mind you, if they don’t help you, there service is good for nothing.

Fortunately Lanka Partner Host covers all such stuff and provides its customers, a wide range of tariffs to choose from, cost effective managed and unmanaged virtual servers on both Windows and Linux with a customer support ready to serve you 24/7. Their servers are top of the line, providing optimum speed and 99.99% uptime. It’s a great place to start your new website.

How to win FREE VPS every month?

If you don’t have enough dollars to buy premium VPS from Lanka Partner Host then we have a great news for you. We are running monthly giveaways to offer Free VPS Hosting to our winner, participating in this giveaway is damn easy you need to follow bellow instructions…

Step 1. Login to your GoogieHost cpanel at (Create New if you didn’t hosted any website yet)

Step2. Here you will find giveaway participation link

Step3. Click on PARTICIPATE NOW now button

Step4. Complete all the tasks and share the giveaway on your facebook or twitter profile

Now you are done we will get back to you if you won the contest via e-mail or facebook profile.

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