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5 Simple Smart Ways To Build Quality Backlinks

Build Quality Backlinks strategy is in every professional digital marketer bucket, and many newbies believe that link building tools help them build quality backlinks to their money site. It does have some truth in it, but it’s not entirely the truth.

We are going to tell you the complete truth about the backlinks and how to create backlink for your website.

What is Quality Backlinks?

Quality Backlinks

Many newbies think that creating a backlink on any website would bring their money site on the first page of Google next month. But, that’s not true at all!

There is a thing called “Quality Backlinks” that Google search engine loves it.

So what is a quality backlinks

  1. First, a backlink should come from an authority website. Let’s assume that you want to rank “SEO tools” then the competition will be high. So you need backlinks from DA 50+, PA 50+, Trust Flow (decent), and Citation Flow (decent) websites. You have to build backlinks from websites that have good rankings.
  2. Second, if you build links from web 2.0, social media sharing, forum backlinks, and commenting, then you will land on the fourth page to one hundred page of Google search results.
  3. Many posts on Google has only one link to the top result, while other websites have more than thirty links on the post. Still, they can’t rank on the first result. It’s all about quality, not quantity. You need a few high authority websites backlinks to rank on the main page.
  4. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get high authority links to your website.

So we encourage you to start from the bottom and build connections all around the world.

Why Quality Backlinks Important?

Quality Backlinks

Many of the Bloggers and professionals don’t pay attention to quality over quantity, and they want quick results.

Many professional bloggers opt for backlinks in quantity because they want to rank faster on Google.

Honestly, it’s a truth that everyone knows that it takes more than three months for a post without backlinks to rank on Google.

  1. I believe in ranking the post on Google first page even after two years, right? You don’t like your article to disappear on the first page after seven months, right? Then build quality links because you will continuously rank even after two years without working on it.
  2. Google penalises websites that have non-quality backlinks. You can disavow them, but Google will put a banner of penalty on your website, then ranking becomes even harder.

There’s nothing more important than ranking for a longer period on the first page and avoid getting penalised by the major search engine in the world.

5 Smart Ways to Build Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks

There are many ways to build high-quality backlinks for your website, and we are going to share some of the working methods to get backlinks for your money website.

1. Guest Post

It is one of the oldest methods used by many professionals in the web market today.

You can give it a shot too because many creators around the world are unable to create unique content on a daily basis, then you can help them a little by producing good quality content for their website.

Always aim to provide and add quality to the guest website, or else, they won’t respect you back.

Go to Google and type Blogging (niche) + write for us + guest post and hit on the search bar.

Keep in mind that to add value first, then demand the backlinks, or else they won’t respect your request. Make a genuine effort and also produce content on a monthly basis for the site to build a relationship.

2. Create Quality Infographics

Many professional bloggers love to accept guest post request when the guest is planning to add unique quality infographics to the pos. Your chances of approval increase when you add infographics to the post.

I have seen many bloggers giving a backlink to the post that has infographics in it because it explains the complex problem most easily.

So try to make infographics to get maximum attention and backlinks, but it also cost a lot.

3. Activate Your Social Signals

Social media signals stand for social media shares, likes, comments on your post.

Google considers social media signals important when it comes to ranking a post because social media shares, comments and clicks is a clear sign that people like your posts.

Social media has millions of common active users who are not associated with Blogging, SEO, and another part of the digital marketing field. In simple words, whenever someone clicks your link from social media accounts, then you will rank higher.

Getting clicks, shares, likes, and comments on your website, then you will rank higher.

The easiest way to do that by buying manual social media shares, likes, and comments packages available in the market,

These services may be hard to find, but they cost you less than $10/400 Google Plus shares, $10 for Facebook shares and more.

4. Submit Your Press Releases

Let’s assume that you are a new company that launched recently, and then you should prepare press release articles so that your customer can find your business all over the world.

You will get maximum attention from companies, clients, and even followers from all around the world.

Press releases can get you a lot of backlinks to the website, and it will also help you rank your websites faster.

There is thousands of press release website out there, and you can submit a unique press release on every website.

Above all, it’s free.

5. Forum for Guest Post & Profile Link Creation

I know that many of you would be startled to know that forum backlinks, forum profile links, and profile link creation can help you rank faster on the Google!

Yes, I have seen many people create 100’s of backlinks to their website, and they have a tremendous amount of traffic from all over the world.

These do-follow backlinks built from commentating, forum links, profile link creation, and social signals.

Yes, many have ranked their post on Google using these links, but keep in mind that never spam or your blog will short-lived.

I AM SERIOUS! Never try to SPAM these sites because you may get banned and your rankings will short live, and you may not even get back from that shock.

Google will penalise in the next update, and your money site is blacklisted.


Guest posts are not easy to get approval because you may send 100 emails,

but you only get few replies because everyone wants to make money from paid posts, but don’t give up because even one high-quality backlink can make a difference in rankings.

Let us know what do you think about the list we have prepared for you in the comment section below.

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