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$29.95 $59.90/mo ACTIVATE DEAL

50% OFF on all HostArmada Cloud VPS hosting plans !! Isn’t it great hearing that? And there’s more on the loose as you continue reading this page.

Wanting a perfect virtual server hosting solution for your greater website needs? Then Blindly, Go for Fantastic Cloud VPS Hosting offered by HostArmada. Acquire extraordinary web server technology and Advanced website protection applications on one hand while avoiding skyrocketing costs with eye pleasing discount coupons (HASUMMERVPS50) getting Flat 50% OFF on all VPS plans on the other hand.  

Let’s peep into some of the specifics involved in using Cloud VPS web hosting.

Applicable Plans

So, how much do all of the cloud VPS hosting options cost? Gladly! It all comes with incredible capabilities needed to host a newbie website at a very reasonable price. The following are the rates for various VPS hosting plans:

Plans and FeaturesStorageCPU SeriesRAMDiscount Coupon(HASUMMERVPS50)Promotional Price Per Month
Web Shuttle50 GB1 vCPU2 GB50% OFF$30.23/month
Web Voyager80 GB2 vCPU4 GB50% OFF$35.73/month
Web Raider160 GB4 vCPU8 GB50% OFF$46.73/month
Site Carrier320 GB6 vCPU16 GB50% OFF$74.23/month

If you take note of the price difference (between the promotional and regular monthly prices), the price after applying the “HASUMMERVPS50” discount code, the promotional pricing provides you additional opportunities to reduce your hosting expenses.

Aside from significant rates, how else can HostArmada help newcomers seeking for website hosting? Let’s have a look at why you should go with HostArmada for Cloud VPS hosting.

Why Choose

HostArmada’s simple VPS hosting plan provides a minimum of 50 GB Storage, 1 vCore CPU, 2 GB RAM, Free SSL, and an incredible 2 TB Bandwidth, making it a perfect web hosting field for users with greater web requirements. 

Furthermore, VPS hosting packages have wonderful features for a long-term hosting experience. These are their names:

Nginx Web Server Cache

The phenomenal caching system with Nginx web server technology offers faster web page loading and, as a result, smoother visitor navigation. Swift loading of the web pages ensures uninterrupted connection with the visitors of the website thereby leading to more productivity.

FREE WAF & Malware Protection

To protect your website from malicious attacks online, absolutely zero cost Web application firewall and Free malware Protection is provided by the web hosting services of HostArmada. It ensures solid protection of the users data in the servers.

Free Website Migration Service

ZeroCost website migration is provided to the users having websites registered with another hosting provider. Integrity of the data is also kept in mind while transferring the website from another hosting provider to HostArmada.

Tight Website Security

An incredible Tight Website Security has been provided to every VPS hosting plans so that users can block any malicious actions when detected. Along with this, Users also get a Free SSL certificate to ensure encrypted connection with the visitors of the website.

24×7 Technical Support

In the event of a technical problem, users can contact HostArmada’s support team via Live Chat and Ticket assistance system at any point throughout the day ensuring uninterrupted hosting experience.

Isn’t it Superb! With a lot of stuff to enjoy and a minimal amount to spend, HostArmada delivers a carefree hosting environment for newcomers by offering a juicy LIFT-OFF SALE discount of 50% on all Cloud VPS hosting services pricing ($30.23/month on Standard Plan) after applying “HASUMMERVPS50″ coupon code.

If you decide to acquire the Cloud VPS hosting packages with the above mentioned special pricing and other discount offers, bear the following points in mind. Let us continue reading to learn more about them. 

Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions that users, particularly the ones visiting HostArmada for the first time, should be aware of:

  • When you use the “HASUMMERVPS50” coupon code during checkout, you will receive 50% off on all VPS Hosting Plans.
  • Promotional rates and summer offers on VPS hosting plans are only available for a limited Time Period.
  • The promotional coupons are only available to new users (those who are enrolling for the first time with HostArmada).
  • You can get an attractive discount on using a credit card for payments.

Existing customers (customers who already have hosting services can take advantage of great refunds and discounts on Renewal costs. As of now, there are no renewal offers; if there happen to be, we will certainly update the website as soon as possible.)

So we can see how HostArmada provides the latest web technology, a user-friendly interface, and much more at a lesser cost. To keep up with the latest discounts vouchers on all HostArmada hosting services, please visit the GoogieHost coupon shop.

To take advantage of the exclusive HostArmada savings, use the “HASUMMERVPS50″ coupon code to get a 50% discount on all VPS hosting services. The most recent HostArmada discounts and promotions may be found on the company’s official website, which we encourage you to visit to acquire the most recent HostArmada coupons.

Take advantage of the chance and do not pass it up now! And get the greatest VPS hosting experience possible with HostArmada.

We also provide an in-depth review of HostArmada hosting services for those who want to read the HostArmada Reviews, after which they can easily purchase hosting services from HostArmada, figure out the HostArmada login account sign up process, easily set up the HostArmada nameservers, and contact the HostArmada support team in times of tech crises.

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