Chemicloud NameServers

Chemicloud users normally come across various issues such as How to find a chemicloud nameserver? How to point to the chemicloud nameserver in your domain? How to track your updated nameserver? How to contact tech support teams in times of issues and troubles? and many more. 

 In this article, we’ll be cohesively providing you answers to the issues that you’ve been trying to sort out for a long time. So without any further delays, let’s dig in.😊

How to find a Chemicloud NameServers? 

In order to find chemicloud nameservers, you can follow the relevant steps given below.

ChemiCloud NameServers Login
  • Go to client area > My Dashboard
ChemiCloud My Dashboard
  • Click on the hosting service you want to find the name servers for.
hosting service
  • Click the I button (server information) 
server information
  • Look for the Nameservers section that displays the nameservers
Nameservers section

Now, as you will be able to locate the nameservers in chemicloud, the next step that everyone gets concerned with is, how to point the chemicloud nameserver in the domain.

Therefore, following the further steps might mitigate your problem.

How to Point Chemicloud NameServer in Your Domain? 

Here are lucid and simple steps to point to chemicloud nameservers in your domain. 

  • Login to chemicloud hosting account. 
Login to chemicloud hosting account. 
  • Click on the Domain icon located on the left hand corner in the menu list. 
  • Click on the Manage Domain button
chemicloud manage domain
  • Check the nameserver box to write the names you desire to use for your domain. 
Check the nameserver box
  • Click the change nameserver button to set the nameserver. 
change nameserver button

After locating and updating the nameserver, it is also required to track the same to ensure confirmation.

In order to do so, you need to go through the concern and its related solution given under.

How to Track Your Updated NameServer? 

After switching to a new hosting provider it is crucial to verify the updated nameserver. The easiest way to track name server status is by using a user friendly tool, WHOIS LOOKUP TOOL.

Here are the following steps to follow in order to check the status of the updated nameserver. 

Whois Tool
  • Type your domain name into the search box and hit the search button.
Whois search box
  • Domain details with current status will display on your screen. 
Domain details

Due to some hard functionality and lack of technical knowhow, users might suffer troubles during essential configurations, therefore, reading the steps provided below will help the user know how to contact the tech support for further details.

How to Contact Tech Support Teams in Times of Issues and Troubles? 

  • Voice Call– For quick assistance, chemicloud gives users access to their contact number. 
Voice Call
  • Live Chat – The minor issues can easily be solved by getting a quick access to live chat option. The service provides you an opportunity to interact with high performing experts which ensures quick resolutions.
Chemicloud Live Chat
  • Support Ticket – At times, when the issues require a gamut of technical know-how, the support ticket option suits best during such scenarios. 
Support Ticket

For greater assistance, You can even manage resolutions to your relevant issues using video tutorials, knowledge based queries and more. 

knowledge based queries

Conclusion – Chemicloud NameServers

Through this article you’ve sufficiently been able to learn the technical know-how involved in solving dynamic issues related to chemicloud nameserver. 

Adequately setting up nameserver records guarantees that your website will be running with utmost efficiency without any technical glitches. This further ensures negligible downtimes when you switch web hosting providers. 

We highly recommend your precious comments and well be obliged further to implement the same.😊

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