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One of the most crucial parts of websites is their nameservers. These are necessary for you to be found whenever someone looks for your website online, as your domain name is not connected to the nameserver. 

In this article, our prime focus is on one of the best managed WordPress hosting platform’s nameservers, WPX nameserver. We will start with the basics and answer all of the questions that might pop up in your mind about WPX nameservers. Let us get started. 

What are the WPX NameServers?

Nameservers are essential to a website running as it connects your domain name to its IP addresses. With nameservers, you would be found by a user while they look for your domain name.

WordPress is a free CMS used by millions across the globe, and WPX offers one of the best managed WordPress hostings. WPX nameservers are the nameservers provided by WPX hosting.

How to Change Nameservers in WPX?

It is a hefty task to change your nameserver on WPX. However, you will find that changing your nameserver is a simple task with this platform because of the simple user interface.

You have to look for Edit DNS, and further, you will be given directions on how to change the nameserver on WPX hosting. 

Where Do I Find My WPX Nameservers?

Finding the nameserver on WPX hosting is the most straightforward task you could do. You can see your WPX nameserver right on the screen if you scroll down a little on your dashboard.

The third table on the dashboard gives you all the information about your nameservers. 

How To Check DNS Servers And Mail Servers?

Just like WPX nameservers, all the details regarding servers are provided right on the dashboard by the WPX hosting platform. 

How To Modify The DNS On Your Domain in WPX?

To modify the DNS on your domain and WPX hosting, you again have to look for Edit DNS on the left-hand side of your WPX dashboard.

Once you click that further, the screen will give you directions on how to modify your domain’s DNS.

How Can I Point My Domain to WPX?

To point your domain to WPX, you must start migrating your website to WPX Hosting if this platform still needs to host it. 

Further, you must update your DNS settings at your current domain registrar using name servers. Here are some of the nameservers you should use to point the domain to WPX hosting: 


Finally, please wait for the propagation process to be completed; it could take about 24 hours. If you follow this method, there will be no downtime, and the maximum time will be 48 hours.

How To Use Custom Name Servers?

Look for the manage nameservers menu on the WPX dashboard to use custom name servers. In this menu, you can add custom nameservers and use them further.

What is the difference Between DNS and Nameserver?

DNS and nameservers are connected somewhere. Nameservers link your domain name to a particular IP address so that whenever a user looks for your domain name, it is related to your IP address and, finally, is on your website. 

On the other hand, DNS is the aid that converts a simple domain name into an IP address. So, therefore DNS and nameservers both are necessary to run a successful website.

FAQs: WPX NameServers


This article looked at the various factors and elements related to WPX nameservers. We started with the basics by understanding what WPX nameservers are and how you can change the nameservers. Further, we discussed a lot more about domains, nameservers, etc.

So understand that nameservers, DNS, and domains are essential to running a successful website, and it is vital to know about them if you want to grow online.

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