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Free Website Builder

Website builder purpose is to help the non-programmers, and non-coders get their website online without any assistance from professionals. If you are someone who is planning to get your website online by yourself, then we are offering you free website builder. Many major brands are charging over $5/Month to provide you website builder features along with hosting. We are offering website builder for free-of-cost without any hidden set-up cost or trial versions. Our website builder is free, but that does not entail it lacks performance and features which paid ones to have. Do not mistake we are using highest quality tools to give you competitive features which rivals the competitor's services.

No ads on your website

Many free hosting websites force you to display advertisements of their choice on your website, and you don’t even get the revenue share. We consider that as injustice, so we do not put any advertisements on your website at all. Free hosting companies do not run for free, which forces them to add monetisation plan to recover the money from running the company, which is why you get to see display advertisements running on your website. So, why do we offer NO ADS system? How do we recover the money? GoogieHost is most than just a hosting company; we have multiple income sources like paid hosting, website designing, and other in-house projects that funds free hosting services.

Free SLL certificate

An SLL certificate is mandatory because Google has said it so. We are offering SLL certificate for free of cost, which will help you gain the trust of people and search engine. Our SLL certificate does not have any renewal cost or any hidden charges. Google confirmed that they will now consider SSL secure connection as a ranking factor, and SSL certificate business just went skyrocket. It is mandatory for every web publisher to get an SSL certificate to create a secure connection between users or readers to the website. Sites like an online store, shopping sites, information based sites, and specific sites that require users to enter their credentials (Credit card or debit card) to get an SSL certificate.

Free sub-domain

We know that many of you starting your online journey, so we have added a sub-domain for various purpose. You can use the sub-domain to access the hosting account, which is required. We do not add any hidden charges or renewal charges to it. Do not mistake; it’s not a top-level domain name like .COM or any other TLD.

Free cPanel Linux web hosting

Every company knows that cPanel (Control Panel) is the intuitive panel in the business today. It is designed for the non-coders and non-programmers, so anyone with basic knowledge can access and navigate the complete options without any prior experience. To who don’t know that Windows or Linux web hosting does not have much difference when you’ve got cPanel as your control panel. Many companies are currently using their custom control panel because these companies do not want to pay the yearly fee of cPanel. However, GoogieHost free web hosting added cPanel as primary control panel because it makes easier for the users to navigate and use the features. Another interesting part is that cPanel is popular, which has opened up many communities, forums, and articles which provides you solutions for every technical problem you face. In a few clicks, you can find solutions for technical problems.

Konscious Mynd rocks because it's user friendly, and their support team is awesome! they helped me get my site back up after i made some severe errors that caused my site to go down.

I highly recommend Googiehost for anyone looking for great hosting, with great prices, and great support!

Vijay Kumar

We are professional website designers from India, most of us prefer GoDaddy as they are cheap for first year at least but now I'll highly recommend GoogieHost to all even their free plan is better than few paid hosting providers.

Renato Vieira

I really appreciate Googiehost due to the excellent support they prvide, besides baing the best free hosting platform out there!!!

Leroy villamor

Server has a good response time, offers auto cloud flare and the support do reply fast even if i'm just using a free service 10/10

DNS settings do update right away, they didn't have any problems at all on uploading files, able to place my own ad

Amolak Singh

Awesome Website hosting .must join if u going to start a new website .best for a startup and u can upgrade later :)

Piyush Ranjan

When it comes to webhosting googiehost and their team is the best support team as my concern. I just simply like their services and uptime. Good job guyes..

Clive Castle

GoogieHost is a good hosting service ,and has been reliable service for me , There are a lots of hosting services out there that claim that they are up and running 99% of the time ,but they are not.

I also use a monitoring service that allows me see exactly when the service stops/goes down and when it is back up again So I have to say that GoogieHost are doing are a very good job.

Carmen Lim

Been using googiehost for about a month or so now, and what I can tell you is... it has been a reliable web host for one that's being offered for FREE.

It comes with many essential features like, php and mysql tools, plus the softaculous one-click installer perfect for those who need server side tools without the hassle of back-end coding.

Rakesh shanmugam

To be true I had no idea to start with a payed host at start. But I found this googie host as a one of the best providers of free hosting.

I peek in to try this and I am fully satisfied by their both technical and customer support. I suggest this site to everyone who starts a blogging career

Bishal Biswas

I've used GoogieHost for over a year - it has great customer support, reliable hosting & highly recommended.

Ardit Balisha

I am currently using the free hosting of this website and from every hosting i have migrated from, the free hosting they have provided was poor and not of quality even though nothing was paid.

oogieHost has really helped me with my personal website and its performance and quality