What is my screen resolution

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The ‘What is My Screen Resolution’ tool is used to find the screen resolution of the device you are currently using. With this easy ‘What is My Screen Resolution’ Tool, you don’t have to waste your time in exploring your device’s settings in order to discover your screen resolution.

From downloading a simple wallpaper to using a premium designing app, knowing the right the answer to ‘What is My Screen Resolution’ will help you get the best results.

GoogieHost has developed its ‘What is My Screen Resolution’ tool that is popularly used by everyone, but most specifically, it is useful to certain groups of people like website developers, designers, etc. This tool is also handy when you need to check if the display matches the system requirements for a game or piece of software before you download or install it.

In the display settings of your computer/laptop, you will find the screen resolution setting which can easily be changed both in Windows and Mac within few clicks.