Is Your Website Down Right Now?

Check to see if your website is down across the globe or only on your computer screen



This tool simply tells the running status of the website. Visitors and website owners are both alike in ways to desire an always-available website for reasons that might differ. But more often than not, we stumble upon a website that is down. Now there are always incidents where the problem might be from your end like connectivity issues rather than from the website or server’s end like web hosting problem, DDoS attack. To verify if the site is really down you can use this tool to determine it.

There are two scenarios when this tool might prove to be useful for you:

As a website owner: There are several instances when users might have reported that they aren’t able to access your website. Rather than racing down to your IT Team, you can simply use our tool to determine and verify if the problem is really from your end, or is it a problem from the user’s end. If our tool shows that website isn’t externally available and down, then you know what to do. However, if the problem isn’t from your end, you can guide the user by providing them tips to access your website.

As a website visitor: You reach out to a website you want to visit and bam! You see an error message that the website is down. Our tool will help you determine if the issue is from your end, such as connectivity, or if it is external and out of your control.

We have maintained an in-house status checker tool that runs a test on the domain in real-time when a URL is entered. After a quick test, the status of your website- whether it is up or down is disclosed to you.

Once you have ensured that your website is really down or unavailable, start with contacting your web hosting company to get a status update on what is going on and how long it will take for the downtime to be resolved. It might also be pertinent to post an update on your social media platforms to let your customers know that you are facing technical difficulties but you will be back in no time.