Responsive Checker

Instantly preview your responsive website and see how it looks on the most popular devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop)resolutions.

Responsive Design Tester




With the help of GoogieHost’s Responsive Checker tool, you can view your website as it will look at various resolutions, devices including popular laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc.

Mobile responsiveness is a term used to describe the way a website is designed to automatically adapt the layout based on the size of the screen or screen resolution they are presented on.

All you have to do is simply paste the URL of your website and click on the ‘Test my Site’ button and our Responsive Checker Tool will take care of the rest. You can also select the device type you want to check from the drop-down of popular devices.

It is quite obvious that all the visitors on your website won’t be using the same devices. Over 50% of users use mobile phones to access the internet but they differ in the resolution your website is designed on. So to ensure that your website is easily navigable you can use the Responsive Checker Tool to verify the responsiveness of your website.